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Mon 15th Nov 2010

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JDO commented on Nintendo Plans a Rosy Future for DSi XL:

Hate to break the news to 3DS users, but most Dsi XL big screen lovers are not going to switch to a tiny 3DS it's smart for Nintendo (and Nintendo knows it) to keep as many XL users happy until they release their 3DS XL.

Enjoy your 3DS and we'll enjoy our Dsi XL.



JDO commented on Talking Point: eShop Card Delay Proves Nintend...:

Everyone in the UK, Canada and haven't missed anything with the eshop cards being delayed. The total lack of actual 3DS support in the eshop has been a huge disappointment.



JDO commented on 3D Classics: Urban Champion:

Where are the new 3DS ware games?
Is anyone really happy with these old recycled so called classics......keep this up and the 3DS experiment is going to end poorly!!



JDO commented on Talking Point: The Great Nintendo 3DS Price Dr...:

Why the poor sales?

I have a rhetorical question? If you were a games developer would you create games that run on the DS, DSi, DSi XL and the 3DS or would you create 3D games exclusively for the 3DS market?

I suspect that this is a big reason why we are seeing so few 3D games.....developers would be crazy not to tap the bigger market. If the 3DS only supported 3D games would you have traded in your DS, DSi etc for it?

Sadly, I'm afraid this whole 3DS experiment may end badly!



JDO commented on 3DS Price Cut Helps Machine to Huge Sales Hike...:

I just picked up a new 3DS at Gamestop for 99 usd [with trade in] and I don't even like the 3DS!
I figured at that price it will make for a good trade in value when Nintendo releases there 3DS XL sometime next year,

btw - why create a special estore just for the 3DS if you are not going to offer actual software that supports the 3D screen?



JDO commented on Playboy Slip Cases Looking to Sexy Up Nintendo...:

This is too funny...they made versions for all of the kiddy DS's but not one for the adult XL version. I don't think Mommy & Daddy will be buying one of these for little Johnny anytime soon.



JDO commented on 3DS Hits North America on March 27 for $249.99:

I agree with the last two comments. No way I'm paying $250 to go back to a DS with a tiny screen after using the DSi XL version. especially since I'll have to repurchase all of my favorite games at a higher price just so I can play them in 3D. No 3DS XL, no purchase!