We may only just be embarking on a new year, but reports are already surfacing that the 3DS enjoyed a positive holiday period, particularly with the news that over four million 3DS consoles have been sold in the United States. With the recent boom of sales in Japan, it's clear that the handheld is enjoying its most positive period to date.

This is further supported by recent comments from leading industry analysts. Our friends over at Eurogamer have spoken to some prominent figures about the 3DS, with various encouraging statements being made. Michael Pachter, of Wedbush Morgan, had this to say about the rocky start and revival of the handheld:

It's very successful, but ran into a headwind given its relatively high price — which I incorrectly thought was the right price — and lack of third party software support. Now that we are seeing more first party titles at a lower price point, sales have increased. It's definitely turned the corner.

Before we all start the celebration party, perhaps this note of warning from Screen Digest's Piers Harding-Rolls should be considered:

2012 will be crucial for the platform, as its sales momentum will decide how third-party investment in content development will be prioritised. We expect the 3DS to continue selling, but Nintendo faces an increasingly competitive landscape and the hurdle of convincing third-parties to invest in the platform.

What do you think — are you optimistic for the 3DS this year, or worried that it'll lose momentum?

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