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Fire Emblem: Kakusei Cover Art Released

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Bringing the heat

The Fire Emblem series has been around for 22 years, though it only became well known outside of Japan with the arrival of Game Boy Advance. Since that time there have been plenty of new titles, remakes and Virtual Console appearances released worldwide, so the announcement of Fire Emblem: Kakusei last year came as little surprise.

Over the weekend Nintendo released the official cover art for the Japanese version, and as it's suitably epic we felt the need to share it with you. It also has the Nintendo Network logo at the top right, confirming that the online service is now in action and that reports of DLC in Japan are probably accurate.

With a European release confirmed for 2012, is this title on your must-have list?


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GARF13LD said:

Along side Metal Gear and Paper Mario, this is my most anticipated game of the year, I hope they do some sort of Collectors Edition.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Except for the title it looks very good to me. Title looks like an afterthough of a sticker. But maybe it really is just a sticker and you can enjoy title-less coverart if you want to ?



Yrreiht said:

Looks cool
This is one of the games im waiting for... along Monster Hunter 4 and Paper Mario

and megaman legends 3... if it was still in production.... D:



Popyman said:

@expa0: I think your eyes are broken. o_O

This was revealed a while ago, it's been the wallpaper of my phone ever since. :3



TheBadGuy said:

I'm going to be nervous as hell until a U.S. release is announced. It would be unforgivable for Nintendo to not bring this to the states. I'm still pretty pissed we didn't get New Mystery of the Emblem last year.



The_Fox said:

Not a fan of the art. I keep wanting to tilt my head to correct the perspective.



zezhyrule said:

Hey guys don't worry, if this game does get released out of japan, they'll probably crap up the box art like they usually do in localizations.



Cthuloops said:

I like the box are but I agree with #5 that it does look like a sticker that's slapped on. But yes, if this doesn't get released in NA and EU I'm going to be one very angry person...



TingLz said:

The new style is amazing. Hopefully this will reach the States.



Linkstrikesback said:

Confirming the rumours of fire emblem DLC in japan? Uh... Thomas, did you miss the Nintendo Direct videos last week confirming it as well as the fact that the first batch would be free for a while to promote the service?



AutumnShantel said:

Not a fan of the cover art, but that doesn't really bother me. It won't have an impact on my reserving it and getting it at release




Yes Fire Emblemmmmmmm. Cover could do with more boobs, but then again, so could pretty much every game cover art.



Son said:

hurry up and announce the US release date... I will definitely buy this game!



RonF said:

One of the reasons why I brought a 3DS. If Reggie passes in this one, I might shift for an European 3DS (and perhaps a Wii U) next time I go to the UK.

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