At present there are some rumours swirling around the internet about potential launch dates for Wii U, with most agreeing that Nintendo is aiming for early-mid November. That's in North America, but industry sources seem to be suggesting that there may be delays in Europe, with some speculating that it'll arrive on this side of the Atlantic in December.

According to, its sources are saying that Nintendo is having issues with the GamePad controller, simply because it's a complicated piece of kit and we assume is taking longer than planned to manufacture. These sources say that Nintendo is determined to get in ahead of the busiest Holiday shopping season in North America, but the implication seems to be that there'll only be enough units to hit the November target in some territories; others may slip a few weeks.

There have been mumblings of Wii U manufacturing headaches earlier in the year, but we obviously hope that these sources are wrong. Will Europe be the odd one out that has to wait until December? Hopefully Nintendo will let us know soon.