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Male, 34, Finland

Thu 29th Dec 2011

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Carmanen commented on Industry Analysts: 3DS is Bouncing Back:

Umm, Grumblebuzz... fact, i purchased 3DS mostly for the 3rd party games as i'm not interested about Nintendo's first party games. But there is one exception, Metroid-series and that's the only first party game series i'm interested about and i hope 3DS will get new FPS or 2D sidescroller Metroid game in the future. Nintendo DS was i minor disappointment for me becuase of the lack of good 3rd party support but 3DS is already looking better on 3rd party games market than DS was in it's first year. To me, Resident Evil: Revelations and Tekken 3D: Prime Edition are reasons enough to own 3DS. I really hope 3DS will be more successfull on 3rd party market than DS is/was:)



Carmanen commented on Review: Driver: Renegade 3D (3DS):

I'm a fan of Driver series and first i decided that i'm not going to buy Renegade because of the bad reviews it got. But a couple of days ago i still decided to buy it and my fears vanished away: this is actually a very good game and very underrated. It's not perfect by any means but overall everything works quite well. I still have to play it more to judge it better but my first impressions were generally good:) And imo, better to have this exclusive Driver game for 3DS than San Francisco's scaled down version. And i have Driver: SF on PC, anyway.