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Take a Look at Level-5's Fantasy Life TGS Trailer

Posted by Katy Ellis

It's all kinds of cute

Level-5 is keeping itself very busy at the moment, with the development of the upcoming Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney, as well as possibly the cutest RPG you will ever come across, Fantasy Life.

The new trailer from Tokyo Game Show shows off the customisation features, some of the 20 playable jobs (such as a fisherman, soldier, witch or chef), as well as a dragon nearly eating a small bird.

Fantasy Life will launch on 3DS on 27th December in Japan, with no current information on a western release.

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GameLord08 said:

Finally, another news appearance for this game! Has been on my radar ever since it was announced before the 3DS launched, still looking superb.



Robo-goose said:

Animal Crossing with action elements, combat, exploration, dungeons, and a story? Gonna pay close attention to this one.



Superconsole said:

I've been in love with this game ever since it was announced. I really hope Level-5 do the right thing and bring it over!



k8sMum said:

all they've said is that none of the TGS games are confirmed for release to the west...i am hoping that means just that: they are not YET confirmed.

i can't believe this one wouldn't make money for them if released here.



OptometristLime said:

"Apocalyptic symbolism? Probably not."

Haha! I attended a talk on Mayan apocalypse legends yesterday, as part of a class project.



Mowzle said:

Oooh! This looks lovely.
Nintendo and Level-5 - pleeeease bring this to the West



Morpheel said:

It's like a cute Harvest Moon x Animal Crossing x Monster Hunter crossover with Layton-like graphics.

I'm sold.



BenAV said:

Please yes.
This better make it over here because it looks rather awesome.



Arcamenel said:

I've been keeping a close watch on this game since I saw the preview way back when the 3DS was announced. I really hope it comes stateside.



Zombie_Barioth said:

Looks really fun, sorta like a Rune Factory x Animal Crossing style game.

Only problem so far is between AC,HM,RF, and this I'll have a lot of long, customizable life simulator style games sopping up my time.



akabenjy said:

@BenAV This has been my most anticipated 3DS game for ages. You know that Brownie Brown (Mother 3) are making this game. I love the Studio Ghibli vibe to the game too. I'm just praying that Level 5 don't do a Nintendo and actually release this is the West.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

Im actually kinda upset because I just found something that could be better than Animal Crossing... That was amazing!



Emaan said:

Reminds me of Animal Crossing. If I'm correct, does it say the developer is Brownie Brown? Didn't they make Mother 3?



sinalefa said:

Has anyone else noticed that it says it is illustrated by Yoshitaka Amano? That and Level 5 developing has really piqued my interest.

EDIT: I just read Nobuo Uematsu is in charge of the music, so that cutesy music must not die.



Adam said:

Best looking 3DS game so far. Brownie Brown has had my attention since Mother 3. There games need to start coming out over here more often.

I wonder if scholars are paid well in Fantasy Life. I could use a new job.



theblackdragon said:

Dear Level-5,

I want to give you money for this game. Please bring it westward so that I may do so.




Linkuini said:

That music keeps switching between "pretty and relaxing" and "MAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOP". Looks good aside from that, though.



Morpheel said:

@Windy: Right now, I need to give Level 5 (and Capcom) like... 160 bucks or more.
They released too many awesome trailers today.



AntiGuy said:

Animal Crossing and Monster Hunter... just take it Level-5! here just have my 50 bucks!! it's all I have!!!



Klinny said:

Ugh, so cute. And the little cloppy horse... I really hope they release this outside of Japan.



GreenDream said:

This game reminds me of a cancelled Xbox game called "True Fantasy Live Online", which was being developed by Level 5.

Maybe this is it's resurrection!?



Windy said:

@A-Hungry-Banker Part Animal Crossing, Part Dragon Quest oh man this looks sweet!

@Morphtroid NICE! I think i'm in the same boat ***Cleans out Bank account*** I hope this also has Online play that would just be the Kicker



chrisaaron91 said:

@GreenDream yes that's exactly what I'm thinking! I googled True Fantasy Live Online earlier to see if magically there was any news on it being resurrected and then found this - and of course no English version or news of one! TFLO was my perfect dream game it hurts to watch the videos of gameplay, I don't game anymore because the type of games I enjoy are very rare but I really hope this gets translated it looks really fun and definitely inspired by True Fantasy Life Online

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