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Wii U GamePad Can Play Assassin's Creed 3 in 3D

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

All about the software and glasses

When Wii U was unveiled, just a few months after the arrival of 3DS, some wondered whether the GamePad's screen would feature autostereoscopic capabilities like the handheld's screen. It didn't take long for that idea to fade away, as the realities of a glasses-free 3D screen that size, as well as its constant use as a touchscreen, made the idea a no-go.

With that in mind, however, there's no reason why Wii U games can't be playable in conventional 3D with the use of glasses and/or 3D TVs — Satoru Iwata confirmed as much way back in July 2011. Unlike 3DS, however, the emphasis is on developers to make the 3D happen, rather than it being a feature built into the system. For Wii U's part it just needs to have enough power to process the graphics, and considering that PlayStation 3 has a number of 3D titles, it's easy to see why Wii U is similarly capable.

This anaglyph 3D — which requires the use of specific glasses — works on any screen, and a report has dug up confirmation that Assassin's Creed III includes the option in the Wii U version. As it's a game that allows you to play solely on the WIi U GamePad screen, meanwhile, it stands to reason that, in theory, you'd be able to play this game in 3D either on your HDTV or the controller's display. In this case you need Inficolor 3D Glass to enjoy the effect, with this brand having a direct tie-in with the game; it's all down to developers, remember.

So there you go, you can technically play in 3D on your GamePad screen, but it depends on the game and owning the right pair of glasses. Is this something you'd be interested in trying on the controller's screen or, more likely, on your TV?


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Rizsparky said:

I think developers should focus on the awful framerate issues of ported games rather than venturing into 3D..



adrenochrome said:

i was expecting "batman arkham city" to have anaglyph/inficolor 3D support on tv screen like on the ps3 version ....



Chunky_Droid said:

So not many will be playing it in 3D then...

I have passive 3D glasses with my Panasonic, so that won't work unfortunately, though I have snazzy cardboard 3D glasses that came with Arkham Asylum!



BenAV said:

I rarely even play my 3DS games in 3D, so I won't be going to any extra effort just to play Wii U games in 3D.



Schprocket said:

Must... resist....the... "because-I-can" factor.....

....and stop letting Bill Shatner ghost-write my posts...



Bulbousaur said:

Have to admit, even though I'll won't use it, it shows how great the tech of the Gamepad is



Neonridr said:

So does the game have 3D support on the main TV? I have a 3DTV and I am wondering if it supports stereoscopic 3D using active or passive shutter glasses.



pntjr said:

Didnt someone make a forum about this a week ago and everyone was like "NO SHUDDUP ITS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN" Well to those people: it did.



luminalace said:

I don't understand the need for a particular brand of glasses just to get 3D on AC3! I really don't care about 3D though but if I could have used some of my 3D glasses I have lying around from a blu ray movie I fail to remember, I would have given it a whirl.



sinalefa said:

I am not that big into 3D, but it is still nice to have the option. Did not know that some glasses could work with any screen.



BJQ1972 said:

Anaglyph is vastly inferior to the polarised 3D technology used in the cinemas from the 1950s, and the active technology on most 3DTVs today.

Apparently the WiiU version does support the types of stereoscopic content that works with passive and active TVs such as side by side and top/bottom, but it would be very uncomfortable to use these options when using the gamepad in conjunction with an active display.



adrenochrome said:

@BJQ1972 :
inficolor=anaglyph=low resources eating (it's only a kind of 3d filter)

polarised=stereoscopic=high resources eating (typically you have to render the whole screen 2x), i doudbt the wiiu has enough power to render high quality gfx in full hd with such kind of 3d technology



BJQ1972 said:

@adrenochrome i don't think side by side is any more processor intensive. There has been no performance hit in the XBox 360 titles that use the same method. The only downside if a loss of horizontal resolution when compared to frame packed 3D.

To clarify what I meant, with anaglyph, both the TV and gamepad will display what is essentially a monochrome 3D image. With side by side mode enabled only the TV will display a 3D image, but the gamepad will remain 2D as it is not 3d capable, in the modern sense of the term. With passive glasses this would be OK, but with active the different refresh rate of the gamepad compared to the active screen would cause an uncomfortable flickering effect with the glasses. As an example try looking at a mobile phone or similar when watching an active 3D TV.



SCAR said:

I hope they make some stereoscopic 3d games for Wii U. Games can finally be in 3D on any console, so I bought a PS 3D display, and all I have to use it, are Mortal Kombat, Motorstorm: Apocalypse, and that's it... I bought the PS display for around $200 which is a great deal in terms of the other tv and display options at any front IMHO, and I know Wii U can handle it, so I don't see why they wouldn't use it. ..



adrenochrome said:

i dont know xbox and his gpu at all, but if the gpu support natively stereoscopy then it would cost almost nothing to render
as far as i know the wiiu gpu dont support natively stereoscopic 3d



Grocery-bag said:

I have a 3Dtv and this game on Wii U. Honing through the 3D modes I have not come across any 3D working on the pad... That being said the stereoscopic 3D for the TV works great within the game, though some cut scenes are kind of shaky... Posted the same comments on Miiverse on Sunday, Grocery_bag is my ID, friend request me me



HaastMK7 said:

I am not amazed, I am disappointed because they should of made a version of ACIII for the 3DS if they are gonna use 3D.



DrDingus said:

As a rule I would say that 3D doesn't have much of a practical use, but as a feature the 3D effect truly adds an indescribable clarity to many gaming experiences. So I would say the best use for the 3D effect would be for fully 3D rendered games more so than 2D sidescrollers. That said, lets see a 3D Mario for WiiU amirite?



MeloMan said:

It would be nice, but stereoscopic 3D has spoiled me big time. I guess if the right ingredients come together then sure, I'd be delighted to take part in this, but since home TV 3D in general is still trying to find its way into the mainstream market, I'll just be patient to some time in the future.



Henmii said:

It's a nice extra! I remember that I was a little bit dissapointed that the Wii version of De Blob 2 didn't have this feature!

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