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Heroes of Ruin Levels Up with Heavy New Trailer

Posted by James Newton

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Heroes of Ruin is one of the 3DS's most promising third-party titles for next year, and Square Enix has just released a brand new trailer showing you what to expect in 2012.

We recently played the game in London and came away genuinely impressed by what could be a truly important title for 3DS. Be sure to read our Heroes of Ruin preview for an overview of what developer n-Space is cooking up.

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Kifa said:

I only started paying attention to this title recently and immediately loved it. Might be well worth a Day 1 buy when it finally comes out.



KAI7321 said:

Does this game have item+map+monster randomization? If so, then this is basically Diablo for the 3DS...which is awesome with the online co-op etc



moosa said:

Great job with the trailer. I'm getting impatient waiting for 3rd parties to get their act together and release some proper games, so it's good to see something, even if it won't be here for a while yet.



XDalleX said:

I dont know what to think of it... on the one hand it looks like a good diablo-like game. On the other hand there is the "square-enix" logo tagged on it, which was in the near past not a sign for quality, but for rushed and bad games... so we will see.



Samholy said:

this title could be the one that will start a new wave of games like these.
it might be the one that will also start a new online pattern.



XCWarrior said:

Looking good, a reason to own a 3DS for sure. Thank goodness for Square Enix. Maybe Nintendo can take their lead on that whole releasing RPGs for the West mentality.



Blaze said:

SquareEnix have definitely done a good job with the Trailer, however, I don't know if this is for me. I think I'll wait for some reviews and then if they're good buy the game within a week of release.



Late said:

Doesn't seem all that interesting. I think I'll pass. Waiting for KH 3D.



Einherjar said:

Exactly what i thought. Imo, that game looks pretty boring, and usually im hyped for a good hack and slay. But this looks pretty much too generic for my taste. I´ll pass on that, or at least wait for a price drop.



Tare said:

@6 I thought Square Enix produced Supreme commander(s). I thought those were pretty good.

Kind of reminds me of world of warcraft. I have a feeling this is going to be a game were it really shines in multiplayer, but not much else. To me that is fine; I'd like a nice multiplayer experience on the 3DS, it keeps the replayability factor high. My biggest fear at this point would be lag though. I hope it's quite minimal.



alLabouTandroiD said:

While parts look good some of it seems to lack in detail. Of course the game can still develop quite a bit and that doesn't mean it won't be fun. From the trailer i get the impression that it's gonna be a 7 / 10 at max.

PS: The hero in that fourth screenshot looks so FF7.



Gery said:

@LTD: The whole thing gave me a bit of a FF VII vibe. Not a bad thing in my opinion.



Skotski said:

Were the graphics made that way to make the 3D easier on the eyes? Or was it a simple "make generic graphics but add TONS OF CONTENT" decision?



motang said:

I definitely want this game, hope it turns out well. But the graphics look like it could use some work.



dimi said:

Graphics and animation are Gamecube level. Square is just the publisher they didn't make the game.



jordandrako said:

@Skotski: There are over 80000 items to loot in the game so yea, I'd go with TONS about 40 Tons to exact. The weapons have Borderlands type randomization which sold me almost instantly but the graphics have improved since I last seen as well. I can't wait!



Sakeraf said:

I hope this trailer makes it to Nintendo video so we can experience the 3D!
and don't complain about the graphics, n64 polygons are magical!
day 1 buy

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