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Dead or Alive Fails to Land a Hold on UK Charts

Posted by James Newton

Dead on arrival

3DS fighter Dead or Alive: Dimensions is very good, but its quality hasn't resulted in big sales in the UK, as it's failed to make the top 40 chart.

Even with Nintendo's sales and marketing expertise behind the game it failed to sell enough copies to make it into the top 40 All Formats Chart. In fact, there are no 3DS-specific titles in the chart, a sad sight indeed.

It's not the first high profile 3DS-exclusive release to miss the sales mark though: Steel Diver sank without trace too.

The next big 3DS release is unlikely to suffer the same fate: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D is out on 17th June.


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FonistofCruxis said:

At least it got to number 2 on the 3DS charts. Lego pirates of the carribean is still at the top.



Tate24 said:

I havent seen any adverts for this anywere? So how can they expect big sales if they dont market it well? As for deep diver how can compare that lite title to mightly DOA it far surpeme in everyway! DOA is one of best 3DS titles and it deserves better



Kirk said:

The 3DS is flopping big time man!

I can't really say it's too much of a shock at this point.

Despite it being a decent enough machine I just can't see millions upon millions of people forking out a couple of hundred quid for it plus £30 or so for each game when they can just get an iPhone or iPod for pretty cheap and around 30-50 games for the price of a single 3DS game.

I think it's just too little too late and at far to high a price from Nintendo.

My prediction is that it's going to sell a few tens of millions units mostly to Nintendo die hards and a few none-the-wiser casuals and that's about it.

It won't be a total flop but it's not going to be a particularly impressive success story either me thinks.

Unless Nintendo pulls something totally surprising and stunning out the bag over the next year or so...

Which I'm not so sure they're going to manage to be honest.



ninja_tom said:

To be honest with 150+ hours registered on SSFIV alone I think my 3DS was well worth the money.

I got DOA too but the laggy online is pretty poor atm, not sure if this will make 150 hours

Hopefully we will get Soul Calibur 5 and Tekken Tag 2 later in the year Maybe Namco can afford more servers so the lag wont be an issue.

I also think Resident Evil Mercs will be worth quite a few hours too, all in all I am a very happy punter even though I am neither casual, nor a Nintendo die-hard.



Gavin_Rozee said:

I'm just not a big fan of fighters. I really appreciate Team Ninja supporting my favourite handheld, but I've already got Street Fighter IV and I don't particularly enjoy that. I may pick up Dead or Alive in the future, for the Metroid easter eggs alone, but not at £30 - £40.

Plus, haven't seen a single advert for it. All I'm seeing are annoying DKCR and Mario Sports Mix adverts, with the occasional touch of Nintendogs + Cats.



ninja_tom said:

PS I WONT be getting Zelda OOT. I have this on Gamecube/wii and still not been convinced there is any point in getting it on 3DS, I can't be the only one so dont be so certain it will be a massive hit.



Yasume said:

No surprise there. The majority of 3DS owners bought Street Fighter IV at launch and are most likely satisfied with it. No need to spend another 40 bucks on an inferior fighter.



revoc said:

For the price ($40 for a portable game you play on a small screen) they need to make up for it by packing in more content and more stuff to unlock and not skimp on quality. They need to put more into their games if they want to get something out of us.

I haven't played DOA yet but the lack of animation in some of the cutscenes seemed like a shortcut out of work. I could be wrong and it could be stylistically appealing, but from looking at it through youtube videos it doesn't seem like it.



James said:

@Ninja_Tom I thought the same thing until I saw the new version running alongside the original. I know graphics aren't the be-all and end-all but wow!



warioswoods said:

Well... duh.

The 3DS hasn't had its big holiday launch, and holidays are crucial for Nintendo sales. I think of the current period as a sort of pre-launch for the system, during which primarily just Nintendo fans are likely to be jumping on board.



daznsaz said:

its a top game love it starting to get a bit worried about nintendo hope they dont do a sega and stop doing consoles dont think they will but a lot of games dont sell big doa deserves to though. Have they got a 3rd party curse or is it still low from recession on the other hand though i will get a lot of the games not to bothered about business side of it all. long as they arent in danger of going under



SigourneyBeaver said:

Are any 3DS games doing well in the charts? It seems to have been a bit of a flop really. despite buying one at launch I think the price was far too high for it to start doing a "DS Lite." And let's face it; 3D is a gimmick that gets old quickly.



Ristar42 said:

Give the 3DS a chance, I've not bought one yet as there are not many games out and the shop / VC isnt set up. For me, games need actual buttons, I dont want a phone, I want a games console.

As mentioned above, I think given the choice with this genre at the moment on the 3DS, most would go for SF4.



MasterGraveheart said:

I get the feeling that sales of high marquee games will skyrocket once people's reason for wanting a 3DS, Zelda, arrives. People will want some accompyment games, right?



Bass_X0 said:

Nintendo fans need to realise that there are a variety of quality fighting games out there. Just because you own one doesn't mean you shouldn't bother with any of the others. Each one offers their own experience.



FigetingPigeon said:

I'm not suprised none of the 3DS games are making the top 40 charts. Nintendo have done a useless job of marketing the 3DS and games here in the UK. Fingers crossed that over the coming months with Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time, Resident Evil Mercenaries and the e-shop all getting released here in the UK over June and July, things will start to pick up, as I think the 3DS is a awesome piece of kit and has lots of potential.



Nintendo-64 said:

To high price for a TOY and not really any ads either for the console and the game. So it is no miracle that both doesnt hit the expectations.

Im really a hardcore Nintendofan but with the whole 3DS thing Nintendo dissapoint me.



FonistofCruxis said:

@Bass_X0 I agree, I'm enjoying Dead or alive: dimensions and just because I got that doens't mean I won't get Blazblue: continum shift II and the fighting genre is one that I'm inexperienced in too.



jerryo said:

they left marketing to nintendo! nuff said!

expect it to start selling in a few months. a game similar to street fighter, (as far as the mass is concerned) and "very expensive too" so .. yeah tough luck!



shonenjump86 said:

Like I said in the DOA review, once I get a 3DS, I will have this game, SSF4, and Blazblue. I love fighting games



alLabouTandroiD said:

Not even Dragon Quest VI made the Top 40 ... :/
Here´s to hoping that the E3 will really make the 3DS and Nintendo´s next console shine.
@7.ninja_tom: Nope, i´m not paying full price for Ocarina either. If someday it´ll be around 20€ i´ll get it.



Corbs said:

With Sony's NGP coming this fall, Nintendo had better hope their lineup of first-party 3DS titles coming between now and the end of the year are enough to hold it off.



Vinsanity said:

I actually am kinda glad to see this:)

I mean, Nintendo sucks. When the Wii came out and sold so unexpectedly well, they immediately thought, "Holy cr---no need to spend money advertising anything anymore! These things are flying off of shelves by themselves!". And then they just pocketed money they otherwise WOULD'VE spent on advertising. They got into this attitude - all generation long - of, "Hey Third Parties; not our problem".

The "Wii would like to play" guys disappeared like two months after the wii came out, and so did an ad campaign for wii games. There's a HUGE reason why Red Steel 1 easily passed the million seller mark, but Red Steel 2 did not. And it's called awareness. Hype, advertising - these are why games sell nowadays. It has nothing to do with quality, unfortunately. So Nintendo needs to get off their stupid high-horse, and start caring about moving some games. FAR too many great, exclusive wii games went unnoticed. Most gaming sites nowadays practically ONLY cover 360/PS3 titles, paying attention to Wii only to talk Mario or Zelda. That's bullsh** for games like Silent Hill Shattered Memories, Fragile Dreams, No More Heroes 2 or anything else that got screwed on retail shelves.

So I'm happy Nintendo's getting screwed with an apathetic reaction to the 3DS so far. I mean, it sucks that it hurts Tecmo and anyone else releasing quality software early on. But - hopefully - Nintendo will realize, "Holy cr-- we have been wrong about how to this thing all along! We gotta advertise the HELL out of this thing and these games"



Nintendude92 said:

I don't think the NGP will be out this fall for one, they only have plans to launch it in one territory by the end of the year. In addition, Nintendo just needs to hurry up and get all the people on the fence down here. They acknowledged that the gamers would be the first to snap the system up, and give us little to nothing to go on.

Dead or Alive is great but it's not going to push hardware, and without more hardware, you can't expect great sales. Nintendo's got to step it up. They may have even been better off launching in June. (Not that I regret my purchase!)



Corbs said:

Sony has already confirmed that the NGP will launch in the US this year at their recent analysts meeting. I have no doubt we'll see it this holiday season, but I am curious as to what this thing will cost.



motang said:

Hopefully it's a slow starter, as more people actually get a 3DS then so shall the game sales go up.



Ichiban said:

not surprising really. as good as DOA is, street fighter already beat it to the punch. The 3DS needs quality games, but more variety too.



potomas said:

The first two shops i went to didn't stock this game.Finally found it in gamestation,they were selling it for £40.£40 unbelievable, u can get la noir cheaper.



Raptor78 said:

Dead or Alive hasnt had the backing behind it like Street Fighter 4. The Nintendo 'Believe your Eyes' tour has at least a couple of stands with SF4 and its a much better known brand. Dead or Alive has always been my favourite out of the two but I can see how it will be hard for it to make an impact at this moment. Basically everybody who wanted to buy a Fighter game bought Street Fighter when they bought their system and it is probably a bit to close to the DoA release for people to fork out for both games. Hopefully this will have a slow steady burn and get picked up by people getting bored of SSF at a reasonable price, £40 pretty much everywhere at moment. I myself having bought three launch 3DS games dont have the ready funds for it.



Tate24 said:

What are u people on? This is not inferior fighter in most cases this is far better then Ssf4! If you played it you would know that its far surpeme to it. Most people gonna stick up street fighter just because its street fighter its not like it even brand new game it just ported. I played and found it limted appeal none of modes were up much and there no unlockable levels, characters, apart from figures and medals wow! Were as DOA has lots to unlock and makes package more worth playing giving you sense of progression. As for comment on lag ive not found any, game moves at fluid pace.



bezerker99 said:

This bit o' news isn't too terribly shocking to me. Dimensions is the first DoA game to ever grace a Nintendo console and (imho) I don't think Nintendo fans care at this point about it.



Henmii said:

Steel diver was on place 1 in the dutch 3DS top 5. That can't be right!!



alLabouTandroiD said:

Raptor78 wrote:

Hopefully this will have a slow steady burn and get picked up by people getting bored of SSF at a reasonable price

I don't know about this. It seems to me that many shops haven't gotten a lot of copies. Or even none at all.
In this case i'd say the price of the game will sink quite soon and the game will soon vanish from the shops that have it now...



Gamer83 said:

Don't know what the situation is in the UK as far as stock but I know here in the States the stores I frequent all got 5 copies tops, some only got 1 copy. Can't expect to do great numbers with low stock. Also like has been mentioned, SSF IV is already out and is a better known brand, especially on Nintendo systems. Still disappointing as this is an awesome game.
Nintendo is dropping the ball big time lately, 3DS sales have been terrible, advertising is partly to blame but its mostly the price, $250 is just too much and I think people are waiting on NGP because of it. If Sony prices that system at $300, Nintendo is in bigger trouble than they are now.

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