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Out Today: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Posted by Damien McFerran

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Today marks the European launch of one of the year's biggest games: Capcom's Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on Wii U and 3DS.

The latest instalment in the long-running franchise which has taken its Japanese homeland by a storm, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate pits you against a wide variety of bloodthirsty beasts, each of which requires a different strategy to defeat. With co-op play and a massive selection of weapons and items to collect, the game boasts an almost limitless amount of play time — and the best thing is, it's an experience which is exclusive to Nintendo platforms.

We've already played and assessed both versions, so be sure to check out our Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Wii U review and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 3DS review before deciding which one to buy. "Those that missed Monster Hunter Tri but like the concept should pick this up without delay," we said in our review of the home console edition. "Those that enjoyed the original should also do the same — the quest is practically never-ending, and that's absolutely fine by us."

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Will you be picking up the game today? Cast your vote below to tell us what's what.

Will you be picking up Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate today? (104 votes)

Yes! I've been waiting months for this!


No, I'm not all that keen on the series.


I'm undecided.


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User Comments (39)



BenAV said:

Downloaded it from the UK eShop this morning (for the 3DS) and will pick up my Wii U copy at the Australian launch tomorrow.
The long wait is finally over!
Gonna be an all-nighter tonight.



andreoni79 said:

Bought this two days ago... In Italy Nintendo delivers copy on wednesday even if the official date is friday...
The electronic manual is only in english, but you can find all the information in game!



BenjaMAX said:

@BenAV was wondering why I can see you online playing it.. haha! Maybe I should do the same, just not sure yet. the demo didn't really grab me. still need some convincing



Idolo said:

Yup, I'm picking up my Wii U copy this afternoon! Then when I get back will be purchasing it for my 3DS (will be my first digital retail game). Looking forward to losing the next 700 hours of my life to this game XD



BenAV said:

@BenjaMAX The demo doesn't really do it justice.
It's become my favourite third party series, and is probably as good as you can buy as far as replay value goes.
It's not going to be for everyone, but it's definitely worth considering giving a shot (even if that means buying from somewhere like EB and taking it back for a full refund within seven days).



galachef55 said:

I picked it up last night and am having a blast with the tutorial missions so far — the demo really didn't show the complete experience the game offers. Being completely new to Monster Hunter, I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to talk me out of heavy bowgun as my weapon of choice. Thanks!



AceTrainerBean said:

Bought it there was late to my lecture because I couldn't decide which one to get but I finally decided of the wii u version so I can play online =L this day can't go quick enough gonna skip boxing training to play it and I never skip training! That's how excited I am



BenjaMAX said:

@BenAV awesome idea, I'm keen that's for sure! I just got Kid Icarus and got FE:A and LM:2 on order not to mention those sales on the Wii U eShop are tempting. damn my wallet is getting slammed this month haha! Cheers mate!



MetroidSlayer said:

A lot more people seem interested in both versions of the game then I thought....myself included!



seronja said:

i got it yesterday for the wii u, i also wanted it for the 3ds but i figured out that i would rather buy luigi's mansion istead, and get monster hunter for 3ds when the price drops



Einherjar said:

Sadly, i have to wait till tomorrow (saturday) I have to work till midnight :/
But getting the WiiU version is the first thing im going to do tomorrow, waiting a bit with the 3DS Version (Luigi comes first)



Dynetheous said:

waiting for the data transfer app thingy. I started on the 3DS so i really want to transfer so i can play online!!



cammy said:

Fingers crossed that Amazon deliver it today despite the awful weather and traffic chaos in Dublin. It would be my weekend sorted.



DarkCoolEdge said:

Cross-buy ala ps3-vita would have been awesome. I'm still not sure about buying it since I already played Tri and I don't have enough time. I guess I'll go with Luigi and Castlevania.



FineLerv said:

Wow! Didn't think the poll would be so one-sided! I hope the general public has this much enthusiasm for the game!



erv said:

Dowloaded it from the wiiU eshop at midnight - it's finally here!

If this game isn't worth your money, with over 1000 hours played easily, nothing ever is.



farfromsleep said:

Looks like my Irish amazon order didn't make it in time and I'll be waiting until Monday for my fix. Aw well, still looking forward to it. Gotta say it's nice to have so much stuff to look forward to on the system for a change now things are finally picking up.



BakaKnight said:

So undecided! DX
The tri is the only MH I played and loved it, but not sure I'm in for such a huge adventure right now...

So many other games coming, so many things I want to do... not sure I have time for hunting monsters right now, still... still yesterday I checked again the demo and if you know the game then it can be such a tease!!! DX



SneakyStyle said:

Wooohoooo, so close now for us in Australia too. I think now or within 2hrs from now it will be in AU eShop. /Giggidy!



Windy said:

I am so tempted! I am a Terrrible Monster Hunter player though. I put in alot of hours on the Wii Version about 150 hours and was still a Horrible player. The game is fun for sure. But I die....Then I die again.....and again......and again......LOL



Exile20 said:

Europe why you not buy no Wii U?
Seriously tho I can't wait to play with you guys in April with the update hits. Enjoy.



klautrec said:

Downloading the 3DS version now! I'm getting both versions, but Physical copy on WiiU.



Phle said:

Sigh. I pre-ordered this, but it turned out that they where not prepared someone would actually go on and do just that, because they don't have it in stock. That is either because so many pre-ordered it that their stock run out, or the most likely one: they didn't order it, because they thought no one would buy it and now they have to order it after all cos I did. Both the Wii U and the 3DS version. They don't have either.



SanderEvers said:

Downloading the WIi U version atm. I'll download the 3DS version as soon as I got my 3DS XL CPP.



elreins said:

I downloaded it from the mexican eshop on the 20th or 21st, dont remember. The thing is that the price was staggerinly low and attractive. 399 mexican pesos which is something like 32.35 dollars.

I could of course not let it pass.

Yesterday I went to the eshop again and the price has risen since. it is now 600 pesos which is around 48.57 usd.

I even have my suspcicion that on the 19th it launched it was even cheaper...

Happy hunting people. I totally adore the game.

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