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Earthbound Creator, Shigesato Itoi, Gearing Up to Play SNES Classic in Live Stream

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Watch and be jealous of Japanese gamers

Earthbound — or Mother 2: Revenge of Gyiygas in Japan — is one of those titles that's permanently on the agenda for some retro gamers; its absence in the West is a continual source of disappointment. With apparent licensing issues keeping the critically acclaimed classic off the Wii Virtual Console, the news that this title is part of the Wii U Virtual Console Famicom Anniversary in Japan has been a recent reminder of this frustrating scenario.

While a Western release is still off the table, big fans of the series may want to take the chance to check out an upcoming video stream where Earthbound's creator, Shigesato Itoi, will play through the game himself for your entertainment. It'll all be in Japanese, but that shouldn't stop anyone from watching — the live stream will take place on Friday 22nd March at 8pm Japanese time; that's 11am UK time, noon in Central Europe, and 7am Eastern or 4am Pacific Time.

It'll be even better if you speak Japanese, of course, but in any case it may be worth checking out for Earthbound-starved fans. Let us know if you'll be tuning in.


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SpaceKappa said:

I've got a hunch we'll see it hit the VC in the west. At this point Nintendo KNOWS how much people want it and I've read that a 4kb patch (or something else crazy small) fixed all the music issues and I know plenty of EarthBound fans would take a VC release with edited music over no VC release at all.

I think we'll get it once the "30th Anniversary" promotion is over - why would Nintendo put up something fans have been asking for for so long at such a meager price when they know they can charge $10 or $15 and people will be more than happy to pay it?

Time will tell of course, but it would surprise me at this point if we DIDN'T get it.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

Nintendo has been listening very well to their fans lately through seeing their opinions on Miiverse, such as the 60 Hz incident. So I'm sure they're listening to their cries for a western release of Earthbound on VC.



Tertis said:

They better have Earthbound on the VC, I'm sure we've all been waiting a long, looooooooong time,



akabenjy said:

I kind of want a Mother Trilogy for 3DS. I'd happily pay AU $60 for that.



bahooney said:

@SpaceKappa No such patch exists. I watched a stream of Fangamer/EB Central play through the JPN Wii U release yesterday, and nothing about the rom was changed.



SpaceKappa said:

@bahooney I know they didn't change anything for the Japanese VC release but Japanese copyright law is very different from US copyright law. Japanese TV will often use music during broadcasts that they didn't get legal rights to use. Tomato (the guy who runs EarthBound Central) said that he was able to change the music on his own in a small patch he made himself - I never said it was an official thing.



bigbadwolfe911 said:

I would buy it day one regardless of cost! And akabenjy I agree a release of all three titles in a US release would be great on 3DS of Wii U Virtual Console. I really hope we hear something soon and would love to see a new game announced for the Wii U too!



Big_L91 said:

hmm.. i hope this wasnt that earthbound related thing we heard about a few months back.




Now I may not be as a big a fan of MOTHER / EarthBound as everyone else is. But one thing I don't get with anything MOTHER related nowadays is that if Itoi is remaking these games so they can be released on Wii U VC , then why can't EarthBound just be changed to the name MOTHER here in the US and everywhere elsewhere also? That, and I think that because this change is being made, it's only fair to try and release these games globally also imo.



Handy_Man said:

Even though I just beat EarthBound for the first time a couple months ago, it makes me insanely jealous of how lucky Japanese gamers are right now with managing to get EarthBound for 30 cents! That, and now there's this live steam right from the man himself. Why can't we get this kind of treatment?

Oh well. Punch-Out is a fun game and all, but I would rather download EarthBound instead, given how it's usually found at $80 at least while Punch-Out could easily be found for under $10.



russellohh said:

When I go to Japan next year, I've been debating picking up a Japanese Wii U, hooking it up to the local wireless, and tossing Earthbound on there. FANBOY, AWAY!



AlexSora89 said:

What about working on a worldwide rerelease, instead of trolling the fans?

Sorry for blowing off steam like this, I just had to say that.



Ryno said:

So glad I have a physical copy of this game because it is never coming to the U.S.



BabyLogey said:

Can't us Americans get Earthbound in the 3D classics?!?! Even if it was $50, that's cheap compared to how much the SNES game costs. I say we all together BEG for Earthbound 3D in the 3D classics!!



SMW said:

Itoi? Live stream?! I'll be there! Wait, this stream actually features Earthbound?!!! faints

I watch Itoi's streams all the time. Can't wait to see one not about his agenda.



Banjogeek said:

@SMW bet all the americas/Eurpeans there will be like
PLEASE BRING EARTHBOUND TO AMERICA/EUROPE just saying that will be the entire chat.



Mario500 said:

Releasing all three games in the Mother series for the original Virtual Console would be great for Wii owners who do not have a Wii U or have no desire to get one.



Luffymcduck said:

Just make an official release in the West, Nintendo! I´ve already played the third one with fan translations since you didn´t bother.



Cloud-San-VII said:

What aggravates me is that it already released in the US once AND it'd based off the US. WHY DO YOU HATE US NOA, WHY!



dragon_rider said:


Translation: "O mighty Shigesato Itoi, why are you doing this to us!!?"



Dpullam said:

This is one of the few remaining Nintendo franchises I haven't gotten the chance to play yet. I'm very hopeful that someday people in the west get to enjoy this series as the japanese have.



bigbadwolfe911 said:

@Mario500 I agree it would be great if they released it on all the Virtual Consoles, Wii U, 3DS, Wii and DSi but honestly my top choice would be the Wii U as I can play it on the big screen or on the Gamepad. I could see Earthbound being a reason to upgrade to the Wii U for fans who have yet to do so. But fingers are crossed that we all get!



SMW said:

@Banjogeek Precisely why I won't bother with the chat. That and the fact that it'll be going a thousand miles an hour. I'm watching this to see Itoi.



ogo79 said:

1-you can download punch out for 30 cents and pretend its earthbound
2-you can always move to japan and play earthbound
or 3- you can buy the cart and a snes, you waited 7 years for it on vc, it never came.
by now you could have the cart and game. i got 2 complete copies myself. i hope if it comes to wii u in usa it costs 700$ just like the complete game on ebay, so you guys can get the full experience




Best game ever, as my nickname and image say. Second best game ever: Mother 3. Ness is my main in smash since the 64 days (although in melee they vastly depowered him), I was really worried when it was rumoured that he would be replaced by lucas on brawl (I love Lucas but to me he is the ken of mother as Ness is still the ryu), but to my suprise he was still smashing and even better, he was the easiest character to unlock AND recovered his long-lost smash 64 god-like powers. Man, what memories this game brings to me, still have the snes cart I got my hands on 5 years ago for 90 bucks in pretty good shape; so Sakurai, don't f-ck with me and put Ness (and Lucas) in smash u and smash 3d.



oOo-Sega-oOo said:

I really hope one day this gets released in the west on the Wii-U eshop. I've only briefly played the game before and had to run it on a SNES emulator on my Nexus 7 tab. What I have played so far has been highly enjoyable and I can see why so many people hold this game in high regard.



zenverak said:

I am confused... this IS nintendo's game right.. what in the world can they have issues for with releasing it?



Mario500 said:

There is no need to move to Japan in order to play the game through the Wii U. You could purchase a Japanese version of the Wii U and download the game from any place in the world with a connection to the Internet.



ogo79 said:

i know that, i just like doing things the hard way
and reminding people theres a cart option out there

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