Oh, F-Zero — where did you go? Everyone's favourite anti-gravity racing franchise that isn't WipEout has been missing from Nintendo consoles for years, save the appearance of F-Zero: Maximum Velocity as a 3DS Ambassador game. What's Shigeru Miyamoto got to say about this? Not very much.

Speaking to Edge, Miyamoto addressed the issue, saying:

I think at the time it was a really big surprise, a new thing, a product that made sense. I don't see with current hardware how you could create a similar surprise.

While the matrimony of F-Zero and 3DS seems obvious, Miyamoto thinks the time could be right for the series to regain its surprising edge:

But maybe with future hardware, with Wii U coming up, maybe we could create something that does make sense, either as a smaller game, or a fully fledged title.

Which would you prefer — a divine slice of F-Zero or a gluttonous mouthful? Let us know.

[source edge-online.com]