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Game Gear Mega Man Could be Destined for the 3DS Virtual Console

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Seems likely thanks to ESRB rating

We've sure had a lot of retro Mega Man on Nintendo systems recently, with both the 3DS and Wii U Virtual Consoles bringing us fresh experiences that we hadn't enjoyed since the Wii Virtual Console; sarcasm aside, they've been additional opportunities for newcomers to the series to see what fans have been banging on about. Not finished yet, Capcom blogger Brelston teased more retro Mega Man goodies on the Virtual Console, which led us to speculate on which remaining titles were on the way.

Capcom could be pulling a fast one, however, if a new ESRB listing is anything to go by; the listing is for Mega Man on the Game Gear. Considering the recent mini-glut of Game Gear releases on the 3DS Virtual Console, it's not beyond the realm of possibility. This particular version of the game was actually based on parts of NES titles Mega Man 4 and Mega Man 5, with little variations to accommodate the hardware. It was also developed by a studio called Freestyle, under license from Capcom, was only released in North America and isn't typically regarded as a strong point for the series.

The listing itself isn't definitive proof that this is coming to the 3DS eShop, but it sure seems likely. What do you think, Blue Bomber fans, fancy jumping into this Game Gear entry in the series?


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Drake said:

I don't understand why they don't just release the rest of the Game Boy Mega Man games.



Karakato said:

Guys at all costs, you're all better off spending $15 dollars to play Mega man 2, 4 & 5 on the 3DS rather than this licensed mess which has stages from those three games. That is if it does come to the eshop.

The only good thing that will come out of it is that it may spark enough interest for capcom to release the last four GB Mega man games.



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

@Drake Because colour games sell better the black and white ones it seems sadly.

Still, there could be hope once Capcom have no other MM games to release on it....



WYLD-WOO said:

All everybody wants CAPCOM is a new Megaman game. Sort it out..... enough is enough.



Macarony64 said:

I want all the already released megaman in portable way specialy the snes ps1 games also I want a new maximo and demon crest game.



CrazyOtto said:

I hope this means that Wily Wars can come to the Wii U VC (with apremium price, but it discounts the price if you download the NES games).



ValentineMeikin said:

I hope they start releasing SNES games on 3DS, rather than all on the Wii U, which is barely appropriate for them.



Geonjaha said:

If its actually different enough from 5 and 6 I'll probably give it a shot eventually. On the other hand I'm still planning on buying the rest of the NES series and the GB ones (if they ever come out).

@Angelic_Lapras_King - Since you don't have the sales figures for VC games, there is no way to prove that people aren't buying games simply because they're for the GB.



NiBar said:

Capcom is so lazy. Make a bloody new 3ds or WiiU game and we can talk business. I'm tired of all these old megaman games.



DESS-M-8 said:

What is better news than this is that an old sega game is Gettin a 3D makeover for the 3DS.......... Only

Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master!!!!!!!

THE single greatest shinobi, even Ninja game ever made this game is seriously in my top ten ever. Genuinely better than any Ninja Gaiden game. Sega did nothing but ruin the reputation of shinobi with every release since this game, but a 3D port to 3DS is perfect, especially for the vehicle levels and canyon climb.

I cannot wait for this to be released



Discostew said:

@undead_terror As much as they "look" like NES games, they are not. They run natively on last-gen systems, likely using much more processing power just to mimic the NES. The only way those could come to the 3DS is if they were "ported", because 3DS is no where near capable of emulating a Wii, the weakest of the consoles that got the games. Porting would require a lot of time.



Relias said:

Seriously.. just put Shining Force 2, Phantasy Star 0, Streets of Rage 1 and two on the virtual console.. and take my darn money.. that is all you have to do Sega.. (Two of those games I don't think made it to the U.S. Or I should say one didn't// one did.. The Shining Force 2 Spinoff is on a Sega CD collection the other.. (Phantasy Star) Never made it.. I believe.. also.. bring on some Chrystal Warriors.. that was pretty good too..



Relias said:

Oh and Capcom.. don't give a darn for another Mega Man.. give me Final Fight.. Ghosts and Ghouls.. Ghosts and Goblins.. heck come to think of it.. give me a Magic Sword..



Philip_J_Reed said:

Oh man. Did a blind(-ish) run of this on youtube this past year.

It was terrible.

And that's me being polite.



TeeJay said:

They release Megaman 1-7, and the next thing you expect them to release is Megaman 8, right? Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnope.



dadajo said:

Sigh I have heard no good things about the gamegear megaman games. I will defiantly wait for reviews before purchasing. On another note if any Sega megamn game was to be made for the virtual console release then it should be megaman wily wars on the genesis. Think of it like super mario allstars with the first three megaman games. Plus at the end you get to go through new stages and bosses with ANY weapon from the first three games.



KnightRider666 said:

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I totally have been praying for the release of this on the 3DS VC!!! This game goes for $50 online. Inferior or not, this game will be a steal at $4.99! I never had the chance to play this. I only had a Game Gear for a very short time before getting rid of it.



Tasuki said:

@Caramel: Mega Man 8 was never released on a Nintendo system so therefore I doubt it will ever be released on a Nintendo VC service, unless its the Sega Saturn version like they did with the AC version on the Game Cube.



ecco6t9 said:

Considering it will be about $4 or $5 I see no harm in playing this Mega Man.



ValentineMeikin said:

@Kodeen I wish to make this clear. I very much mean SNES games. Look at a 3DS one day, and think about the games like Super Mario Advance.

The 3DS could support the SNES fine, even has the full controller easily accessible, while the Wii has only the Classic Controller which really supports SNES games natively.



ValentineMeikin said:

@Kodeen Nintendo 64 and later deserve to stay on Wii U, but anything earlier... The 3DS has more than enough buttons to support them, but Nintendo are being far too cautious.



CrazyOtto said:

I guess it's good for people that really want to play Quick Man's stage with Mega Man 4 and 5 weapons, but at least it increases the chances of Wily Wars coming to the Wii U VC.



SparkOfSpirit said:

Hopefully if they're going for the obscure stuff then we can get the rest of the Game Boy games, Wily Wars, and the rest of the SNES MM/X games.



RevolverLink said:

I watched a longplay of Mega Man Game Gear the other day, and came away rather unimpressed. It looked more like a cheap knock off of Mega Man rather than an officially licensed game.

Though, to be honest, the only portable entry from the classic series I'm interested in playing is V.



KnightRider666 said:

@RevolverLink: You should check all the portable Mega Man games out. Yes, the Game Gear version didn't look all that great, but the all 5 Game Boy games were awesome!



JJtheTexan said:

I've always wanted to try this one in spite of its less-than-stellar reputation. I'd really prefer to get Mega Man II — I played the HECK out of that one on my Game Boy so very long ago. FANTASTIC soundtrack and graphics for the time, and easily one of the best Game Boy titles.

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