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Capcom Explains Wii U and 3DS Cross-Play in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

"You can have a Monster Hunter party"

The announcement of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for Europe and North America, as part of Nintendo's recent Wii U reveal extravaganzas, finally gave fans of the series a welcome fix after a rather lengthy delay. Some were disappointed with the titles coming in March 2013, especially as Japan will get the new 3DS-exclusive Monster Hunter 4 around the same time, but others may have been appeased by confirmation that there'll be genuine cross-play between the Wii U and 3DS versions, a potential first for both systems.

During last week's Tokyo Game Show series boss Ryozo Tsujimoto spoke to Eurogamer about the cross-play between the consoles; he explained that a free app must be downloaded to a 3DS which will then allow Wii U save data to be transferred to the handheld and played on the go, presumably as long as you have a full 3DS copy. Although online multiplayer will be restricted to the Wii U version, with the 3DS edition only having local play — though Monster Hunter 4 will go online — the idea is for Wii U and 3DS owners to use this functionality to meet up and play together.

We wanted people to play together. We know there are some people who want to play online. Unfortunately with the 3DS version you can't do that. But we have made this feature so you can play together. You can have your friends bring their save data to your house and have a Monster Hunter party. One person will play on the big screen and three other people will play with their 3DS versions. People can continue their save data from what they had before and go back home and update their data on their Wii U.

Wii U's online play, meanwhile, sounds like it'll be extremely similar to its predecessor on Wii, Monster Hunter Tri; not surprising considering they're both based on the same source material.

With internet play you can play with other hunters online. In terms of new features, we have text chat in the game. Right now we're looking into voice chat and seeing how we can get that to work, but it hasn't been 100 per cent confirmed.

In the game we have a friends list. So if you have your friends you know personally, you can add them to that list. That makes it very easy to jump to wherever they're playing.

If you want to find other players there is a search function you can use. Once you get four hunters connected together you'll automatically go off on a quest. We're trying to make an online experience that's extremely stress-free and easy to use for the players.

Tsujimoto also shared, in detail, his hopes for bringing the Japanese and Western Monster Hunter fan bases together, making improvements that will satisfy all gamers.

We know there are a lot of people overseas who have made their own Monster Hunter communities. We know there are a lot of people who are huge fans of the series overseas. We want to make products to continue to build that fan base. We know it's a fantastic game and an interesting game for overseas users. So we think if we continue working on the game, it'll eventually start to break out.

We don't want to segregate the two groups, like Japan and overseas. We view them as one group. The most important thing for us is we keep the essence of Monster at its core. We want to make sure everyone knows this is what Monster Hunter is all about.

We do get opinions and feedback from people from all over the world, not only in Japan, but also America and Europe and other countries. We take that all into account when we're developing our games. That's one of the reasons why we have this new feature called the Target Camera. We got a lot of feedback from fans, and they said one of the most difficult things about playing Monster Hunter is controlling the camera. So we added the Target Cam to the game so with the press of a button you can focus on one of the monsters you're fighting against. You don't have to spend all this time pressing the d-pad just to focus on a monster. You can just do a simple button press and you're done.

Those are the kinds of changes we want to make. They might be little changes, but they can turn out to be very significant as well.

While Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate may re-tread old ground with a new coat of paint, cross-play between Wii U and 3DS will certainly be an interesting idea to try out. Are you satisfied with this Western release, or would you prefer that Capcom make good on supporting "one group" of Monster Hunter gamers and localise Monster Hunter 4, instead? Let us know in the comments below.


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Boo_Buster said:

If some friends want to pick up MH3 for the Wii U, I'd think about getting it. The online is certainly a good time. I'll probably just wait for MH4 though, if that ever happens in the wild West. I'm not a die hard MH fan, but the game is pretty fun and challenging



ultraraichu said:

I wonder if capcom or retail stores would do a bundle version since I know fans that have a 3DS and WiiU want to get both version



Arcanum said:

I really can't wait for this...I played the hell out of MH3 with my lil bro and cousin. So many memories and so much fun. I logged over 800 hours into that frekkin game. I NEED THIS GAME NOW! And yes bundle of some kind please. Maybe a limited edition 3DS please?



Ecto-1 said:

Looking forward to this on both platforms. At the very least, the 3DS version will be great for getting me used to how the game will work on the 3DS before Monster Hunter 4 (hopefully) gets a western release.



Falk_Sturmfels said:

@Arcanum: Oh yeah, a big box with a plastic dragon, a booklet, a steel case with the game and an anime-comic. I would buy it no matter how much it would cost.



erv said:

WiiU version for online play. I hope they improved upon the rooms mechanic: walking along different quest boards instead of having to leave and join rooms is an improvement I'd love to see.

But if the mechanics stay the same, please, DO give us those incredible high def visuals on the monsters. Tri in FullHD online would already be great.

Monster hunter people. Awesome stuff.



Zombie_Barioth said:

Hopefully this means more MH support in the rest of the wrold. We get the main series games most of the time but we usually miss out on the bundles, Something that would probably help introduce the series to a broader audience.

@ultraraichu Thats actually a good idea, they could do it on a per order basis with a cut off date. I don't think there would be that many who will want both. I'd at least like to see a controller bundle like they did with MH3, though a circle pad pro one would probably be a GS exclusive.



mshope10 said:

I loved tri on I'm getting it on wii-u.cause it adds 50 percent more content.there's new monsters and monsters from the PSP games that's new for Nintendo fans.

I like the idea of cross play but hate the idea of buying the same game twice just to play away from home.if they do a bundle for like 80 for both I would do it.and If I could get it in the eshop that my convince more.

I getting 4 for sure!



Samholy said:

so. does it mean monster hunter tri will come to US ? elseway... what a wasted opportunity



pixelman said:

"We don't want to segregate the two groups, like Japan and overseas. We view them as one group."

Really? Then don't region-lock the multiplayer.

Also the target-cam sounds great, especially for the 3DS. Hoping I won't have to mess with tracking down a CPPro. D:



Bucho said:

I will buy MH3U for both systems on day one, and will deffinitely buy MH4 if it gets localized, such exciting games, can't wait.



DarkLloyd said:


anyways i'll just get the wiiu version and monster hunter 4 no need for the 3ds version of ultimate for me



NMH-TRI said:

I, of course, will be buying MH Ultimate. I bought Tri a little after it came out and only recently got into it (it collected dust for awhile). I am now very much addicted. MH is definitely my favorite game of all time. I've never spent so much time playing one game before and kept coming back.



HaastMK7 said:

Looks awesome. It would be cool if it had new quests you could get via Spotpass.
I am sure more details will be released soon! This is a must-buy game!



Morpheel said:

I will totally get it for the 3DS.
And if I buy a WiiU then I'll think about getting it there too for the for the multiplayer.

Even then, I'll probably just play the 3DS version. I love portables.



Rod6191 said:

This monster hunter is going to be pro! But maybe not as awesome as monster hunter 4! Man I just can't wait for both of them.



SKTTR said:

Can this new edition read the old MH3 save data?
I'd like to know if it's possible to transfer my MH3 character with all his items and stuff.



Gen0neD said:

Both for me please. Really want 4 though, but these will have to tide me over until then.



supermonkey117 said:

already cleared mh3 tri on wii just be waiting for 4 on my beautiful 3ds which i have named bob though if you haven't played tri you must buy this game there is no maybe its awesome and worth the full price.

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