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Mutant Mudds Deluxe Details Revealed

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Renegade Kid working on a 3DS eShop FPS

As previously teased, details about the upcoming Mutant Mudds Deluxe have been revealed in the début issue of Nintendo Force magazine. In addition to all of the content on the 3DS title, including the Grannie levels DLC, there'll be 20 new "parallel universe" stages with a ghostly theme, which will include variations of existing enemies and some new fiends that can't be hurt with your normal water cannon — limited ammo "ghost shot" power-ups are needed to take them down, otherwise it's a game of avoidance. Access to these stages will come through additional doors in the level select hub, but only for the equivalent cleared "normal" levels.

It certainly promises a great deal of content, as there'll be a total of 80 levels and a lot of collectibles and perfect runs to achieve. Speaking to Nintendo Force, creator Jools Watsham explained that motivation to release this title on Wii U came from the dual prospect of seeing the series on HDTVs, as well as enjoying a positive relationship with Nintendo and its digital platform on 3DS.

The thought of playing Mutant Mudds on an HDTV is a very exciting one for me. I have always been a huge fan of handheld gaming, but bringing the Mudds experience to the living room feels very grand. With the fact that Nintendo has been easy and awesome to work with in regards to the 3DS eShop, I knew that bringing Mutant Mudds to the Wii U eShop would be equally pleasurable.

How accessible the hardware manufacturers make their digital outlets is a big deal for small developers, and Nintendo has proven that they understand that. Developing games is difficult enough without having to worry about the "shop" you wish to sell it in.

In terms of "why ghost levels" Watsham explained that, almost inevitably, there was inspiration from a familiar source.

My brain is full of Nintendo thoughts, and I can't help but be inspired by the amazing games of Nintendo's past. On a subconscious level the Ghost Houses from Super Mario World must have crept into my mind and spoke to me. I do not have any other explanation for why there are now ghosts in the game! Well, apart from the fact that ghosts are cool and add a nice sense of mystery and mischief.

It'll be interesting to see how these new stages, with their limited ammo and more of a focus on avoiding enemies, stack up. Watsham wouldn't be drawn on Mutant Mudds 2, but did reveal that the studio is working on a new FPS title for the 3DS eShop with a target release of Holiday 2013, which could certainly be a unique offering on the platform.

So, what do you think about these new details, and are you tempted by Mutant Mudds Deluxe on Wii U?

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luminalace said:

Awesome about deluxe and I'm already anticipating their FPS for 3DS. Now it's just the wait for them and MM2 that hurts.



Late said:

I bought the Nintendo Force magazine (printed version with the free digital version) and I'm really happy with it. By the way, there is a mistake on the Mutant Mudds page of the magazine. It says: "One day I had the random thought to see what Max would look like in like in lo-fi pixel form."



malki said:

I'll be picking this up on the Wii U as I didn't get it on the 3DS. Hopefully we shouldn't have to wait to long, just like Mighty Switch Force was a nice surprise early release on the Wii U eShop.



skyluigi2 said:

I'm not sure about this.
It's a game designed around layers, so it seems perfect for the 3DS. I'd have preferred it for the 3DS, but MM2 will do fine.
Nonetheless, I'll be picking this up. Should be pretty great!



Spoony_Tech said:

@skyluigi Yeah but don't forget that DKCR did the same thing on the Wii. You could jump from the back to the front and background again. Worked really well.



ljinkakidd said:

Let's not forget one of the first games to introduce layer platforming... Wario Land for Virtual Boy! I loved that game! Very happy to hear this though. I loved the 4-1 theme on MM1 I'll definitely get this. Howcome Nintendo isn't this consistent with DLC?



SheldonRandoms said:

Mutant Mudds Deluxe looks good, though i'm not sure if i'll get this version, since I have it on the 3DS, also that 3DS eShop FPS, I wonder what it could be?



Xilef said:

Not sure if i'm going to get this or the 3DS version. Wiimote support might get me to consider the Wii U version.



idork99 said:

Although I did have the first Dementium game under my radar, I regretfully never got the chance to pick it up and play it since my DS Lite was stolen during that time. If they do end up making a new FPS, I'll be sure to check it out this time around.



DarkCoolEdge said:

@Tech101 DKCReturns is the best 2D platformer in years. They live in different worlds. But it's true, multi-layered levels work perfectly on the TV.



Prof_Clayton said:

I'm definitely picking this up, as it has more content than the 3ds version. I'll buy if it's under $20 (I'd guess about $15).



rayword45 said:

I'd prefer Moon 3D, but the sole fact that we're getting an FPS is good news to me.

Here's to hoping for Circle Pad Pro support and online multiplayer



ChrisD said:

I greatly enjoyed the 3DS version of Mudds, so I'll be sure to download Deluxe once it hits.

It's great to see that Nintendo Force received news that was otherwise unknown. Though it's rather expensive for an issue, so I'm afraid I can't really help them out. Hopefully they keep getting good news like this though - they aren't Nintendo Power but they still deserve a shot.



accc said:

I don't normally like first person shooters, but I really enjoyed Moon and the Dementium games, so I'll keep an eye out for their new eshop fps. I just hope it runs at the same smooth 60 frames per second rate as their DS games, and that you can use the gyroscope controls to aim like in RE Revelations.



brandonbwii said:

SouthPeak now owns the rights to Dementium. However, Watsham stated that he plans to release a NEW FPS horror franchise on 3DS. More of a spritual successor to Dementium.



SubZer023 said:

You No what i Love Renagade Kid FPS Mutant mudds 1 and to Now Dulex i love my 3ds and people that support it XD



antipop621 said:

I would buy Deluxe but I don't think I want to play through the rest of the game again.



MagicEmperor said:

I'll get Mutant Mudds Deluxe for sure. I've never played a FPS from Renegade Kid, so no time like the present!



DePapier said:

They could actually make FPSs for the 3DS that rely on the Circle Pad to move and the touch screen to aim. Gosh, what am I even saying: that was how Nintendo made Metroid Prime Hunters. Why isn't there more games like this on the platform, just like why isn't there more FPS with Metroid Prime 3 controls on the Wii (or the Wii U)??



Undead_terror said:

If they are making a FPS it better be Dementium 3, if not then a zombie game...with a survival mode/endless mode.



HaastMK7 said:

am looking forward to that FPS. As long as it has good graphics and lots of gameplay I am in for it.



pashaveliki said:

@DePapier because it is at best a passable control scheme and I don't think the CPP penetration rate is good enough to depends on as the necessary input.
Nobody really wants to divide the user base.



pashaveliki said:

@Strongo9 not really... it feels awesome on the 3DS considering it is finally a return of some of the great mechanics of my favourite platformer ever (Virtual Boy Wario Land).
The Wii U will have more levels, the iOS port has a crazy price point, but at its heart i think Mutant Mudds will always be better on the 3DS



rayword45 said:

@pashaveliki Passable? I beg to differ. Once you get used to it, with the 3DS I find it around equal to dual-analog. Loads of DS shooters used it, and those lack the analog stick.

Also, Revelations had no problem with implementing the CPP, and you're basically sacrificing speed there with the second stick.



SparkOfSpirit said:

I woukdn't mind their FPS games re-released on the eshop. Those might be interesting.

Still, I'm a big fan of Mutant Mudds, so I'll be supporting this.



pashaveliki said:

@rayword45 granted, what I said was an opinion, and the control system 'worked' but it never felt as good as a real dual-stick set up and felt like a compromise or a work-around rather than a real good situation.
Personally I really like playing RE: Revelations sans CPP because it plays just like RE4 and that worked for me ^_^

That being said, I did love Moon and Dementium, but it was like playing platformers on iOS: the controls worked for me, but never felt perfect or native.

But if Renegade Kid wanna make a new fps, i won't complain... as long as they keep making '12-bit' games too. Mutant Mudds owned me.



EaZy_T said:

A horror FPS on the 3DS? Is it really gonna happen? I hope so!

I liked the controls on Dementium 2, it was similar to keyboard + mouse (the best way to play FPSs, IMHO).



rayword45 said:

@pashaveliki I wouldn't compare it to iOS platformers. Those actually suffer from a lack of input, while this is just different to what people are used to.

I'd compare this to somewhere between a mouse and WiiMote/PS Move Wand for the controls. It's different and takes some getting used to, but when you do, it's still as functional as the others. Heat-sensor controlled platformers are hindered by a lack of accurate input.

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