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Miyamoto Working on "Small, Important" Wii U Projects

Posted by James Newton

Fingers in many pies

Shigeru Miyamoto must be a busy man. When he's not saying Angry Birds would have been better on DS or having weird game ideas, he's actually working. At the moment, Miyamoto is juggling several projects, including a few for Wii U.

Speaking to El Mundo in the same interview he used to confirm Super Mario Wii U for E3 2012, Miyamoto confirmed he's working "small but important" projects for Wii U, but naturally didn't say more.

Miyamoto recently said a smaller F-Zero could make sense on Wii U, but then he's also said to be focusing on new franchises. Just what is the father of Mario cooking up?


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fxtek76 said:

Whatver it is it will be genius... and oh yeah fruit ninja would have been better on 3DS..



Chris720 said:

He may have lots of ideas brewing in his head... but I want to know how many of them he'll bring to us. I'm still waiting for my F-Zero, Miyamoto!



New_3DaSh_XL said:

Let's add things up on what Miyamoto is developing...
Luigi's Mansion 2
2D Super Mario for the 3DS
Unknown Mario for the Wii U
Helping with the Wii U
One or two unknown Zelda games
A handful of Wii U built in games, I would think
Extra stuff for the Wii U
New "Original" game
Pikmin 3
Possibly others we have yet to know about



bezerker99 said:

A smaller F-Zero??? Haha....As in...smaller than every other F-Zero game on all the other Nintendo consoles? Is Wii U not powerful enough to handle a more powerful/advanced/next gen F-Zero installation????? I don't get what Shiggy means.

BTW - @James, your second sentence had me literally lol'ing in my desk here at work.



grumblebuzzz said:

I just don't know if Miyamoto has "it" anymore when it comes to developing new and totally original game ideas. Since Pikmin, he's just "produced" things and sort of ridden on his laurels a bit. I hope he impresses me once again with something completely new and original like he has in the past, but I'm not holding my breath in waiting on it.



ecco6t9 said:

Nintendo cannot expand what Sega/Amusement Vision did with F-Zero.

The greater crime is that Sega/Amusement Vision cannot either since Sammy probably fired the staff that made it.



FluttershyGuy said:

Yeah, take that Shiggy! Think you're "retiring?" You'll be making games for us FOREVER!!! Just when you think you're out, they'll pull you back in! Sinister laugh



Kyloctopus said:

I love Miyamoto. Only, I think he has now been getting old, and he obviously is swimming in money. I think he should retire.



FluxOwl said:

Pikmin are both small and important...too bad that s on the end of project throws that theory out the window.



NintyMan said:

Who knows what Miyamoto has up his sleeves? At least he's been busy making sure that quality games are coming, and we can only speculate on what he means by "small but important" Wii U projects. He's a busy man indeed!



lanabanana said:

MIYAMOTO IS A F****** LEGEND!!!!!!!! XD HE'S AWESOME!!!!!!! I just hope he hasn't forgotten about Flipnote Memo lol .



Korbin64 said:

I have been thinking about Flipnote Studio for the 3DS ever since I sold my DSi!

Really, whatever Shigeru Miyamoto does is going to be awesome. It's just not possible for him to fail, because he's HIGH FASHION.



Kage_88 said:

@grumblebuzzz - After so many legendary games, Miyamoto is allowed to do what he wants - he is literally the greatest game maker of all time, IMO.

Also, he has made it known that he has taken a backseat to the younger talent at Nintendo. He is trying to foster their creative talent, and is not resting "on his laurels".



XxGame_LoverXx said:

I have The Strangest Feeling That Wii U is gonna have Strong impact jus like Super nintenteno when it 1st hit da scene....all Miyatmoto has do is use the same strategies he use make what he created in 1990's and everythang that helped along way to be successful.....The WII U is gonna be similar to Wii, gameCube, snes and with that in mind how could he go wrong...... Jus Imagine a Ghost Buste, Batman or Ninja Turtle game on Wii U......espically if they make it like the classics but better!!!



Marakuto said:

If no Animal Crossing 3DS news comes in this E3 this year or nothing much is introduced i'll definately be upset for the 2 year wait! "Just what is the father of Mario cooking up?" Lot'sa Spaghetti! Luigi is yet again forgotten Weeps.



TimboBaggins said:

This sounds to me like he is working on some must-have downloadable games in order to spur on the nintendo network at launch. Throw in some games like Pushmo or Mutant Mudds, except made by Miyamoto, and I will be downloading them day one

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