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United Kingdom

Mon 19th Nov 2012

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Kevin_H commented on Wii U Software Falls Off The UK Charts:

Access to games and consoles needs to increase .
The huge Tesco near us has a total of THREE WiiU titles available, and they are hidden amongst the regular Wii games.



Kevin_H commented on Nintendo Network Premium Website Goes Live:

How can people complain about money for nothing?

If you buy digital games then you get a rebate and money in your pocket for more games.

if you don't buy digital games then this doesn't affect you so why gripe?



Kevin_H commented on Talking Point: Time for Wii U to Treat Us Like...:

It's just Ninty playing it safe to avoid parents that can't be bothered to set up parental controls later complaining that their darling kids have accessed mature content.

Just set up your account to allow access to mature content and voila!



Kevin_H commented on Premium Wii U Owners In The UK Need To Spend ...:

It's true that retail versions of digital games will likely become cheaper in time thus making the 8% rebate not worthwhile. However, for those who like to buy indie and similar 'little' games online this will be a nice little incentive.



Kevin_H commented on Ubisoft Has No Plans To Release DLC For ZombiU:

No DLC isn't a problem and I'm pleased with the way they admit that what they cut will stay cut as it wasn't good enough.

Instead of finding a way to add a mini-campaign to this I'd rather they got to work on ZombiU2