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Nintendo Plans a Rosy Future for DSi XL

Posted by Zach Kaplan

Metallic Rose colour to premiere this month in North America

Have you found yourself wishing that you could finally buy that DSi XL if it only were available in your favourite colour? If that colour is metallic pink, you're in luck, as Nintendo recently announced its plans to release such a device on 18th September. The DSi XL, of course, is like the DSi, but extra large.

You can read the full press release below.

New Metallic Rose Nintendo DSi XL Set to Bloom Sept. 18

This fall, Nintendo has a shiny new option for consumers seeking a hand-held entertainment device that matches their personal sense of style. On Sept. 18, the range of hardware colours for the portable Nintendo DSi XL™ system grows to include Metallic Rose, an eye-catching shade of pink with a luminous modern sheen. For kids eager to head back to school in style or busy adults with an appetite for on-the-go entertainment, this new colour option rolls fun and fashion into one irresistible package.

Nintendo DSi XL features two 4.2-inch screens that are 93 percent larger than those of the Nintendo DS™ Lite system, giving users a brilliant view of their favourite games and applications and providing a wider viewing angle that lets friends and family members share in the fun. In addition to two built-in cameras, Facebook™ photo integration and pre-loaded software including Flipnote Studio™, Brain Age™ Express: Math, Brain Age Express: Arts & Letters and Photo Clock, Nintendo DSi XL also offers access to an ever-growing variety of downloadable content via the Nintendo DSi Shop (broadband Internet access required).

A strong roster of upcoming games for the Nintendo DS family of systems – including new instalments in several fan-favourite franchises – will keep new and existing users’ spirits extra rosy this fall and beyond. Kirby™ Mass Attack, which launches Sept. 19, lets players control as many as 10 pink Kirby characters at a time using unique touch-screen controls as they defeat enemies and collect medals in a variety of colourful worlds. Players gather fruit to build up their mob of Kirbys, and this is key because a certain number of Kirbys are needed to access different stages and areas. Remember, more Kirbys equal more power. The combination of Kirby Mass Attack and the new Metallic Rose Nintendo DSi XL make for the “perfect pink pair” for that favourite girl gamer. Also, Professor Layton and the Last Specter™ will invite players to solve loads of brain-teasing puzzles in order to solve a captivating new mystery when it launches on Oct. 17.

Other colour options for Nintendo DSi XL hardware include Bronze, Midnight Blue and Burgundy. Nintendo DSi XL is available at a suggested retail price of $169.99.

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Ecto-1 said:

I can't help but feel that it isn't particuarly wise to release a new XL color, especially when its successor hasn't exactly been a run away success (yet). I think they would have been better served to release a 3DS in this color alongside the red one they lauched yesterday in order to help furthur the 3DS's sales.



pariah164 said:


Part of me wants to trade my Super Mario DSi XL for this.




NX01Trekkie1992 said:

I find this ridiculous, Nintendo needs to scale back on the DSi if they want the 3DS to fare well from here on out



Xkhaoz said:

Yup, when you're trying to move units on the new thing make a new color for the old thing. Going to be a lot of confused buyers and disappointed gift receivers.



TKOWL said:

The same thing happened with the Game Boy Micro and SP when the DS was out. New colors were still being released for them, even while the DS was new.



pntjr said:

NINTENDO! one of the reasons you're not doing well is because you're focusing too much on the DSi! Open your eyes! Give us Wii U and 3DS stuff!



Kimiko said:

Will this also come to Europe anytime soon? I haven't seen the red 3DS here yet either.

With the exception of the DS Lite, the colors like pink and purple always seem to come out much much later, often even after a console has been superseded by a new iteration/generation.



Tasuki said:

I dont understand why make it the same price as the 3DS. Honestly whos going to buy a DSi XL for the same price of the 3DS when a 3DS has more options and such than the DSi XL and can play the DS games. The only reason I see that is if someone is gaga for the metallic rose color. This is another bad marketing strategy by Nintendo. They should have made it like $149.



TeeJay said:

.....huh? Isn't the 3DS going for $169.99? Why get a DSiXL when you can get a 3DS for the same price?



bonesy91 said:

good job nintendo, keep feeding the people your old handheld... I'm sorry but this is just poor marketing. :/

Nintendo, let the DS Go already lol



MakeMyBiscuit said:

If Nintendo is still putting this much effort in the DSi XL, does this mean that we will finally get a DSi SD card update???

I really hope so but I'm not holding my breath



motang said:

Amazing how the DS is still seeing new hardware color, it is tough for Nintendo to ignore it right now, similar to what Sony was going through with PS2 in 2006.



cyrus_zuo said:

I love my 3DS. I also love my DSiXL. For DS games, the DS xl is clearly superior. I'll be enjoying Professor Layton's latest on the big screen .



Mowzle2 said:

I agree.

but not me, as my XL is burgundy and my 3DS is metallic blue



R-L-A-George said:

Why are people bashing it, atleast they are making an effort to release more colours of the XL, the original was only released in about 6 colours of what they released in Japan.



DrCruse said:

Yeah that makes sense. Try to sell more DSis, so that people buy more 3DS. Wait...



Morpheel said:

I... I actually may get this for my mom.

(All she ever plays is Brain Age (which comes preinstalled!), and the bigger screens would be better for her than my old DSis)

It's so... Pink.



chiefeagle02 said:

@27: I agree whole-heartedly. I like my DSi XL (midnight blue) and my 3DS (black, ambassador enabled).



ShinigamiJH said:

It's good to see Nintendo is still paying attention to their older handhelds, and not just the 3DS. That's one reason why I love Nintendo their loyalty to all their game consoles is admirable.



R-L-A-George said:

I agree with 27 too and Nintendo can go a little more forward with the DSi rather than updates that block flashcarts like if they come up with chat for 3DS they can make an application for DSi thats compatible with the 3DS chat or friends list app. I get puppy dog eye from kids when I say its not compatible with pictochat.



JDO said:

Hate to break the news to 3DS users, but most Dsi XL big screen lovers are not going to switch to a tiny 3DS it's smart for Nintendo (and Nintendo knows it) to keep as many XL users happy until they release their 3DS XL.

Enjoy your 3DS and we'll enjoy our Dsi XL.



Joe_Diver said:

3DS or DSiXL? Here's why I bought a DSiXL:

I tried out the 3DS on the display. I spent about 30 minutes playing with it. I had a little trouble getting the 3D effect, but tweaking the slider and holding it just right, I made it work. However, if I moved it I would lose much of the effect and have to move it again and hold it very carefully to retain the effect. Also, I had to hold my vision "just right"...a sort of soft focus similar to those 3D pictures that look like a collage until it "pops"...not nearly as severe of a soft focus needed for that, but a little none the less.

After 15 minutes I was becoming fatigued. After 20 minutes I started getting a headache. At 30 minutes I put it down and knew it was not for me. So, I chose the XL because it had the bigger screen and I would not be using the 3D effect.

Really, it's not for everyone....too bad too....because I LOVE 3D movies and they work perfectly for me with no issues at all....especially the IMAX 3D's awesome!



Sam_Loser2 said:

Why I prefer the 3DS over the DSiXL: The former can do almost anything the later can, and then some. The bigger screen, though nice, seems a shallow pro in my opinion. But the 3DS can play any DS game the DSiXL can, and once it gets rolling DS games will faze out, leaving the 3DS enhanced and the DSiXL outdated.

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