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Catch the North American Nintendo Direct Live Here

Posted by James Newton

Updated with live video!

Kicking off at 9pm Pacific and 12 midnight Eastern tonight is a Nintendo Direct presentation all about 3DS, DS and Wii. Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime is once again in the host's chair.

You can keep up with all the live happenings right here in our live blog hosted by Nintendo Life editor James Newton. It's very early morning in the UK, so we politely request your understanding.

European readers, you can watch the European Nintendo Direct live on the site. North American fans can watch the stream at Nintendo Direct or catch the live text right here.

Live Text - Updates will load here automatically, no need to refresh the page.


That's it for North America's Nintendo Direct. No Animal Crossing! Sorry, folks.


Wow, shortest trailer ever.


This is a revelation.


Wow, there's running around! And the Pokémon ARE BATTLING!


Hey, this looks like a Pokémon game!


English gameplay of Pokémon Black and White 2


Pokémon Black & White 2 confirmed for fall.


2nd July there's a photo showcase - that's


5th July - 1st August will see two 3DS VC games every week!


Super Mario Land is only $2.99 this weekend


Reggie's looking at eShop games now.


Fire Emblem in 2013 is a real kicker though.


"Can't say when these stages will be released"


NSMB2 DLC available after launch. Reggie's keen to stress it's a full game out of the box.


Fire Emblem coming to 3DS in North America next year




NSMB2 to get Coin Rush DLC


Who's getting a 3DS XL, then?


Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition pictured

Kirby's rubbish though so nobody cares.


New Art Academy coming to 3DS soon


Super Smash Bros. developed in conjunction with Namco Bandai


Out in November


Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask confirmed


Kingdom Hearts 3D demo is out right now.


Sonic & All-Stars Racing and Kingdom Hearts 3D round out this year's 2012 third party releases


Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion still looks nice.


Scribblenauts Unlimited out this year too. Looks nice on 3DS.


LEGO Lord of the Rings trailer shown.


3DS titles for 2012: Castlevania, Skylanders Giants, Adventure Time... (TBC)


3DS third party games coming up now


3DS XL to launch at $199.99, launches 19th August, same day as New Super Mario Bros. 2


3DS XL comes with 4GB card


3DS XL confirmed - 90% larger screens, coming out in red and blue.


The show is starting - come learn about new Nintendo games!


Will we see the new Nintendo 3DS XL announced today? Probably.


So far in Japan they've announced an eShop sale, new Animal Crossing details and a larger 3DS!


We now have the live feed embedded on the site. Come watch it live - kicks off in 10 minutes!


In Japan they're showing new Animal Crossing 3DS gameplay. Dare we hope for the same in the West..?


Good morning and welcome to Nintendo Life's Nintendo Direct live text!


Good morning everyone!


Six hours to go.


I will be your host for this promising live event that kicks off in just over 12 hours. Lucky me.


This is James. Jon can't make it and is dead to me now.


Jon here. I'm handsome and Swedish.

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User Comments (173)



pixelman said:

What. We're stuck with James again?? Handsome Swedish panda is way cooler.



Jaco said:

I hope something new is revealed, cause if they just show the games they showed during the e3 3ds games thing ill be disappointed...Honestly I'd Be happy with just 1 new Nintendo IP



Zergling said:

Here we go again James you stayed up again anticpating Animal Crossing correct? LOL I am not holding my breath this time but fingers are crossed.



Neko_Ichigofan said:

Why can't Americans view the stream here? My old Android 2.2 laptop can't view the videos at the official Nintendo Direct website.



TysonOfTime said:

Stop expecting new game announcements. It's unlikely, and It'll get your hopes up too high...

Wait. I wanna see the rage. Never mind, over-expect guys.



CerealKiller528 said:

Get ready guys cause tonight I'm gonna get really pissed if this turns out to be a crappy Nintendo Direct. Last time things got crazy was E3 2012 and believe me, things GOT crazy.



TysonOfTime said:

Expect absolutely nothing to be talked about.

Now you can't be disappointed! There's no way you can.



Tasuki said:

I cant belive that they wont have a second circle pad on the 3DS XL totally not worht it.



Retr_acro said:

@Jaco Come on, it's just like the DSi XL. Personally I would be very irritated if they released one with the second analog built in. What a total screw over for those who bought the original 3DS already. This was made so you can have a bigger screen, not a superior version to the original.

Hope the battery is better on this one though.



Bones00 said:

I thought because I read there wouldn't be a new 3DS with a second circle pad that meant there wouldn't be a new 3DS. I was wrong.



Jaco said:

Ya I see your point, plus it introduces 3ds to a different audience, i hope the resolution isn't better though



SDDMN said:

One game I wanna hear more about is Code of Princess. Darn it, I'm so interested in that game now that it's localized! X(



WolfRamHeart said:

I wish it had a second circle pad but damn, that is a really nice and HUGE screen. Also, if it has improved battery life I am definitely getting one.



Retr_acro said:

@Jaco Yeah, now that would definitely suck, even if it makes games look better. I would be stuck with a crappier 3DS unless I cough up some cash.



OdnetninAges said:

Nintendo now owes us 5 3D Virtual Boy VC Games.

Naw, just kidding. That would be cool, though!



Emaan said:

Kingdom Hearts 3D : Dream Drop Distance demo! This Nintendo Direct did a turn-around so quickly! Finally!



Jaco said:

Does Namcos involvement in Smash mean Tales characters in SMASH??!!!



Arcamenel said:

Pissed about the 3DSXL coming out so soon. At least another year would've been nice -_-.



Jaco said:

no animal crossing...
oh well, it wasnt as bad as i thought it was going to be



Megumi said:

"00:21: This is a revelation.00:21: Wow, there's running around! And the Pokémon ARE BATTLING!"I lol'd. xDAnyways this was "meh".



Retr_acro said:

just watch the japanese one for animal crossing
someone should post it on youtube or something



Arcamenel said:

I don't know how I feel about the 3DS XL thing. First a price cut on the original 3DS and now a newer model so soon :l



Objection said:

Wow, that was actually about 20 times better/more exciting than Nintendo's E3 this year. The LL is unnecessary, but it doesn't effect me since I already have a 3DS :3



kyuubikid213 said:

Alright then, so all in all, I enjoyed it! I can't wait for the Nintendo Direct that reveals the Wii U price and release date! I just hope that one doesn't keep me up until 12:30 am...



Emaan said:

....and no Animal Crossing. Well at least Fire Emblem was confirmed...for 2013. Why do I even get my hopes up anymore.



Tasuki said:

Overall its was better than E3. I am disappointed on the 3DSXL but glad to have heard the release date for Epic Mickey on the 3DS and that Warioland is coming next month.



ianmage1 said:

At the moment, I'm most excited for the Kingdom Hearts 3D Demo. I'm going to download it RIGHT NOW!



TheBaconator said:

Professor Layton confirmed for release this year and I will have a bigger screen to play it on. That's all I care about.



Jaco said:

Nintendo's e3 conference should have been like this, less explaining more footage and announcements



hcat said:

Fire Emblem release date is 2013 as expected. I'm also excited about the KH demo because I'm on the fence about buying it...!



BulbasaurusRex said:

Now this is what E3 should've been. If they had combined all this info with the Pikmin 3 and Nintendo Land presentations; the Scribblenauts Unlimited, Arkym City: Armored Edition, and Mass Effect 3 announcements; and the fact that Wii U supports 2 GamePads; Nintendo would've run away with E3 rather than merely winning by default.

Also, Danica Patrick in Sonic All-Star Racing Transformed!!!!! Maybe the Mayans were right...



Arcamenel said:

I already have a nyko battery pack so battery life isn't a big thing for me but a 90% bigger screen is really nice >_<. DAMN YOU NINTENDO



grumblebuzzz said:

I'm kinda mad. So my 3DS is gonna be obsolete in like 3 months? And there's NO NEW NEWS AT ALL about Animal Crossing? Shew. It's times like these I just wanna tell Reggie and all the other guys at Nintendo that I have a PS3 and it's not so bad...



Dodger said:

This is better then E3, in some ways. And no, it won't be obsolete. I prefer small screens.

I just watched the end of the European one. Their Animal Crossing news was that it won't be releasing in the first half of 2013. Wow.



Tsukun said:

How would this make your 3DS obsolete? You can still use it just the same, it just has a smaller screen >_>



Neko_Ichigofan said:

Hang on a second I just saw a tweet a minute ago stating that there will be a second Nintendo direct soon that will focus on Wii/WiiWare and the DS? Can someone confirm whether or not this is true?



RevolverLink said:

This new Animal Crossing better be an enormous step forward for the series to have been pushed back so long.



Dodger said:

Except you don't have to buy a new one to do anything. Your choice. Not obsolete.

I agree with @revolverlink though. I was sad when it wasn't announced (news or anything) at E3 2011 or 2012 and now it is just pushed back.



grumblebuzzz said:

Yeah I do, if I want the best product on the market. And plus I'm old! I've always thought the 3DS' screens were too small. Bah. Eff.



Bassman_Q said:

I really don't understand why they wanna keep releasing bigger models of handheld devices. Pretty soon they won't be very portable. :/ I was really hoping for either a slightly SMALLER 3DS or at least a sleeker one... but bigger DOES NOT mean better. I'm hugely disappointed. :/



NMH-TRI said:

I'm not buying another 3DS. I bought the first, knowing that there would be an upgrade that I wasn't patient enough for. Now that I have it, I will not trade up. My Ford Fiesta is paid off and running well. I don't see a reason to shell out another 5 grand for a Chevy Malibu with tinted windows. Show Reggie all the love you want, but in the end, he and his cronies are salespeople. They learn about the games, so that they can sell them to you, not always because that's their passion. Does Reggie have a degree in gaming or business??. "Sir, I am an Eskimo.....I have no need for your icecubes as I'm already holding snow. --But you don't understand! Solid, see through snow is the frozen wave of the future. Purchase some and you'll receive a free bottle of ketchup, with 1 year of free condiment updates"

How glad am I that they just announced ANOTHER Pokemon game with a VERY MINOR upgrade (this one being larger than any other). Not very. Retro and Intelligent need to get together. Metroid went from 2D to full and fantastic 3D in ONE game. Pokemon has slowly crept from B/W 2D to Color "over the shoulder 2D" in 58 games **sarcasm/exaggeration**. They could've advanced a long time ago, but where is the money in that. As long as people keep buying a new installment for 10 new monsters and the same story in a different region with different people, why spend a lot of time making it better? It's good business, but sh*tty for the gamer. They won't change until they get some serious competition or somebody seriously hurts their wallet.



paburrows said:

Qwikman_N_Bass - I kind of agree with you, I'm looking at that and asking myself Why?!?!?! The current model is perfect for my pocket and I carry it everywhere I go to streetpass, theres no way that the XL is fitting in my pocket. I was also wondering with all that extra space not only for the screen, but also for the controls why didn;t they include a second circle pad? I really could care less about using a second onemyself, but you would think that adding one would be a no brainer to help out those who do want to play Icarus or Monster Hunter, etc.



Mason said:

Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition pictured
Kirby's rubbish though so nobody cares.



lanabanana said:

-sigh- No Flipnote Memo , when will it come... And no Animal Crossing either...
Well, at least we have Luigi's Mansion 2, Kingdom Hearts, and idk what else...

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