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Reggie Demos Kid Icarus AR, Skyward Sword and More on TV

Posted by James Newton

With his old mate Jimmy Fallon

Reggie Fils-Aime and Jimmy Fallon are best mates; last year Reggie appeared on Late Night to show the host the 3DS, and this year he's taken to the airwaves again to demonstrate some more upcoming titles.

Kid Icarus: Uprising's augmented reality card battle mode is the first game shown, followed by a little bit of Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and finishing off with a quick look at the Wii U console and controller. No Wii U games footage is shown, not even a showreel or quick demo, so it's probably safe to stop the video after Fallon defeat Skyward Sword's Stalfos boss with impressive skill.

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User Comments (46)



lord_hades said:

i love OOT 3D is like so cool and im getting that free cd it will come in 8 weeks



erv said:

He does a better pitch at the entire e3 reveal in 2 minutes than the 2 day show did.

Kicks alright.



Late said:

Best part after 2:00:
Reggie: "You wanna swing when he's not defending."
Jimmy goes crazy and kills the skeleton in 10 seconds xD



WaveGhoul said:

I loved the part where Jimmy was shaking and waggleing the wii remote like a maniac and shouts "You sick son of a b*tch C'MON!" and the Skeloton instantly crumbles haha, nice

And that's great that the audience gets a free copy of OOT 3D, too bad most of the audience probably doesn't even have a

And omg, the sky dungeon in Skyward sword is gorgeous, the music playing is pretty amazing as well and definitly sets the mood.



bozo_sawborg said:

Fallon; the ONLY talk show host to have GWAR on his stage and play hands-on with Skyward Sword....Awesome!!!



SunnySnivy said:

The controls on Skyward Sword look like they're really great. I'm so excited to own this game!



bboy2970 said:

Oh great, All those folks getting a copy early. Its like Nintendo is TRYING to make it so that it will be impossible for an average Joe to get the game on Sunday and get the soundtrack. I hope its not too limited because I REALLY want one!



koops330 said:

Im wondering how many people are just going to go to gamestop and return the game because they don't own a 3DS



zeeroid said:

Impressive skill, huh? Well, I guess he must be a lot better at Zelda than he is at Uncharted.



PSICOffee said:

screw jimmy fallon he's a complete twit. He was horrible on Saturday Night Live and it's a miracle he has a show now. It was embarrassing enough last year when he tried to climb Reggie's back, and I can't believe Reggie would return. This time it's obvious fallon wasn't even listening when he was told how to use the sword and just randomly moved his arms.

Even more so it's obvious the audience is just humoring him, as I doubt most of them would care about Zelda. Seriously, free Oot? They'll take anything that's free.



Swiket said:

Can't wait to see speed runs for that boss.

...Michael J Fox ends up holding the fastest time



MeloMan said:

Wow, free copies of OoT3D, lucky them. I nearly died at 2:22 when Fallon said "C'mon you sick SOB!!" and is waggling his arse off. I can see the folks at Nintendo shaking their heads at Fallon now, lol



carson said:

i got excited when he said everyone in the audience gets a free copy before it even comes out.

then i realized i wasnt in the audience



SamuraiShyGuy said:

Jimmy Fallon is awesome. I'm a big fan of him and his show. He's a big game fan and has an annual video games week after every E3. He saved Nintendo for last this year. Last year they showed off Donkey Kong.



IronMan28 said:

I like how Jimmy calls out Reggie, who wants to talk to Jimmy Fallon (even he knows



Vinsanity said:

I hate Reggie, and I can't understand why Nintendo's going to show the Wii U without any games. That's just baffling. But I dig Jimmy Fallon's coverage of games in mainstream media, even if I no longer watch any late night show on NBC. When Conan moved to TBS, so did I



Tri4ceHolder said:

Conan is pretty much 100X than Jay Leno, and NBC, Although, I love Jimmy Fallon! Sadly I don't have TBS, So i watch on team Coco. But why do you hate reggie?



bauckster said:

Loved it! Jimmy Fallon is the MAN. It was great how he told Reggie that they should chat over WiiU, and Reggie was like "sure!" and Jimmy was like, "you're lying." Perfect comic timing. I think it is great how Jimmy's enthusiasm over many things (including video games) just bubbles over into his show.



jerryo said:

that was just great! tv time in crunch, yes, but just great show and promo for nintendo, and them lucky bstds who got ocarina first! the rest of you are just jealous saying all these bad things!



Cia said:

so basically you are able to defeat enemies by just waggling the remote haphazardly... well, i really hope not



jerryo said:

i think he simply knew how to do it. the show and the explanations are for those who have no idea how it plays and what it is all about watching TV. i don't think he had never played it before.



Infernapeking said:

See this why Nintendo comes out the best always they share stuff and let people get things for free. Sony only gave free stuff after re opening PSN.
Microsoft won't do that cause all the want is money.



Sneaker13 said:

That Kid Icarus AR thing looks really stupid. Zelda looks awesome though and the same goes for the WiiU thing.



Chris77 said:

@Infernapeking well I gess MSFT and Sony do give away stuff, but more on the fact they usually make a loss on the sale of each console they sell for the first year or two. Nintendo make money on hardware from day 1. Maybe thet means they can do stuff like this? I wonder how many people in the audience will buy a 3DS since they got given OOT?

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