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Nintendo Launches Kickstarter Parody "Crowdfarter" To Promote Game & Wario

Posted by Damien McFerran

New Wii U title gets humorous promotional site

We've seen a lot of Kickstarter-related news posts recently, and Nintendo has jumped on the craze by producing a parody site to market the forthcoming Game & Wario.

Dubbed Crowdfarter, the site encourages people to spread the word about the Wii U title on Facebook and Twitter. Doing so earns coins, and in true Kickstarter style, Wario is offering a series of "stretch goal" rewards, such as free wallpaper, ringtones and even an exclusive trailer for the game.

Head over to the page to show your support for what Wario is modestly calling "the best Wii U game ever". Game & Wario launches in North America on June 23rd, with the European release coming on the 28th.


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MadAdam81 said:

Quite funny, it could help quite a bit with social network advertising for the Wii U as well as the game.
It would be hilarious if Game & Wario was to be the first title that shifts half a million or so consoles.



rmeyer said:

That was hilarious, kind of making fun of Kickstarter too how they scam people into giving businesses free money



Smitherenez said:

Haha, this made me laugh! Did you guys see the trailer for the campaign on the site? It's hilarious!



bahooney said:

Could it be?! A game that would've actually /benefited/ from EarthBound's marketing campaign?! Now I've seen everything!



FiveDigitLP said:

That was hilarious. Wario has always been a character that makes me laugh.

I'm definitely going to donate!



rjejr said:

That was pretty funny.

Though in my mind it was making fun of the families in those 3 new WiiU commercials covered on here awhile back more than making fun of Kickstarter.
Where does Nintendo find those people?



NintyMan said:

This is a great idea! Who would've thought farting would actually help someone else rather than yourself?

I "liked" it right away, and I wish it well. Go Wario!



siavm said:

If only kickstarter worked like this. I would be donating tweets to a lot of things.



HeatBombastic said:

He'll quickly get stripped from his Crowdfarter page, since we all know he won't be using those coins to benefit the game.



Yellowgerbil said:

For some reason it sounds strangely musical when you put your mouse over wario and he says "ow, ah, don't poke me" and do it consecutively.



Gregor said:

FINALLY Nintendo gives their IPs voice acting! Been waiting for this. Next up, Mario.



Gregor said:

FINALLY Nintendo gives their IPs voice acting! Been waiting for this. Next up, Mario.



8thGenConsoles said:

This one of the reasons I love Nintendo. They have fun with us instead of being all business like other gaming companies



Jamester0722 said:

Watching the "crowdfater" trailer actually makes me want to buy this game now. I've loved all past WarioWare games, but until now this one wasn't really on my radar.



bassoongoon said:

The previous microgame nature of Warioware has never appealed to me, and I did not really enjoy the time I spent playing those titles. This game on the other hand looks like I might enjoy it. I will wait to see what the reviews say.



chiefeagle02 said:

The WarioWare represented the best of Nintendo quirkiness. This almost makes me want to get a system, though I'll wait until after E3 when they show the new Mario Kart and Smash Bros before I make a decision.



SCAR said:

Haha. That video on the site describes Kickstater entirely, at least when it comes to funding video games...
I didn't really like the interviews, but it was nice hearing Wario talk I suppose.



ogo79 said:

my grandmother is going to be thrilled when i tell her theres a site named after her

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