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Wii U Software Falls Off The UK Charts

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Nintendo Land the only survivor

Last week we reported on some struggles for Wii U software in the UK all-format charts, with various possible reasons behind the lack of impact of the system's games. There's a low install base, for one, meaning that it's too early to proclaim the console to be in any kind of trouble; with that said there seems to be plenty of available stock, at the time of writing, at various major retailers.

Whatever the circumstances, this week's update from UKIE won't bring any cheer for Nintendo UK, with Nintendo Land sneaking into 38th position, which may or may not account for copies bundled with the console. As already mentioned, its exclusives are up against long-established systems with major install bases, and Wii U sales will be contributing to some of the multi-platform big-hitters occupying the top 10.

It's business as usual for the 3DS, with a handful of its own exclusives occupying respectable positions in this week's list. New Super Mario Bros. 2 is still top of the handheld's rankings in 19th place, Mario Kart 7 drifts into 27th while Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask and Super Mario 3D Land are 31st and 35th respectively. The major franchises are certainly doing the job over a sustained period.

It's certainly not the time to be taken over by angst and fear for Wii U as it's establishing an initial install base, as well as the fact that many with tight budgets may be holding back on picking up extra games, especially if they picked up the Premium Bundle. As for 3DS, its major titles, particularly Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land, are showing respectable staying power.


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ScreenSplitter said:

Of course Mario Kart and 3D Land were going to stick around. Nintendo still should have had more comprehensive releases for this part of 2012 on 3DS.

It's disappointing that ZombiU isn't doing any better, it looks to be quite the impressive game.



CliffordB said:

Not a surprise in the slightest IMO, Nintendo just have not released enough "Exclusive" titles at launch.

Most games like Batman, Mass Effect 3 etc. although good games are old and have been played a year ago by anyone who owns either a PS3 &/or Xbox 360, so what do you expect?

I'm happy with my Wii U, but, I truly hope Nintendo don't take to long to release some big hitter's on the system.

So far I've mainly played Wii games on the Wii U, I only wanted NSMBU at launch (and the bundled Nintendo Land) nothing else was worth getting for me.

Of the announced games, I'm looking forward to Bayonetta 2 & Rayman Legends, and keeping an eye on Lego City: Undercover to see how it turns out.

But, Nintendo should at the very least announce a few of their big games
Mario 3D, Mario Kart, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Punch-Out!! etc. to get a bit more excitement going around the system.



XCWarrior said:

This keeps up, don't be surprised if suddenly Europe isn't getting some games again like a few generations ago. People better start buying Wii Us from what it sounds like.



Shworange said:

When you only send 40,000 consoles to a region, you're not attempting to compete.



Kevin_H said:

Access to games and consoles needs to increase .
The huge Tesco near us has a total of THREE WiiU titles available, and they are hidden amongst the regular Wii games.



Bliquid said:

Article just above: "There's a low install base, for one, meaning that it's too early to proclaim the console to be in any kind of trouble; with that said there seems to be plenty of available stock, at the time of writing, at various major retailers."

@XCWarrior: i think ppl who aren't purchasing a WiiU won't be too worried, if what you say happens.

Wallet vote FTW.



Cesco said:

It's the same here in Italy, where on the local chart of the top ten most purchased games there's no sign of any Wii U game. Actually there's barely any sign of Nintendo games, with the only exception of NSMB2 for the 3DS at position #9, that is still going strong after almost 4 months of sales.

For the record, actually the best selling game in Italy is FIFA 13, the silver medals goes to Just Dance 4 and the bronze goes to Call of duty: black ops II. After seeing that the UK chart is not that different, I guess that right now they both represents more or less the average top three chart in many european countries...



defrb said:

I love the machine but am also not very impressed with the release games, i have nsmbu, n-land, sega all star racing transformed. All good games, but now theres nothing left to buy for quitte a long time.




There are probably less than 80,00 Wii U owners in the UK right now, compared to several million for all other consoles! Of course that's going to be a factor! Add to that the fact that people have only just shelled out a few hundred for their new console and I can totally understand why there's few Wii U games in the top 40!

Let's take a look in 12 months time!



SKTTR said:

Imo Nintendo UK has the worst Nintendo advertisements from all EU countries ever. It's the same level of cheesyness as in the early 90ies.

When I change my Wii country settings and check the Nintendo news on the UK Nintendo Channel, I wonder why anyone over there still buys Nintendo products. That guy/actor seems out of place, not a Nintendo-fan at all, more like one of those morons you see on disgusting sales tv shows. German Nintendo news on the other hand is pretty good. I hope they've cancelled UK Nintendo News and put in Nintendo Direct instead.

And yes, it's all to expensive compared to the Wii launch. The console is 100€ more, and the games are all 10€ more.

Wii+game was 250€, so I had 100€ left to buy two games (Wii Play+Wiimote and Zelda: Twilight Princess). WiiU+game is 350€, so I have to wait till January so I can buy a game.



PinkSpider said:

the problem is the price of the games u can get the same game on Xbox or ps3 for half if not more than half the price.
Also Asda aren't even getting the Wii U games or console in there stores.



PinkSpider said:

the other big problem releasing sequels to games that Nintendo owners have never played the originals



rjejr said:

So Nintendo Land is selling better than SMBU, or am I missing something?



Pikachupwnage said:

Whats causing this?

Limited stock or do other consoles just have really aggresive bundles or something? Some people have also said the games are overpriced so maybe its that...........



zeldazero said:


Agreed, I am willing to bet Digital Downloads are not part of this number...Another misleading headline that tries to make the Wii U look bad. I watch 4 different Wii U sites, why is it they never post good Wii U news? Is it because bad news gets more views???



Gonzo1 said:

It's hardly surprising as most people don't even know what WiiU is.
Also, not sure about other areas but my local Asda doesn't even stock WiiU.
They've got 3DS, Xbox 360, PS3,PSVita, Wii games relegated to bargain bin with no sign of anything WiiU at all.



SimonB79 said:

@gonzo1 ... My local asda doesn't stock the wiiu either ... It's a shocking state of affairs ain't it? /facepalm



Plutonian said:

Not worried for all of the reasons listed above. Launch titles, including downloaded, that I currently want are the dynasty warrior game (I know about the frame rate issue but don't care), tekken tag 2, sonic racers, inferno, and trine 2. I already have Nintendo Land (bundled) and Mario U. Between all of this and my 3DS gaming and all of the non-gaming related responsibilities that I have I am plenty busy. The launch was fine for me.



Boo_Buster said:

I'm not too worried, but Nintendo needs to do a better job advertising and marketing in the UK and in the States (even though it sucks to have to do those things when you create something special, it is part of the business). It seems, to me, as if Nintendo isn't quite as big in the UK as it is here in the States, and it is not that big here considering all the tools who think they are hardcore automatically hate Nintendo. Nintendo still rules in Japan, so that helps us. Let's just hope the rest of the world picks it up. It is still early though, it hasn't been out for a month anywhere yet. Wait until Pikmin 3 and some other "must-have" titles arrive to get a better idea of how your everyday people receive the Wii U. It is really sad to me how FPS's and sports games are the biggest sellers on home consoles.... That is why the console made in America lives on, and probably the only reason (not that I have anything against it, it is just my opinion). If the 3DS taught us anything it is that games can and will save a system. The Vita is by far more technically advanced, but I love the 3DS and obviously so do the other hundreds of thousands of people who play handheld gaming systems. Why do I love it so? The games.



drunkenmaster76 said:

£300 for the wii u plus £45 for nsmbu and £40 for sonic and sega racing thats £385 for 1 childs christmas present. im skint



Dogpigfish said:

This is tough, because retail sales are not the premier focus of newer system sales; all downloadable. Sales charts don't really help anymore until they can show that.



Farmboy74 said:

As drunkenmaster76 has stated, once you have paid for the premium pack and two games, your wallet / bank balance is going to take some time to recover from that type of damage. Until the Wii U is brought in more numbers, I can't see it competing against the established systems chart wise. Also Nintendo have released a new console when the UK economy has gone down the pan, not many people can afford that type of outlay and again established systems have received a substantial price cut. Better advertising is required along with more exclusives. It's better to look at this situation when Monster Hunter, Rayman Legends, Pikmin 3 & Lego City Undercover have been released. All big games and more importantly only available for Wii U.



Nintenjoe64 said:

I don't know why this is making news again. Not only does Nintendo not really care about the UK market relative to Japan and US but who was actually expecting the Wii U to be able to knock Halo 4, BO2, AC3 off the charts? Did they think that there would be 20,000,000 units sold overnight? The software charts are dominated by games that are being released on consoles with millions of users rather than 40,000.



biggsydaboss said:

Considering Black Ops 2, FIFA 12, AC3 are all released on the Wii U, as well as on the PS3 & Xbox 360. Do we really think that Nintendo Land could keep pace.

I'm an Xbox fanboy (well at least until the Wii U got released lol) & I'm not worried for the potential success of the Wii U. We all said that the Wii would fall flat on its face & we all know it never.



vio said:

It's silly to expect software on a console that's only been out for a weeks to sell even half as much as it's competing systems when those systems have been around for years and are in millions and millions of homes.



Chunky_Droid said:

Other than the install base, we need to remember there's over 20 launch titles to choose from, which is going to lessen the sales impact of any game.



Darksec said:

I'm not surprised by this at all. I don't think it will get much better tbh.
Not just due to the shortage of titles but also due to the fact the Wii was a great novelty that for most was short lived joy.
A lot of people I speak to are worried about the longer term investment and are waiting to see what M$ and $ony do. Wii U is again hyped on a novelty more than its power or software range etc. Hell, most people don't even realize half of the features it has and some don't get the pad at all.
I too was dubious to be honest as I had a Wii and urged others to buy it and after a few months none of us used it anymore and were on other consoles or PC for the more serious gaming.
I think novelties/gizmos should be left as later accessories rather than a main console focus. Nintendo does right sticking to roots software wise but people still see it as a toy but that toy just got more expensive and maybe that price made peoples already wavering minds up.



Darksec said:

PS not hating, i have one, its my opinion and the same as others whom i speak to.



Ed_Rod said:

As previously said downloads from eShop are probably not counted. And 3DS didn't start so well and look at it now. i say give it time.

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