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Nintendo Shares Drop After E3 Press Conference

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Shareholders are unimpressed

Nintendo's E3 press conference prompted a mixed reaction from the attendees and viewers around the internet, with the Wii U-focused presentation apparently failing to gain widespread support and praise. That same reaction has been reflected in the Japanese stock market since it opened today, with the company's shares falling: at the time of writing they have fallen around 2.68 percent.

Falling share prices are a hazard of the business that Nintendo knows well; it experienced similar issues after previous E3 press conferences, in addition to dropping shareholder confidence after recent financial issues. The fall in share value could be attributed to a number of issues, with the announced launch titles — particularly those that are first-party — perhaps failing to grab the imagination as expected.

It's disappointing news for Nintendo, but as we've seen with its efforts in improving the fortunes of 3DS, you should never write it off.


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bezerker99 said:

Nintendo's presentation was very meh. As a fan of Nintendo since the NES, I'm terrified...and I don't even have stock invested in them!



JayceJa said:

the presentation was mainly terrible, but if you look past the subpar presentation they do have a lot of good stuff coming, and the wii u is looking pretty great



shingi_70 said:

Makes sense they didn't show why there system is a must have and how its better than getting a cheap 360/PS3.

Ans with some sources being confused if this a new system or not its bad.



warioswoods said:

Sometimes I wish they were a privately held company like Valve instead of publicly traded. Public investors and analysts aren't always the brightest about the future of a complex industry like gaming.



Ducutzu said:

Well, the CNN correspondent wrote that the Wii U is an accessory to the Wii that makes the TV obsolete. That's all that he understood - and he helped to further spread the confusion.



BenAV said:

Shareholders are never happy anyway.
They could have had the most amazing press conference ever and their shares would probably still drop.



Burning_Spear said:

Shareholders always have knee-jerk responses to even the most minor news. However, if anyone bought for a short-term boost, I'd agree with the idea of selling. I don't foresee a very successful launch. I think the Wii U will probably follow the path of the 3DS: disappointing launch, followed by price cut and mad scramble to release first-party titles, followed by uptick of sales. The problem is, by the time Nintendo gets it right, the 720 and PS4 may have already captured buyers' attention. Yesterday was a critical buzz-generating opportunity, and, IMO, Nintendo blew it.



FlaccidSnake said:

I'm not surprised in the the slightest, i had a feeling yesterday we would be seeing this happen. The nicest way to describe their e3 conference is "crap"

But as we all know, nintendo will come back fighting from this and come up with something fantastic, they usually do anyway. Still worried about the wii u though, especially as they are not budging on the name of the thing. Its been a year and i still hate it.



darkgamer001 said:

Eh, a shame that the shares in the hands of businessmen who aren't even gamers anyway. Most of them just want Nintendo to focus on casual games for mobile phones. Idiots.
Anyway, I'm not saying the press conference was great, because it could have been so much better. But I'm getting tired of these whining shareholders. I wish actual Nintendo fans could buy these shares, but alas, that is not a possibility for most of us



Dorkvader said:

I really liked Nintendo's press conference, I'm really excited about the Wii U and the games, The only thing I would like to know about the Kirby Anniversary, What games are gonna be on there, Also I would like to know if Black Ops 2 is gonna be on the Wii or Wii U this time around. And also I was disappointed about EA only showing Mass Effect 3. I was hoping for more from them



grimbldoo said:

The shareholders should know that Nintendo will turn everything around even if it starts off bad. With all of their new tech, I think they might even gain fans.



pc999 said:

With the games they showed you could only expect that!

They need a 3ds catalog and price on the Wii U.



Wildfire said:

Yesterday I started watching the conference craving a Wii U. Now I just don't if I want it anymore! That's how disapointed I am with the press conference. Where the hell was the new game from Retro?



NintyMan said:

They shouldn't have taken so long explaining Nintendo Land, and put in simpler descriptions as well. Still, these shareholders as about as fickle as hard-core Nintendo fans, only they're in business and some actually think (foolishly) that Nintendo should enter the game app business, which was already mentioned.

I still liked the conference, but of course it could've been a lot better. Nintendo didn't get as much time as Microsoft and Sony and if they had been given more time, more games like Game & Wario could've shared the stage. But basing all of Nintendo's E3 experience on one conference is silly.



playtoomuch said:

the same thing happen to the wii when it was annouce wasn't it. it later kick ps3 and xbox 360 butt for most consels sale at the start of it's life span. now the same will happen to the wii u.



Einherjar said:

^I guess naming it "Wii U" wasnt the brightest idea. One of our local radio stations also called it "a new version of the wii, an ad-on to the wii, a re-imagined wii".
Its the same problems the 3DS had. People thought it would be the same as a DSi, the same device with a different casing.
I really cant understamd whats so difficult about that naming thing, It worked with the Xbox. Noone thought that the xbox 360 was "the original xbox with a different case"...



WaveGhoul said:

Man, the Wii was a complete revolution as far as gaming goes plus it had the virtual console, it's 2006' E3 presentation was incredible. It was getting everybody absolutely excited by opening the doors to all of these wonderful game ideas....The Wii U? This seems like just a lame half bunzed attempt at evolving the wii remote, it doesn't even really evolve on it all. It takes a massive stepbackwards failing and then going in a different unique direction. This isn't a big ground breaking way to play games at all, the touch screen has existed since the's just a tiny little unique idea when using it with a TV screen, that almost feels like a cop out in ways.....A very underwhelming innovation in comparison to the wii remote.

I'm honestly looking forward to the HD, NextGen Nintendo graphics, true widescreen, HDMI, possible '3D' support, Dolby Digital sound, playing it on a larger HDTV using the wii remote Plus + Nunchuck control scheme. It's going to be like a 'Super' Wii for me. While the gamepad should be great for traditional sidescrollers, stuff like Nintendo Land and the like.

I'm still excited as hell for the Wii U, but my main focus right now will be the Wii & 3DS.



TheDreamingHawk said:

Poopy Shareholders are poopy. They always hate everything! Even they can't seem to understand E3 isn't over yet!



Kaio-Ken said:

Nintendo didn't give its fans what they wanted. Maybe this will help them understand that.



H_Hunter said:

Don't care about shares!
I already like a number of Wii U video games here and there..



soracloud28 said:

Hey thomas. now you need to write an article about how the cost of one share is less than $15. So to all the fans just get online and buy a single share. every bit counts. i have owned nintendo stock since 2008 and will most likely never pull them. thats love



Ryno said:

Not surprised about the drop. Heck, my excitement level for the system dropped after watching that E3 presentation! I don't want a Nintendo system for dancing, singing, and HD mini-games.



H_Hunter said:

I agree that the SiNG game was such a turn-off for me. I am trying to shake it off from my mind using ZmbieU, Pikmen 3 and Mario trailers.



Guhin13 said:

Well, in one aspect it doesn't help people understand it's a new console when the name only has a one letter difference from the last console. I mean come on, there were rumor's that they were considering a name change, and they just left it as is? If anything, they should've known they HAD to change the name since the issue came about after last year's E3 as well. I feel like Nintendo has no idea what they're doing anymore.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

Meh, not much of a believer of the intelligence of most shareholders (there are smart ones out there). Look at each and every market crash we've had and you'll realize they haven't been the most logically in tune group of people out there. They generally make things worse, with their mass panic and speculation.

Frankly, I'm sure they'll be proven wrong yet again and still probably won't learn from it.



shingi_70 said:


E3 is over the mainstream meida only reports on the conferences and that's the news people get. They wont report on the roundtables and 3DS events.



hendie001 said:

i have bought every nintendo system including vitual boy which pretty much shows i will buy anything they put out but i even came away with a very bad taste in my mouth. Who dropped the ball here and who is going to pay the price someone should get caned or something i have never seen a company so far away from what its best supporters want come on guys this SUCKED.



pntjr said:

GUYS! THIS HAPPENED LAST YEAR! relax, this isn't the fall of Nintendo. After every E3 EVERY year their shares drop, but in the end, they'll come out on top.



WaveGhoul said:

Sing? What about Just Dance 4? That made me just about ralf in my Count Chocula cereal. What a complete waste. But it's still wasn't as bad when MS had that goofball developer on stage busting out the dance moves. I also found the Wii U Fit to be a bit of a turn off.....Just the part where the woman decided to watch TV, while the husband used the GamePad as the main sceen to play the game. I couldn't help but LOL, it looked so silly and akward when he was doing his excersise while looking down at a little screen.

Well what about NSMBWii U, Rayman Legends and ZombiU? And i know you've been saying you don't really care for the Pikmin franchise. I too felt the same way before i actually played the original on the Wii, and man let me tell you it's the real deal. Brilliant stuff!



Objection said:

This happens every time Nintendo has a crappy presentation. So, not surprised and they kinda deserve it.



hYdeks said:

people are scared of things that are different

in two years from now, I bet nintendo's on top like it was with the wii



Objection said:

@hydeks- what did they announce that was different? just about everything is a sequel that we already knew about or something nonoriginal and non-exciting.

We DO expect Nintendo to be unique. They just didn't show any content (not to be confused with the WiiU features announced, which were decent) that was.



Token_Girl said:

I think Ninty really screwed up in splitting their presentation up. A lot of their best announcements were outside the main e3 presentation. There was a lot of fat to be trimmed from the E3 presentation script. People don't have time to follow 3 presentations and a developer roundtable.

That being said, they did not convince me that they had a "killer app" for their new console. They should have seen this coming.



WolfRamHeart said:

Not surprised after yesterday's abysmal press conference. Maybe this will be the wake-up call that Nintendo needs to turn things around.



lanabanana said:

That's cuz they left out the 3DS! If they had spent over 30 minutes on the 3DS instead of that rainbow game, Nintendo Land, maybe a lot of people wouldn't have been dissapointed... -.-



TheRegginator said:

So many of you don't know a thing about economics and the stock market. Please review this graph tracking Nintendo's stock activity for the last three months:;range=3m;compare=;indicator=volume;charttype=area;crosshair=on;ohlcvalues=0;logscale=off;source=undefined;

E3 did not have a single affect on Nintendo's stock prices. You're just witnessing the media being stupid and grasping for news stories.



Koos said:

Strongo9 is correct. This story is incorrect. In fact, Nintendo shares went up the day of the conference almost 4% and then went down 2%, and it's nothing special.

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