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Sun 4th September, 2011

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Joe_Diver commented on Nintendo Plans a Rosy Future for DSi XL:

3DS or DSiXL? Here's why I bought a DSiXL:

I tried out the 3DS on the display. I spent about 30 minutes playing with it. I had a little trouble getting the 3D effect, but tweaking the slider and holding it just right, I made it work. However, if I moved it I would lose much of the effect and have to move it again and hold it very carefully to retain the effect. Also, I had to hold my vision "just right"...a sort of soft focus similar to those 3D pictures that look like a collage until it "pops"...not nearly as severe of a soft focus needed for that, but a little none the less.

After 15 minutes I was becoming fatigued. After 20 minutes I started getting a headache. At 30 minutes I put it down and knew it was not for me. So, I chose the XL because it had the bigger screen and I would not be using the 3D effect.

Really, it's not for everyone....too bad too....because I LOVE 3D movies and they work perfectly for me with no issues at all....especially the IMAX 3D's awesome!