(Wii Virtual Console / Super Nintendo)

Super Adventure Island II (Wii Virtual Console / Super Nintendo)

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The illustrious Master Higgins returns in this Action RPG sequel to the highly acclaimed ‘Super Adventure Island’.

Our hero Master Higgins and his wife Tina, having just tied the knot, set sail together on their honeymoon. However, from out of nowhere a storm appears, leaving our heroes in dire circumstances. Separated from his beloved Tina and suffering from amnesia, Master Higgins finds that he has miraculously washed up on the mysterious Waku-Waku Island. It is here that his next adventure begins!

Whilst traversing the world map you can explore a multitude of rich and detailed environments, ranging from jungles and volcanoes to snow-covered plains, all across seven unique islands. Throughout the game you will come across a variety of familiar RPG items. Deck Master Higgins out from head to toe in armour, equip him with the strongest weapons and the most powerful spells, and then send him off into battle! You’ll need to plan your attack carefully in order to defeat your foes and reunite Master Higgins with his beloved wife Tina!

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Adventure Island: Wonder Boy Edition

Most people are aware that the original Adventure Island was in fact a slightly modified NES port of Wonder Boy for the Master System. Immediately after this, Wonder Boy became more of an action RPG-like series, while Adventure Island stayed a platforming...

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StarBoy91 said:

I heard good things about this sequel, and I also heard that it's a lot better than the original Super Adventure Island. I'm interested. :)



vio said:

The first Super Adventure Island has way better music though. :)

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