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Nintendo Invites Media to Wii U Software Showcase at E3

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

"Come play with us"

Nintendo's plans for E3 have become a little clearer today, after the surprising recent announcement that the company is skipping its annual major presentation — all while Sony and Microsoft merrily carry on. While we're still not sure what the big N plans to amuse the wider public with — assuming it plans to do so at all — we do now know of a media event that will incorporate a presentation and "unique" hands-on time.

It's all about Wii U, unsurprisingly, with the event being called the Wii U Software Showcase. Taking place on 11th June, shortly before the expo opens to the public, Shigeru Miyamoto and Reggie Fils-Aime will provide opening remarks for 30 minutes, before an hour that's scheduled for gameplay demos, hands-on time and Q & A. It's taking place at the Nintendo booth itself, so essentially sounds like a preview look at what's on offer in the show — Nintendo's previously confirmed that new Mario Kart and Super Mario 3D titles will be playable, while a first look at the next Smash Bros. was also promised during the recent Wii U Direct broadcast.

We can expect plenty of coverage out of that event, but now the curiosity turns to whether Nintendo will broadcast any Nintendo Direct streams during E3 to keep fans at home excited and in the loop. We'll find out soon enough.

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Beta said:

I hope they can show us some footage in a Nintendo Direct. It's not fair when people play SSB4 and we just hear about it DX



ULTRA-64 said:

Tune in live to get the latest news on pikmin delays and nothing like the finished product game demos!!!!
I hope I'm soooo wrong!!



Beta said:

@ChaosAngel Oh, I see, my bad. But I would still prefer seeing some direct feed footage rather than a guy's crappy camera with a noisy background >.<



DePapier said:

I can't believe y'all did not understand what they meant they're going to do at E3. When Iwata said as, you and media put it, "no EA presentation from Nintendo," he meant no general E3 presentation BUT focused presentations for media, analysts and gamers. What now seems clearer to you guys has been said by Iwata when he announced that no-E3 presentation all along, if anybody did care to read attentively what he was saying.



NintyMan said:

They should be holding Nintendo Directs during E3. This is a media event, and as part of their new effort to cater to each demographic of the video game industry, Nintendo's going to focus on their fans through Directs and investors at business meetings.



Pod said:

I understand why they wouldn't show it live on the net.

There's some things that internet loud mouths can twist in a bad way much faster than journalists can write all the good thins about it.

There's a reason it's a press and trade event after all. And Nintendo have been very adamant that people need to try out the Wii U to get why it's great, not just look at it, as people on the internet have just been doing for the most part.



Beta said:

@Musterd YES! ALL OF THE YES IN THE WORLD! 8D Instead of trailers on the eShop they let people try the demos themselves like all those who are the E#, that way, the people who couldn't go wouldn't feel left out! 8D



Pod said:

Then end users probably wouldn't understand why some parts of the game didn't function correctly, and why it crashed relatively often, and they'd be put off from buying the final product.

Nintendo consider themselves a toy company, and toy companies don't let kids play with broken and/or unsafe toys.



erv said:

@DePapier I agree. In the rush up to being first everybody just copied each others' jump to conclusion. It was easy enough to see that they were planning an doing this.

They get the right amount of attention for just switching stages, though.



rjejr said:

Judging by Nintenfos previous WiiU advertising they will probably only livestream it on the WiiU. Though it will be up on the Wii later. They really should send messages whenever they add videos to the Nintendo Channel as its so infrequent now.

I hope I can purchase some of those stuffed Pikmin toys when 3 releases in August. Maybe they can bundle 1 in w/ the game



DualWielding said:

Don't blame them for trying to create some buzz for the Wii U but I don't care, I only care about 3DS



HeatBombastic said:

@DePapier I read it the same way as you, but I started getting confused when Youtubers, and commenters were saying no press conference, so I kept quiet.



citizenerased said:

I'm guessing they'll be announcing these titles a day before, during a Direct? Maybe even a week.



UnseatingKDawg said:

June 11th... have to mark that on the calendar. Good thing I'm getting new and improved Internet well before that.




Besides this whole "Wii U Software Showcase" event that Nintendo wants to do. I at least say that during the time of E3 , that they should do a GLOBAL Nintendo Direct. I do agree with @Musterd about Nintendo having some kind of E3 game demos up on BOTH Wii U and 3DS eShops , especially for 2 games like Mario Kart U and SSB 4. I mean, I know we're still getting some images from SSB 4 and that's fine with me. But it wouldn't hurt to at least show off a small demo from the eShop for anyone who's itching to trying the game just for a bit. IMO, it makes us gamers feel like we're actually there on the show floor alongside the gaming media that always gets to go to E3 every year.



Dpullam said:

I'm interested in what Nintendo could possibly have up their sleeve at E3 this year. This E3 will decide what console I will be buying next.



Obvious78 said:

Nintendo will beat Fony and Mickeysoft.....just with their SOFTWARE LINE UP. WANNA BET?



AltDotNerd said:

Maybe they just meant they won't be doing a "live presentation". Perhaps there's hope for a TV broadcast of a Nintendo Direct.



Moshugan said:

There's gonna be an E3 Direct for sure, but will it be live? I'd love to hear those opening remarks.



Williaint said:

I know what you're saying! A lot of gaming media, and media not in gaming, has twisted it around, making it seem as if Nintendo isn't doing anything — not even showing up. I had to read the original report twice, and was pretty confused myself. I assumed the only events they would hold were closed ones, but people like Reggie and Iwata would actually be around during the game demos.
Hopefully this Q&A is a "LIVE DIRECT"! Aaaaand, we can only hope for great responses, not another "Windwaker/Sunshine" problem, that Gamecube unfortunately suffered.



GN004Nadleeh said:

they're going to say: we here at Nintendo know more than you, we will not listen to the consumer. here is a list of games, of course these games will not be released until 2014/2015. until then we will release nes, snes, n64 and, now gba. bear in mind that there will be few games released in north America, and none of the best games will be available, mostly Mario bros remakes and re sales. then reggie will say something like; i'm a big guy! my hads is way too big for Nintendo! end communication.......



WhiteTrashGuy said:

Their WiiU media presentation will be similar to the 3DS one they held last year, or the WiiU price unveiling we saw in September. Whether or not they will stream this is still up in the air. We know for sure, though, that we will get a new Nintendo Direct, similiar to the one we got last year the day before their E3 presentation. I am sure there will be a 3DS Nintendo Direct as well. None of this will be on T.V. unless SPIKE gets invited to the media event.

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