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Nintendo Download: 10th June 2011 (Europe)

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Master Higgins is all alone

There's just one single new game on the trilogy of Wii Virtual Console, WiiWare and DSiWare this week, but that's no reason to be upset - It's an oft overlooked classic from the SNES.

Virtual Console

Super Adventure Island II (Super NES, Hudson, 800pts) — The last Adventure Island game created before the franchise went into dormancy for a long time, this one no longer has the traditional sidescrolling platformer style of the other games available on Virtual Console, but instead is more like the later Wonder Boy games, featuring exploration and the search for better weapons and equipment. Naturally, we'll have a review of it up soon.

Yup, that's the only new game on the older download services this week! If you've got a 3DS, at least you can pick up these games now as well!

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Einherjar said:

This is just...unbeleavable O.o The game may be ok but...can we asume at this point that the download service on the Wii is pretty much dead ?



Henmii said:

Good news! I will download Super adventure island 2 in a few weeks!



jhuhn said:

Hopefully, Nintendo of Europe & Australia will make things up next week, as the updates will shift to Thursdays.



TKOWL said:

Wow, just one game this week. Still better than most other crap-filled weeks, though.



FonistofCruxis said:

Wow, I don't think this has ever happened after the three services started getting new releases each week. This must also be the first week in ages where we didn't know any of the releases until the day before the release on Friday.



Fuzzy said:

Doesn't look too bad. Might get it.

Still waiting for Megaman X though.



Omega said:

Super Adventure Island II might be a fairly good game. But I'm waiting for Monster World IV. Also, it's disappointing that some WiiWare games didn't make it to Europe. For example MDK2, Frobot, Liight and The Magic Obelisk.



Bass_X0 said:

I hope the VC isn't dead yet.

Why would you have reason to think it is or fear that it will be soon? Its the same now as it was a year ago - one game every two weeks. I don't see whats changed. Everything is normal for VC.



Chris720 said:

Virtual Console has been dwindling for years now, nothing new really. WiiWare will most likely slow down along with it and developers will just start up with the 3DS and Wii U.

They might even port games to the eShop. With the Wii and DS dieing out, the developers will just abandon ship and start developing better games for the new hardware.



SKTTR said:

@15 Omega: All very good WiiWare games I would buy, but you forgot one I'd instantly get a Wii Points Card for: Snowpack Park!



Azikira said:

Does anyone else notice he's wearing a hat strikingly similar to Mario's?



Henmii said:

The virtual console isn't dead, it's just that Nintendo now releases games at a very slow pace. I know that it is very annoying for people that are desperately waiting for certain games. But for me: I have the most interesting games on my older Nintendo devices, and now I am just picking up all the interesting games I missed in the past. There are no games in particular that I am waiting for. I just see what comes my way!

But if you want N64 games you are better of with a actual N64, because that's the console that has the weakest support on vc. That's definitely something Nintendo has to change!



Bass_X0 said:

it's just that Nintendo now releases games at a very slow pace.

But its been like that for a few years now. I'm surprised this is still new to people.



Real_Messenger said:

They Seriously need ta put some more better games. Conker's Bad fur day(make it online and you'll demolish competing consoles),Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness, Goemon's great adventure, Little Nemo in dreamland, and some Clay Fighers 63 1/3 directors cut.

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