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Satoru Iwata Tweets That Wii U Direct Will Be "A Bit Different"

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Wording suggests a look at Nintendo-specific projects

Earlier today we brought you the news that Satoru Iwata is hosting a global Nintendo Direct Broadcast — Wii U Direct — tomorrow at 2PM GMT / 9AM EST. The press release and a subsequent tweet stated that new software and services for the home console would be on the agenda.

Satoru Iwata, for his part, has joined in with a tweet to suggest that the approach will be different this time around; you can see what he said (translated on NeoGaf) below.

This time, the plan is a bit different from a regular Direct, in that I'll be talking about what kind of Wii U titles and services Nintendo is developing.

With recent Nintendo Direct broadcasts focusing on showing upcoming games from various developers — often previously revealed — with release dates or windows to fill out the gaming calendar, this presentation will seemingly focus more on in-house concepts. If Satoru Iwata's tweet can be taken literally, perhaps there's renewed hope of details of major releases — albeit without firm release dates — or maybe we're just being over hopeful.

In any case, be sure to check back here at Nintendo Life to see the broadcast and get the latest news as it happens.


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Plumber-of-Time said:

It'll be about panorama view and google map for the services. As for games, it will be the usual. 4-5 games that we heard of and maybe a new game that is in development.



Rapadash6 said:

Yes! Get us excited about our new console, Iwata! I wouldn't be surprised if this direct is a knee jerk reaction to the waning Wii U sales. The system could be doing a lot better, but without a broader look into the console's potential library, that shouldn't have been surprising. Hopefully tomorrow is the proper unveiling we've been waiting for. Don't let us down Nintendo!



Yosher said:

Still hoping for that Yoshi Wii U game to be revealed. Sadly I'll be at work tomorrow when this airs.



ohhaime said:

I think different would be no major releases but instead a shotgun blast of smaller games.



Xilef said:

I want info on TW101. Please? A new game would bee nice to, retail or download.



Kyloctopus said:

Did he just tweet "services"?
Now I don't know what to expect at Nintendo Direct at all. But I'm hoping for Yoshi's Land, concidering the previous Nintendo Direct, they stayed silent about it.



Ryno said:

That's a good idea Iwatasan. The Wii U hype train has come and gone. Time to bring it back.



WingedSnagret said:

Oh forget it.
I really hope they aren't making me all hopeful for nothing...



TsunamiSensei said:

Be prepared for Ufruit. It's just like panorama view but with orchards and bowls of fruit to stare at.



Wonder_Ideal said:

@3Dash - I believe that he's going to have some vegetables this time. That would make the Nintendo Direct truly different.
I'm interested to see what's in store.



Blaze said:

Hopefully we'll finally get some 1st party Nintendo stuff revealed!



New_3DaSh_XL said:

I posted this in the forums somewhere, it went something like this.

3Dash: In the next Nintendo Direct, maybe Iwata will be holding a watermelon! Then he'll chuck it at the screen!
WhoeverIWasTalkingTo: Lol, that'd be hilarious. Not to mention sad, watching a Nintendo president going mental live.
3Dash: No, follow me here; then he unveils Miyamoto's latest game: Fruit Thrower!



Inev said:

Aside from the new game reveal/teaser (hopefully) and the non-gaming Wii U applications, I wonder if we'll be shown the first wave of NSMBU DLC?



KAHN said:

maybe iwata will see this post, read the comments, and will hold asparagus. maybe we'll see what Miyamoto eat rice with a spoon. maybe we'll see celebrity guest stars! maybe we'll get to see JAMES again! maybe i'm over-excited...



MrJoeUS said:

@3Dash I was thinking he was going to announce a new DK game. But holding fruit the whole time seem interesting too.



DerpSandwich said:

Even if not until E3, they've got to start revealing releases for the holiday season. Now's as good a time as any, because obviously they've got stuff coming.



rjejr said:


I was so genuinely happy this morning to read that there would be a Wii U specific Direct about new games. And then I read this: "talking about what kind of Wii U titles". What kind of?! So he's not going to give us game titles, just concepts like the Japanese bird garden or what Link would look like in HD?

just ugh



cornishlee said:

My thoughts too. A bit different? As in not announcing anything? I hope I'm wrong but this is sounding more and more like an unplanned, knee-jerk "Wii U's great" video.



NintyMan said:

Not exactly sure what he means by what "kind" of Wii U games are coming out, but there will still be new games nonetheless. Since he also said services, a date for when Google Maps is releasing is likely and possibly there will be the Wii U Virtual Console.

I'm also looking forward to whatever odd things Iwata's going to do during this Direct. Will there be another Iwata alter ego or more fruit-staring?



MeloMan said:

Bananas... hmm... A New DKC? Mario vs. DK returning to it's Donkey Kong '94 roots? Mario Kart Wii U? A modernized and revitalized DK Jr.? Maybe it has nothing to do with bananas at all?



erv said:

This looks like an unappealing license for... wait for it... Fruit ninja!

I'm seriously considering this huge disappointment as one major possibility now...



Token_Girl said:

As much as I'd love to see a major new title, a VC announcement, and 3DS/WiiU NNID integration, I know what we'll probably see is a pikmin 3 and lego city release date and trailor. I always get hyped for these, and really, they're just glorified press releases that usually aren't exciting at all.



Hokori said:

I just hope different and new services don't include iPhone games... :/



blueeaglewombat said:

Maybe it something like this: they will cover so much, announce so much new content, So many new games and services, it will be B-A-N-A-N-A-S!!!



zoroarkrules25 said:

I bet that these will be the game: a new donkey kong because of the bananas, mii shooting, mario kart hd, yoshi's land, zelda wii u and super smash bros 4. That would be the best nintendo direct ever.



SMW said:

Give me Donkey Kong and a release date for Wii Fit U! Also Google Maps and Panorama View are to be released pretty soon, if I remember correctly.



shinpichu said:

The reason it will be different is because there will be veggies instead of fruit.



Ichiban said:

Im hoping for a new DK Country as well! Failing that, ill be happy with the rumoured Yoshi's Island or a new Kirby game.
I want a new Wave Race though Iwata......please?!



Hokori said:

Am I the only one who wants a ND app for WiiU and 3DS that live streams? And maybe more info at a time



carlocunanan said:

Can't wait! Excited about tomorrow's direct... Nintendo's been a bit vague about their games especially in Pikmin 3! I just need to know more...



SCAR said:

I think it will be about panorama view and google maps. As for the surprises, I think it will be Wii U VC, and something else that's cool. Also more info on known games Pikmin 3, Baynetta 2, etc. games, and a couple surpruse games. Patience everyone!



Ichiban said:

Hmmm something just came to mind......
Does anyone remember the rumour a while back that Nintendo have been working on a racing simulator title for Wii U, along the lines of GT or Forza? I'm actually hoping this turns out to be true!!



Raymen said:

Well, since they've been air tight about it lately, maybe they'll anounce another 3rd party team for SSB4 or the Namco characters since they're helping.



aaronsullivan said:

I think if it was going to be one of the big anticipated games, it would all be worded differently. "Nintendo Direct: A highly anticipated announcement" for instance.

Any way you slice it, I'm loving what Nintendo has done with Wii U (my family loves Nintendo Land) and ANY new game info is interesting at least. Also curious about the services. It could be progress on Nintendo TVii (likely) and Google Maps, but anything else that may not have been officially shown will be interesting. That Yoshi game seems like it pretty much has to be real.

BTW, someone mentioned a Nintendo Direct Channel. Yes, indeed, it is weird not to have one! Where is the "Nintendo Channel" that the Wii had? I guess there's not enough news to divvy out. Nintendo is trying to redirect to YouTube for Mario videos and such. It just makes more sense to have a nice central "all things Nintendo" channel.

If any news about Zelda, Metroid, or a grand Mario 3D, or even Mario Kart or Star Fox is even hinted at, I'm going to be giddy for the day.

Oh, and someone mentioned Wave Race. I'd LOVE for that to happen. The original was something special and fun that even the sequel couldn't quite match despite its vastly improved imagery, IMO. I would certainly prefer it to another "Excite" game. Maybe they could combine the titles into something insane?



DerpSandwich said:

@True_Hero I've been massively disappointed with every single ND and press conference from all the way back at E3 to now. And I don't think it's because my expectations are unreasonably high; I honestly think it's because Nintendo is under-delivering. I don't even base my expectations on what I want, but what I think is necessary for them to do, and they STILL baffle me with how few games they have in development and how long they take to bring us features that should have always been present.

But now I'm just ranting...



aaronsullivan said:

(To the people going on about bananas. There are no bananas associated with tomorrow's Nintendo Direct. That is a frame from the wacky Nintendo Direct the day before 2012's Nintendo Conference at E3. It also featured non-specific action figure.)



BrightBeing said:

Iwata stared at bananas... LEGO Iwata stared at a carrot... Maybe now he'll stare at a pork chop!!



Senate_Guard said:

Please Metroid, F-Zero, or Star Fox U!

(But I'm sure they'd save stuff like that for E3 anyway. They'll still be floating around my subconcious though. )



FluttershyGuy said:

DK: Ooooooh, banan-ahhh!
I don't know what to expect, but I'd at least like some Wii U VC news at long last.



WiiLovePeace said:

Hmmmm... Last time I expected great things out of the last Nintendo Direct so now I'll try to keep my expectations in check... Though I am quite intrigued by Iwata's mysterious tweet. Less than 10 hours now until we know.



Moshugan said:

If his tweet can be taken literally, it means that this Direct will be a bit different, in that he'll be talking about what kind of Wii U titles and services Nintendo is developing. No videos or pics. Just him talking for thirty minutes.



trossy998 said:

what time is this on ? as its 11pm here in australia i thought the normal time is 10 pm but this direct is different please someone tell me ?



drumsandperc92 said:

there will be no major announcements, don't get your hopes up.
Nintendo Direct was such a great idea and I like what they are doing with it, but it's also been sort of a let down in a sense that nothing really enormous has ever been announced via Nintendo Direct, with the exception of maybe Miiverse.
But that's to be expected...why unveil a huge and anticipated first party release to a camera? Nintendo would want cameras and a live audience for that one...i.e. some sort of big event...GDC, E3, etc.
I expect we won't see more than maybe some new info on Pikmin 3, maybe some downloadable titles, updates to the Miiverse/online functionality, and that's about it.

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