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Kirby's New DS Game Has a July Date with Japan

Posted by James Newton

So we Gather

The pink puffball's next appearance is locked down for Japan: Atsumete! Kirby — which roughly translates to Gather! Kirby — is coming to DS on 7th July.

Last month we brought you the first Atsumete! Kirby gameplay details, which revealed the player will control multiple Kirbies and use their combined power to overcome puzzles and enemies. Should a Kirby die, it floats up to heaven as an angel in heartbreaking fashion.

Nintendo has not yet announced any plans to bring Atsumete! Kirby to the west, but E3 is soon, so stay tuned.


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SilverBaretta said:

Based on gameplay, the Wii game interests me much more, since that's more of a classic Kirby platformer. I would be lying if I said this didn't sound interesting, though.



Rapadash6 said:

Meh. More interested in the new Wii Kirby coming out. Hopefully we'll hear more about it soon.



kurtasbestos said:

That's the day I move to Japan forever. There had better be a copy waiting for me at the Customs booth or I'm gonna be pissed.



FonistofCruxis said:

As others have said the upcoming wii kirby game seems more interesting but this still looks like a funa game.




May be the last DS game I buy once it come over here. I presume it'll come over after One Piece Gigant Battle DS and Prof Layton Spectre's Flute (if we are getting it) DS.



Punny said:

It's like Lemmings meets Kirby! I'm looking forward to learning more about it.



Retro_Gamer said:

Sounds like a different game with a Kirby theme slapped on to help sell it. All I really want is Kirby's Dreamland on VC, then I'd be happy, although that new Wii game looks pretty decent so far, hopefully it doesn't change the classic game play too much.



NintyMan said:

From the article in Nintendo Power, it said that a villain spilt Kirby into ten Mini Kirbys. He or she tried to kill each one to ultimately defeat Kirby, but one managed to escape and will embark on a quest to reassemble himself and defeat the bad guy. As far as gameplay, players can control up to ten Kirbys with the stylus to fight enemies and solve puzzles. I'll keep an eye on it.



TKOWL said:

Why does the gimmick of this game (Kirby divided into multiple other Kirbys) sound a lot like Kirby & The Amazing Mirror?

Anyways, I'm definitely gonna keep my eye on this one.



DrDaisy said:

Looks weird. For now, I'll just wait for the next Wii Kirby game ... and pray that it actually comes out this time.



Issun said:

And I'm just starting to think that Kirby is the Reaper : most of the time he appears, it's near the end of a console's life in Japan. DS, how I loved thee...



rosemo said:

I just got done playing through Kirby Canvas Curse and really enjoyed it. I hope this one shows up at E3!



FriedSquid said:

Hmm... sounds interesting. If it does come to America I MIGHT get it. Maybe. But what I'd like to know is what Kirby game might be planned for 3DS? O_o



grumblebuzzz said:

I absolutely hated Canvas Curse, to the point that I could barely get out of the first level. If this plays anything like that one did, NO THANKS.

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