"And what if the son were a plumber...?"

Shigeru Miyamoto's ideas come from all angles. Pikmin came from gardening; Wii Fit from his wife bringing home a new set of bathroom scales. We're almost afraid to ask about the inspiration of an idea revealed in a recently translated discussion all the way from 1989 (thanks to Siliconera.)

The discussion in question takes place between Miyamoto and Dragon Quest overlord Yuji Horii, where they chat about RPGs and ideas for the future. That's when Miyamoto comes out with this gem of a game idea:

How about a game where you get to be a mother-in-law who bullies your son’s young wife? It’d be like in Star of the Giants where the wife wouldn’t submit to you and you’d have to compete with her by trying to throw her out of the house in a certain number of months.

Sounds like a must for the Wii U launch.

[source siliconera.com]