There's a lot of Wii U love going on at Gearbox these days. Last week Randy Pitchford implored Nintendo for more Wii U power, and now the studio's Brian Martell has told Official Nintendo Magazine the console will have one of the best-looking versions of upcoming shooter Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Martell is chief creative officer at Gearbox and director on SEGA's xenophobic (in a good way) blaster, and is obviously a fan of Nintendo's next console:

Things like the Wii U are becoming very sexy with what you can do with the controller, especially with what you're able to do with the motion tracker or whatever the sub gameplay you'd get to see on there. I think the machine itself will have one of the best looking versions of the game because they've got more RAM [and] they're late in the cycle so they've got this really great processor.

Nintendo didn't reveal Wii U's RAM as part of its Wii U technical specifications, but both PS3 and Xbox 360 have 512MB total RAM, a big step up over Wii's paltry 64MB. If Martell's right (and we have little reason to believe he's not) Wii U could have anything from 768MB upwards. Of course there's more to consider than just straight-up amount of RAM — speed and configuration both play major roles in determining RAM's capabilities — but it's a step in the right direction, particularly combined with the IBM Power-based multi-core processor.

That's one more in the "Wii U is powerful" camp, then.