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Sun 6th Mar 2011

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melechofsin commented on Crytek: Wii U Technology a Far Cry From Wii Ha...:

Wii U is the most hardcore and graphically intensive console out there in the next years to come. I doubt Sony will even release PS4 at all - it lost so much money already it's ridicilous. Nintendo pawned their competitors. Wii U will be the most powerful console for quite a while.



melechofsin commented on EA Founder Criticises Nintendo's "Feudal Dark ...:

He's talking about the fact that developers pay royalties to Nintendo, Sony, microsoft and Apple for games developed by 3rd parties. If you made a game for the PC you didnt pay anything to anyone. This is a common thing and he has his point, which is famous. He just focused on Nintendo since it's the biggest, most successful, most experienced etc videogame company in the world.



melechofsin commented on Review: ANIMA: Ark of Sinners (WiiWare):

@Vinsanity - yeah, sure. So you actually played sonic colors, epic mickey, DKC, goldeneye, KEY, and all these releases, and then unplugged your Wii? I know have dozens of retail games on the Wii that I still have to play (if I want to finish all of them, it will take a few years actually) not to mention the huge number of VC games (wasnt FF3 just released?), and what d'ya know, they even release Wiiware. I'm good actually. Oh yeah, and kirby, skyward sword, and the others around the corner. They will release Xenoblade as well.



melechofsin commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd June 2011 (Europe):

NyxQuest is one of the best games ever. The perfect game to illustrate the Wii's superior controls over its counterparts.

Don't like GB double dragon. Really love the arcade version (still waiting for that on VC), but the GB version was too unforgiving and had annoying jump mechanism.. you kept falling off, I hated it. Do like very much these side-scrolling platforms though. The best one on Gameboy was DARKMAN actually.



melechofsin commented on Sonic the Hedgehog is 20 Years Old Today:

Don't understand Sonic's appeal at all. Seems really lame to me. I bought the GC's collectio for like $5 and almost haven't touched it. Bought the Wiiware game by mistake, haven't downloaded it yet. Not interested. Meh. How can anyone compare this to Mario.



melechofsin commented on Nintendo Directors Have Spent 285 Years Shapin...:

@SoulSilver According to the proxy statement linked from here, Yamauchi is the largest shareholder of Nintendo holding 11% of Nintendo. It is probable that some of the directors were nominated on his behalf, whether according to agreements between parties, or because of his power. Either way, he can exert some significant influence.



melechofsin commented on Wii U Won't Support Blu-ray or DVD Playback:

PS3 has blu ray, but it has no gamez lol. So each one can choose what he likes.

EDIT: I just found out my microwave, fridge, tablecloth and bedframe don't have dvd or blu rays either. Even my TV doesn't, what a ripoff. Guess I'll just watch anything I want over the internet for free like 99% of the rest of the world does. Touch choices. Even if the Wii/U had dvd/blu ray I wouldn't waste the laser on movies.



melechofsin commented on Surprise, SEGA Bringing High Definition Sonic ...:

@9 - I don't know where you're hearing that. If it's this article, then it's just an un-sourced, irresponsible comment that makes no sense. Recent reports said that it's 50% stronger, and it's probably much more than that. Also, there's no guarantee that it will be outdated by the time any other consoles come out if and when.



melechofsin commented on Kid Niki:

I think I have this on my multicart. It was one of the average ones.



melechofsin commented on Tetris:

yeah, that's a real classic. Have 2 copies too, one on a multicart, and played it with the cable link. Just awesome.



melechofsin commented on Bart Simpson's Escape from Camp Deadly:

This was one of my stand-alone carts, and I loved it. It's brilliant. It was really hard but years later, not so far long ago, I put this in a Gameboy Color. Behold, this has preset colors, which makes the game much nicer. And I beat the game. Love this game.



melechofsin commented on Donkey Kong:

Looks really nice, but as much as I love my Gameboy, I think they should color if they are intent to releasing GB games on 3DSVC. Put in an option for colors. GBC did that for some games, so they can put that it in. I honestly don't think it's worth the effort like this, it's too weird isn't it. Haven't tried yet, still don't have the 3DS, but it's just a shame.



melechofsin commented on Super Mario Land:

Have this on my 82 (or so) in 1 GB cartridge, and this was probably the best game in it. Loved it so much, and I thought it was difficult and was proud to be able to beat it. Will wait for the color ones that I didn't play. wasn't this playable in GBC with added colors? I can't try it because the pirated one doesn't work on GBC.



melechofsin commented on Radar Mission:

I played Navy Blue a lot, which is an awesome battleship game, also really fun in single player. So probably skip this.



melechofsin commented on Alleyway:

I have this too on my 82 or something in 1 Game Boy Cartidge. Not a bad game but a bit dull.



melechofsin commented on Star Wars: The Force Unleashed:

This is why the Wii is better than the "Move" - because the best motion controls here (similar to MadWorld in a way) are within the nunchuk. The choking mechanism and the gameplay makes this a great adventure. Resident Evil 4 will always be the best motion controlled game on the Wii (mostly pointer) IMO, but this is not far behind. It got so much right. Disappointed to hear that they ruined SWFU2 with ruining these fantastic motion controls.



melechofsin commented on Review: Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings (...:

This is a fantastic 3D platformer which has intense variety of gameplay. The motion controls work great. There is one or two broken scenes here, where they used the motion too much, but for 90% of the time, they worked really well. The graphics are great, outstanding story, and there are tons of bonuses, co-op, and of course "The Fate of Atlantis". It's really an awesome package put together.



melechofsin commented on Nintendo Buys Up Domains for WiiUWare, Wii U S...:

Can't wait for Wii-U-Ware. I suspect, that most of my money will go to the download services. I liked so many Wiiware games, but the ideas here are much more vast. Bigger games, and downloadable to the screen.... this could be so fun.



melechofsin commented on First Impressions: Nintendo Wii U:

@turtlelink - how can they make the controller for the Wii? This controller demands huge power, power that the PS3/360 can't come close to. It means trasmitting HD images to the controller at at all times, if you choose too, seamlessly, without any lag or latency whatsoever. The wireless connection between two will not be simple either like the Wii remotes, it will be some other radio signal most probably, and it exerts huge sources.

I am excited for this Wii revolution. Nintendo wanted something more than just HD and I think they came with one that's affordable (I would have like that haptic-touch sensitiive screen rumor, but it will be too costly at this point). Seriously, the tablet shouldn't cost too much since all the processing is done on the console, and it seems they're using the right chips and all.

Wii U will probably sell for $300... MAYBE $350 with all the controllers, be the most powerful console in the market, for at least 3 years I think, and will hopefully sell like crazy.



melechofsin commented on Over 1 Million 3DS Consoles Sold in Japan:

3DS is the best console around IMO , by miles, and I don't even own it yet. It just seems perfect in every way. Vita for example gets it wrong. The touchscreen in 3DS only works because it's a dual screen - that also gave us the 3D on the other screen, but the concept is brilliant. After all, if there are buttons, why do we need touch? If you touch, you don't see the screen... and if the Vita has enough buttons, why not use those?

I think Nintendo is brilliant in that they actually want you to use all features. So if they put a gyroscope, they don't need a second circle pad, because then the gyro will be pointless. It might be used in some shake the machine way but that's more suited for a Wii remote or a tablet with a huge screen, and not a whole gaming console where you need to watch the screen. They don't just put things on it, they want you to use them. There's so much brilliance in that portable gaming console that it screams beauty. It needs a nobel prize or something for ingeniousness, and it has to come from the company that made the Gameboy, which I still cherish..

Anyway, I love it.



melechofsin commented on Nintendo Taking "Massive Leap" with Wii U's On...:

What's so good about the App store? I have an Ipad and I don't like it all. From what I've seen, the 3DS eshop interface is beautiful. The whole dual screen is so cool, browsing at the bottom screen, and seeing trailers and stuff on the top screen? I love that. That feature of seeing trailers, videos, is available in the Wii for EVERY game, but it's hidden in a way... most people probably don't know about it. Anyway, looks great so far.



melechofsin commented on Talking Point: Nintendo has Nothing to Fear fr...:

it's not the content, it's the demographics. Nintendo always has the coolest toys. Kids aren't going to get/play/own ipads, ipods or whatever. they go for the robots, the water guns, the lego, whatever, and parents will always buy their kids the Nintendo's latest handheld - the best toy around. 3D cements its status.



melechofsin commented on Features: The History of BIT.TRIP, Part 2:

the Bit Trip series is just amazing... so glad to have had the privilege of playing them. Wiiware FTW.

If I had to choose favorites though, Core will be the least favorite because it's difficult in a non satisfying way. Still great, but too bad they didn't use the direction only instead of direction and aim. That was incredible to read...

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