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iOS Developers May Be Able To Port Games To The Wii U

Posted by Orla Madden

Opens plenty of opportunities

Nintendo is opening its doors to even more indie developers than ever, but it would seem that a new third-party service could make it even easier for bedroom coders to get their titles onto the Wii U eShop.

According to a tweet from Steward Christie — who works for Tizen App Developers and is currently attending GDC 2013 — people who stopped by Intel booth 1016 would be able to demo an iOS to Wii U conversion.

This means it may be possible for iOS developers to quickly and easily port games over to the Wii U. Not every game would be applicable, of course — the iPad and iPhone have multi-touch, whereas the Wii U GamePad doesn't.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you happy to see more iOS ports on the Wii U? Or do you think this could open the floodgates for poor-quality software? Post a comment to tell us what you think.


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Omarsonic9 said:

Cut The Rope and Angry Birds on Wii U!
Oh and Angry Birds better be free or cheap on the eShop.



DePapier said:

Nintendo will know how to filter the games that come to the Wii U so there is no reason to expect the eShop to turn into some kind of Apple Store. This is obviously great for bedroom developers and a way to have more titles with the quality level of Gunman Clive on a dedicated platform.



datamonkey said:

I'm glad Nintendo did a u-turn with their indy developer mentality. It wasn't that long ago Reggie was saying Nintendo platforms didn't want garage developers but now it seems they have seen the light and are doing everything in their power to attract them.

This is good news.



Farmboy74 said:

I like to see the following games: Galaxy on Fire 2, Nova, Flight Control, Mini Gore, Vertex Blaster. IOS is home to some great indie games, which I find frustrating sometimes due to the touchscreen controls. This development could be good as long Nintendo keeps an eye on things and the eshop does not turn into the app store where the quality titles are drowning under the shovelware that is on there.



SCAR said:

I can see this being a good thing. Nintendo won't allow complete BS on the eShop. Apple has over 3 million apps, and only 1,000 at most are worth having IMO.



Melkaticox said:

@Omarsonic9 Angry Birds trilogy is coming to the Wii U
@Farmboy74 All games need to be approved by Nintendo, so don't expect them to authorize shovelware...or at least, not too much

You know what iOS games I want? AAA games. I don't care about angry birds, cut the rope, vegetable ninja or rust your jimmies deluxe.
...Ok, the term AAA game is relative. inb4 Infinity Blade.



LordJumpMad said:

The Wii U has finally hit it big with this one.
Getting iPhone games is a big honor for Nintendo, since even those cell-phone app games are better then the Wiiware game, it has



SCAR said:

Infinity Blade with Wii remote or touch. I'm sure we'll see Fruit Ninja and other small arcade games like that. Camera games/apps, etc. I wouldn't mind having some of those smartphone apps/games. Just not tons of clones of popular ones and actually good.



alLabouTandroiD said:

The simpler the basic process the easier it is to catch their interest. But i hope the Wii U will only see good quality ports and inspire them to do something that can only be done on this system.



Farmboy74 said:

@Melkaticox, I hope Nintendo's approval system is a lot better this time round, In my mind the Wii was infected with tons of shovelware that effected its reputation.



Cotton said:

I know it's not iOS exclusive but I'd like to see minecraft on wii u and possibly 3ds with maybe circle pad pro compatability



Haxonberik said:

I still expect them to limit the games that cone in, it's still only once a week that they release them.



retro_player_22 said:

It's good little extra but would had work best with 3DS instead of Wii U since basically almost all iOS games are just short pick and play titles.



Undead_terror said:

Even ninja kiwi (indie developer on pc and ios) said they may bring more games to the 3ds and maybe wii u like sas zombies assault, they already have a few bloons games on the dsi ware.



LittleIrves said:

I imagine/hope Nintendo puts up an Indie section on the eShop, kind of similar to what's on XBLA but less hidden. Then you can feel free to sift through a bunch of cheap, odd, interesting titles if you want, or you can avoid it and stick to more known quantities.

Each time I go onto Wii U's eShop, though, it fills out more and more. I like the clean, attractive look of it. And certain games get a beautiful spotlight too, like what Runner2 had last week.



Meaty-cheeky said:

As long as we get quality games like Gunman Clive and Infinity Blade, then I'm cool with this happening, but if we get a bunch of junky and crappy IOS games then I'm going to get mad.



Kyloctopus said:

I would love to see Infinity Blade on Wii U. As well as Bad Piggies, and Flight of the Fireflies.



Jack_Package said:

Ther are some IOS platformers that are actually pretty good. I don't enjoy playing with a virtual d-pad, so this news is good news, to me

P.S I totally wanted to make a Chuckle Brothers reference



MrSazperilla said:

I do not care if we get a ton of crap! There will no dought be great things to come from this and at the pace Nintendo is going right now they need all they can get!



aaronsullivan said:

This is bizarre and probably very limited, but Unity as a design platform is hugely successful and is behind many of the best iOS games. Unity will be coming with Wii U development kits so that seems more useful than this.

Seriously, this isn't going to be about games as much as apps. You can't just convert a complex 3D game to javascript and CSS.



Sean_Aaron said:

If they're quality, yes. I'd love to see Llamasoft on Wii U and games like Space Junk or Jet Pack Joyride.

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