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Mon 17th Dec 2012

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Darksec commented on Wii U Games Struggling At Retail In The UK:

Nothing has blown me away to be honest, novelty control factor has already worn off tho they at least have my statistic in their sales : /

Starting to see more and my in my local CEX too, bit of a knee jerk reaction tho there is little new that makes me feel its worth waiting, 1 or 2 titles but not justifying the retail price. Bit sick i spent on it tbh



Darksec commented on Feature: Our Staff's Thoughts on Wii U - Part Two:

@skjia only problem is i think they are more mainstream gamin and this is a novelty toy, not for serious gamers and will likely lag behind long term. It will always have its fans who were fans of Wii which was a bore tbh. Man i loved the N64, no Nintendo console has interested me that much since.



Darksec commented on Wii U Software Falls Off The UK Charts:

I'm not surprised by this at all. I don't think it will get much better tbh.
Not just due to the shortage of titles but also due to the fact the Wii was a great novelty that for most was short lived joy.
A lot of people I speak to are worried about the longer term investment and are waiting to see what M$ and $ony do. Wii U is again hyped on a novelty more than its power or software range etc. Hell, most people don't even realize half of the features it has and some don't get the pad at all.
I too was dubious to be honest as I had a Wii and urged others to buy it and after a few months none of us used it anymore and were on other consoles or PC for the more serious gaming.
I think novelties/gizmos should be left as later accessories rather than a main console focus. Nintendo does right sticking to roots software wise but people still see it as a toy but that toy just got more expensive and maybe that price made peoples already wavering minds up.