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Wed 30th Mar 2011

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revoc commented on Amazon Suspends 3DS Sales:

The "loose" hinges are normal. The DSi XL is like this too. I think it's a design to keep the hinges from cracking from repeated opening and closings.



revoc commented on Review: BlazBlue: Continuum Shift 2 (3DS):

I've been semi-following this game since it came out. Some things to watch out for:

1) No online play
2) No circle pad. D-pad only
3) Sleep mode doesn't work. If you close the lid, the game keeps on going.
4) 3-d seems tacked on.



revoc commented on Dead or Alive Fails to Land a Hold on UK Charts:

For the price ($40 for a portable game you play on a small screen) they need to make up for it by packing in more content and more stuff to unlock and not skimp on quality. They need to put more into their games if they want to get something out of us.

I haven't played DOA yet but the lack of animation in some of the cutscenes seemed like a shortcut out of work. I could be wrong and it could be stylistically appealing, but from looking at it through youtube videos it doesn't seem like it.