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New StreetPass Mii Plaza Update Resolves DLC Crashing Issue

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

The sales bunny hops into action

Earlier this week Nintendo released a 3DS system update and, in Europe and Japan, a StreetPass Mii Plaza update that freshened up the user interface and added four new games as paid DLC. The only trouble was that, for quite a lot of people, the new shop just crashed the app.

The Twittersphere picked up on a theory, which seemed feasible, that the issue was caused by having a large number of Mii characters in the plaza. Nintendo promised a fix and it's now delivered, with a fresh update now available for the app that resolves the issue. We tested this on one of our systems that wasn't working and, as you can see in the image, the DLC bunny is now in the game.

It's worth noting that if you have pending StreetPass hits the update won't automatically kick in, so to get it you should clear out the hits you have, quit the app and then relaunch it — you update by launching the StreetPass Plaza, this isn't a full system update. You'll then be prompted to download the update, which just takes a couple of minutes.

It seems to be resolving the issue for various 3DS owners, so let us know how you're getting on with it in the comments below.

Thanks to Kobe for the tip.

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jpxdude said:

What is the version? Mine is and STILL crashes :-/

OK, scratch that, the Mii Plaza is updating now! Will update on how things go!



Byuu said:

New update fixed the crash on my EUR 3DS XL
New games are lot of fun!



jpxdude said:

It's working for me now! However, how do I purchase the combo pack? I only see options for the individual games...



ThomasBW84 said:

@jpxdude I think you have to go into a game and immediately say you want to buy, and then the bunny mentions the combo pack. About as intuitive as we can expect from Ninty!



OdnetninAges said:

Yay! Glad everything worked out for you guys.

Now, all that's left is a NA release. I suspect it will come within the next two weeks.



Sjoerd said:

Wooh! Some of these games actually look quite fun. Any chance you'll be reviewing them?



RupeeClock said:

I'm glad they fixed the Mii Plaza now, I got my combo pack as I've wanted it since Monday.

Still, I think it is pretty bad that they neglect to mention the combo pack if you actually ask for details about the individual games, instead of immediately deciding to buy it. A lot of users will never be aware of the combo pack's existence as a result.

Still I'm glad to have the combo pack now, and I look forward to trying all of these new games out when I gather a few streetpass hits.



Tomires said:

Is there any way to force the app to update on start-up? I booted it up and immediately got an option to download an update. However, the download failed and booted me straight to the home menu. So I launched the software again but it no longer gives me an option to update. I cannot update it manually via the app, because it crashes immediately after I "get" the Pixel Mario hat.



Sakura said:


If you scroll to the left you should see what looks like a blue recycling symbol - that's an update button that you can try.



Tomires said:

"I cannot update it manually via the app, because it crashes immediately after I "get" the Pixel Mario hat."



jpxdude said:

I am still getting problems! I got the price for one individual game to come up once, and cancelled out of it. Now when I try to get back into 'checking the prices' it freezes and cannot connect 'to the office'.



jarreboum said:

@RupeeClock this is incorrect, you are prompted about the bundle as soon as you initiate the sale. Bunny Rabbit will check the price on his tablet and then inform you of the promotion. Everybody have this information for the first purchase.



RupeeClock said:

This can depend on how you initiate a purchase, if you say "I want to buy this" as the very first option, the salesbunny will inform you about the combo-pack.
If you ask for details about the game, and then later ask for the price, he tells you the price of the individual game. I have not attempted to buy an individual title however so I cannot say if at this stage, it does alert you about the combo-pack or not.



jpxdude said:

I managed to buy the combo pack, but it messed up and nothing downloaded! When you go in to try a game though, it says that I have tried to download it, but it's not on the SD, so I can download it for free. When I try, I still get the 005-4040 error...very annoying!

Edit - All working now! Had to restart my 3DS, and everything then downloaded fine.



Tsuchinoko said:

I know people all into this story, but I'm still happy that I got pieces from all four new puzzles. Little things make me feel happy.



Tomires said:

I hope they push the notification once again or put the update on eShop otherwise my Mii Plaza is as good as dead.

Still don't understand how they can mess up something as simple as patch distribution. Having an update button directly inside an application that instantly crashes on start-up, how genius is that?



6ch6ris6 said:

havent had any problems with the update but still downloading the patch right now



MadAdam81 said:

Fixes the issue in Australia (which is pretty much the same as the Euro version).
PS the games are AU$6.50 each.



Gubbie said:

Do your streetpass hits need to have the paid dlc for you to use them in your new quests? I need to decide to get them or not!



KongFu said:

@Gubbie I don't think it matters if your street pass hits have the dlc or not.. You also have the possibility to just buy the supporting cats again. But I am not so sure about the gardening game. Maybe if they have different flower types or seeds you could profit from it.



Kaabiitorori said:

Good news indeed! Time to update (again). XD

I will wait for the reviews of these new StreetPass games though. £4.49 for each game is a bit too pricey and I don’t usually hit as many Miis as I would like in order to compensate the purchase of these games. Let’s hope the latter can be solved with those future StreetPass hotspots very soon!



TheHeroOfLegend said:

I can't wait for this to come to North America! I really want new hats without doing Find Mii and getting streetpasses. I can't bring my 3DS everywhere



DrMonk said:

Update didn't happen automatically by launching the app - had to scroll to the left of the menu and start the update manually. FYI - the prices in Australia are $6.50 per game or $19.50 for the combo pack.



Gavin_Rozee said:

Has anyone been able to do a system transfer since the latest system update? Every time it gets to step 5/5 then I get error 005-5414. I looked it up and it says its a problem connecting to the eShop, but both my 3DS's connect to the eShop fine, so I reckon it's another bug in this terrible update.



EarthboundBenjy said:

I just purchased all four games in the combo deal for £15 or so... they're pretty good if you like StreetPass games.



Tomires said:

Alright, found a fix (for the fix) - If you somehow mess up during the download and aren't able to get into the plaza proper, check your Data Management tab in System Settings and delete add-on content (NOT extra data) for StreetPass Mii Plaza. Then just start the app again and it will download all data for you.



PinkSpider said:

Shame they can't update all there problems as quick as this, my wii u is still crashing get it sorted ninty



Sakura said:


Glad you found an answer! Must have been really annoying. Will keep in mind for any future dl problems.



Shugo said:

I guess I was right about the crash issue not affecting the Japanese version, because this fix patch is not available for my Japanese 3DS.

Good that they fixed it, though. NOW WHERE IS THE NA VERSION!?!?!?



mullen said:

@Shugo You're wrong, the bug affceted JP version, too, just not so seriously. Now the update for JP is avaiable.



TigerThompson said:

@Shugo Hi there, is there any screen shots of the update process on the Japanese 3DS? I can't read it in Japanese and unfortunately can't figure out which options to choose. I believe my system is asking for the update. Prior to this, I would just look at my US version 3DS and match up the screens. Now the Mii plaza is quite different. Does anyone know of any screen shots?



mullen said:

@TigerThompson I don't have screenshots, but I hope my following instruction is helpful. 1. Go into the plaza. if you are not in the familiar interface, move to the fountain and press A. 2. Move to the very left icon (blue one), which is 更新する, press A. 3. press A, press A (which means select する!), press A. wait, press A*2. 4. move to the setting(設定) icon on the right, press A, and make sure the version on the top right is 3.1.
However, I updated it manually before the system asked me to do, so maybe your case is different. I think it's very likely that you only need to select する!when asked about 更新データ.

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