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We Love this Michael Jackson Wii Glove, It's So Bad

Posted by James Newton


Step aside, Power Glove: there's a new ultimate glove-based peripheral in town. When Michael Jackson: The Experience ships later this month, dedicated King of Pop fans can pick up the special edition containing the game and a single white sparkly glove.

That's right: you can finally live out your ultimate Michael Jackson fantasies in your living room for just $49.99, with the game and glove combo a limited edition release. The sparkly glove is exclusive to the Wii game, so DS owners will have to use their imagination for the same effect.



Available Only at Launch, Iconic Symbol for the King of Pop to Be Included in Initial Wii™ Release; Pre-Order Now Available

SAN FRANCISCO – November 1, 2010 – Today Ubisoft announced it will make available a special edition glove to be included in the initial release of the Wii version of Michael Jackson The Experience that is reminiscent of the iconic glove worn by the legendary Michael Jackson during his most memorable performances. The special edition gloves will only be available at launch, further enhancing the magic felt by the King of Pop’s fans as they dance to his greatest hits in environments inspired by his ground-breaking music videos and unforgettable live performances.

“One of the most iconic symbols of Michael Jackson’s music and performance legacy is his signature glove,” shared Tony Key, senior vice president of sales and marketing, Ubisoft. “Consumers are encouraged to either pre-order Michael Jackson The Experience early or make sure to purchase the title on day one in order to get this special edition glove as we’re sure it will sell out quickly.”

The Wii game that includes the special edition glove is now available to pre-order for the same price as the standard, non-glove Wii version (MSRP $49.99) allowing shoppers an opportunity to obtain the glove while supplies last at no additional cost. Michael Jackson The Experience will be available for the Wii™ system from Nintendo, the Nintendo DS™ family of hand-held systems and the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system on November 23, 2010 in North America. The game is also available to pre-order for Kinect™ for Xbox 360® and PlayStation®Move motion controller for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, which are both scheduled to be released in early 2011.

Ubisoft is also revealing two new tracks for the game today – Speed Demon and
Dirty Diana.

The Michael Jackson The Experience track list announced to date now includes:
-Beat It
-Billie Jean
-Black or White
-Dirty Diana
-Earth Song
-Rock with You
-Smooth Criminal
-Speed Demon
-The Girl Is Mine
-They Don’t Care About Us
-Who Is It
-Workin' Day and Night

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Chris720 said:

Just no... but awesome idea none-the-less

Edit: Is this just a normal glove, or does it have Wiimote capabilities?



PSICOffee said:

I can't believe they are having a Michael Jackson game to profit on his death. Everyone was making fun of him before he died, now everyone acts like they cared about him and respect him because he's dead. It's bad enough they stole the word "experience" from Jimi Hendrix. Now there is a glove? Good god the Wii is hitting a new low with this one. Now all the PS360 fanboys will use this as ammo against us. Thanks Ubisoft for another craptacular game on a Nintendo system!



Chris720 said:

@PSICOffee I think I read that they were going to release it on the PS3 and 360 too.

"The game is also available to pre-order for Kinect™ for Xbox 360® and PlayStation®Move motion controller for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system"

Unless you meant just the glove, then yeah, we will be shot at by PS360 fanboys. D:

"The sparkly glove is exclusive to the Wii game"



edhe said:

The people responsible for this game are too greedy to limit it to just the Wii and DS.

Like PSICOffee, I believe it's a cynical cash in.

Plus the whole glove thing reminds me of a scene in The Black Adder (first series) where Blackadder, and Baldrick are going over holy relics trying to see how much money Blackadder can make on being the Archbishop of Canterbury, and Baldrick has some of Jesus' Carpentry (that Baldrick constructed himself)and a box of ten of Jesus' fingers...



the_shpydar said:

First off, this game is going to be available on ALL platforms, PS360 included.
Second, Jimi Hendrix does not own the word "experience". I can't express in words how foolish that sounds.
Third, this is not made to "profit off his death". He died well over a year ago. Are releases of Lennon materials made to "profit off his death"? Or everything released that involves or is connected to a dead person?
Fourth, people make fun of celebrities. It's the way the public is. And even those who would bash or make fun of MJ while he was alive would admit that he was one of music's biggest stars and sensations of all time, and tremendously talented to boot.
So much fail.

All that said, this game's not my cuppa, but seems to be turning out better than i would have thought.



manleycartoonist said:

"Just don't store it too close to your copy of Kidz Bop Dance Party."

Funniest thing I have read all day. Thank you.



PSICOffee said:

@xDemon720x yeah I'm talking about being made fun of with the glove. I can live with all the other ridiculous useless add-ons and pre-orders but this takes the cake!

@the shpydar 1. fine, all platforms, more ways to profit. Still doesn't take back all the crap Ubisoft has spewed on the Wii and DS.
2. I never said Hendrix was the only one who could use the word "experience," I'm pointing out how similar "The Jimi Hendrix Experience" and "Michael Jackson The Experience" is by simply moving one word. It's a lighthearted observation relax.
3. I completely disagree, they didn't have to release that backstage footage of his upcoming canceled concert. I wouldn't be surprised if some unreleased material is "found" and released. I'm all for things like that getting released to the fans but it's still profiting. Take a look at any musician who has died and you'll see their popularity skyrocket after death, especially evident of how so many of MJ's songs were selling on top again in Itunes right after death. To go back to Jimi Hendrix, his half-sister Janie has made an entire career of selling merchandise off her brother's legacy, from underwear to pillows, to cup holders and stickers, not to mention any music recorded and has been doing so for 15 years with no end in sight, and the guy died 40 years ago to this year! They are selling overpriced unreleased material (unreleased officially by her estate) that has already been available in bootleg form all those years so you can't tell me releases aren't made to profit from a famous person or else Janie Hendrix would be well out of a job and back to being a hair dresser. Speaking of the Beatles, what about John Lennon last decade with his two songs "Real Love" and "Free As A Bird" released for their Anthology collection? They could have left those demos alone but instead rather decided to finish them to their liking. Sure you can say it was for the fans and for good times for the remaining Beatles, but it doesn't change the fact they made a profit and selling point that they were releasing brand new material in their huge Anthology collection!

Now I could go on with more examples of how this has happened but back to MJ, are little kids/ teenagers who play this going to be people who grew up with MJ's music? Unless their parents were fans, then hell no! Why else release another MJ game now conveniently a year after his death? Why not years before? Why wait all these years? Unless they were trying to introduce the kids to Michaels music, so they will be fans and future die hard fans ripe for profit for unreleased and past famous material, then they made this game to cater to already die hard fans who need more MJ, thus profiting off their need for their hero. This happens all the time not only in music, even with Michael Crichton, who they could have released his unfinished manuscripts online for free, but would rather just release them in an overpriced $30 book finished by a ghost writer.
4. Right, I agree he was influential and there were just as many who loved as there were who criticized him, like everyone else. I should have emphasized more that there were people I know in particular that would do nothing but make fun of the guy for years and say his music sucks then talk about how bad they feel for doing so and how influential and good his music is right when he died.
5. I'm not trying to "win" anything, and its your right to disagree with me, so the whole "so much fail" is just emphasizing your opinion not fact. I hope this clears up my opinion.



PSICOffee said:

@vonseux good point, could be competition with Just Dance 2.. oh wait that's Ubisoft as well! They must anticipate Just Dance 2 to only sell from October-December, then when gamers have realized its lack of substance or whatever the reason they'd stop playing it, they've got this MJ game for early 2011 so Ubisoft can keep those people hooked on! Genius! It's almost like they are rushing to finish the game for people to gobble it up after JD2, never saw it that way. Applying some famous figure to a dance game works too, also for profit. Although I guess that's a little unfair to put it that way because you could say Kirby was added to Prince Fluff's game for recognition, as Prince Fluff would fail as a stand alone, and just as much of a selling point as changing the SaGa gameboy games' titles to "Final Fantasy Legends," because it still worked. Yeah I know I'm just spewing conspiracy theories here and skewing off topic a bit sorry.

Also I'm perhaps a little too hard on Ubisoft for they at least let Red Steel 2 be decent and publish the No More Heroes series in the States. I guess if Ubisoft and the MJ foundation is happy continuing to make profits from a dead musician, and fans are happy to receive product from their hero, then whatever.



JonWahlgren said:

Grrr, profits for a business, how dare they!

Seriously, you might want to loosen that tin foil hat of yours. Casting the fact that Ubisoft is trying to make money off of their popular franchise using one of the biggest musical stars in history known for being awesome at the game's premise as overly exploitive is kinda silly.

And the whole re-issues are evil argument is bogus. So just because someone died means that estates have to stop commercializing the artist/actor/whatever because it's somehow wrong, and thus deprive fans and future generations from enjoying what they love? It's bad to enable people to discover a massive talent after they've died? iTunes should have pulled the entire MJ catalogue so as not to inadvertently make money off of fans sad about his death, Ubisoft should cancel this game because it's too conveniently timed and nobody should be allowed to see This Is It because it's all just exploitive and evil.

"But there are bootlegs of these things, why do we need a commercial release?"

Because your average person has no clue how to get ahold of said bootleg performances. Also, because they might want a professional release. When the Nirvana Reading performance was released on CD and DVD I scooped it up. I already had the bootleg video, so why spend money on it? Better quality, collectible, and it looks great with the rest of my albums.



Caliko said:

Man who thinks up these puns?!?!?!

@the shpydar

This could still be a cash in on his death. It doesn't matter if he's been dead for over a year, it takes over a year to make a game. I just hope they put in some quality development into the game.

let's not with the insults, plz -- TBD



Chris720 said:

@24 Ohhhh... you use it while no ones in the house and thrust like crazy? o_O



PSICOffee said:

@Jon I did mention how some of what I said was simply conspiracy, and I never said it was wrong to deprive fans and as a matter of fact said I supported doing so about three times in my comments. You obviously didn't read my comments carefully at all then. No one should have to make a business off some brand name or famous person who has died but they do. They should release the stuff not meant for the audiences by the original author for free on the internet after their death, with its original great quality, and not have to be priced for someone to make a living off of it. Of course the works published by the author/musician should be allowed to continue being sold, and let new fans discover it, but taking down bootlegs and things that are free just so the consumer has to buy the product is wrong, as the money clearly isn't going to the original musician or author anyway. I've seen plenty of videos on youtube featuring songs that haven't been released officially by dead musicians taken down because someone like Sony holds a copyright over the persons name, and still doesn't release the song they had just denied the fans over. I'm being so vocal about this because I've seen this corruption happen before with someone like the Hendrix estate over the years and would hate to see it happen to someone like MJ.

@vonseux it's not so much being uncomfortable with Death, as everyone is to some degree, its more about being uncomfortable with someone reaping the benefits of a famous dead musician and making a career out of it. It sickens me to think of people living extremely wealthy not having to work for their own entitlements as a career promoting someone elses work. I'd rather support the musician not the other fat cats who don't deserve it.



ukiby3000 said:

I've always been a HUGE fan of MJ. I mean, really huge. I got pretty sad and the poor man died </3

And when they said they would release a dance game revolving around him, I was pretty excited, even though dancing games aren't exactly my strong point... But this glove... DAMN! So tempting!!! Why do you have to tempt me like that game??? But I don't know if I'll buy it, because the game will probably sit here and I'll never play it due to my lack of talent for these XD

Also, guys, chill down. Is just a game about dancing to MJ's music. It's no conspiracy, they aren't going to 'destroy' MJ's image (at least, not more than it already was when he was alive =/) If he was still alive, none of this discussion would be happening, really. I even dare saying that there would be multiple jokes about him in this here page.

So, let's cut that out, m'kay?



ukiby3000 said:

Also, just a heads up: the video game and music industry are business. People make money out of business. Because money is needed for people to live. So, discussing that it is 'wrong' to profit from music and games is just... kind of pointless in my opinion.



Sylverstone said:

I'm pretty sure I can grab my own nuts and dance like MJ for free. _

Other than that, interesting.



James said:

@Swiket It's a true once-in-a-lifetime moment, I couldn't resist the opportunity. I should also have made a pun on The Wiz/The Wizard really. Damn.



fishman100 said:

If they teach you how to moonwalk like MJ, i'll lay down my $50.

I wish the track list could be longer, though...



James said:

This is just the current tracklist, with more songs to be revealed.



TKOWL said:

I'll use the white glove an BEAT IT on a cement board. Why? Because I'm BAD. See what I did there, eh? Eh?

You can stop me anytime...



PhillepinO said:

"That's right: you can finally live out your ultimate Michael Jackson fantasies in your living room for just $49.99, with the game and glove combo a limited edition release."

This part of the article just gave me a Michael Jackson nightmare instead of fantasies



PSICOffee said:

@SandMan seriously? I even said "It's a lighthearted observation relax." as I was just pointing out the similarities between the two titles by moving the word "the." No talk of explosion or extreme anger. Its quite apparent when people don't read comments, but I can understand given certain situations when its a wall of text or a lot of them. Still you wouldn't have said "stay calm" if you would have read the comments >.> How can you transfer the emotion of anger through text anyway? I hardly think "!" or caps will suffice for anything on the internet anymore. If you'd rather, I'd complain more so about why there isn't a left-handed version of the glove.

Also your link doesn't work :<



HugoSmits said:

@ PSICOffee:

You do know some of these games where in development before his death ? In fact MJ was talking to David Perry about making a new game



Golgo said:

@3. They stole the word 'experience' from Hendrix? Lol! I think people have been using the word to describe entertainment products for quite a long time...



-TR said:

The title pun is officaly the greatest in the history of this site, if not the internet. Very well done Mr. Pun-writing types.



PSICOffee said:

@HugoSmits whatever then, but you can't use that statement for when the sequel is made!

@Golgo sigh... obviously another person responding to just one comment I made without taking in consideration the other responses I made to this statement. Perhaps "stole" was a wrong word to use, as I was simply stating how similar the titles "The Jimi Hendrix Experience" and "Michael Jackson The Experience" are to each other by simply moving the placement of "the."

A simple observation that may or may not be a nod to Hendrix for which at that point I don't care. I just find it interesting they would call it "experience" that's all. No different than words like "revenge" "serenity" "redemption" popping up all the time in bad film sequels when they are ashamed to say "4."

@LuWiiGi if you are implying I got "owned" heavily, you obviously completely ignored my rebuttal that raised strong counterpoints. Understandable seeing how long it is and how little I'm sure you'd care beyond simply throwing out the useless word "WIN." As if this was some competition of wits or seeing who was "bigger" anyway. >.>

In conclusion to all of this, however, since people are so lazy to not read big comments and will blindly respond to smaller ones as usual completely ignoring any issues addressed in a larger comment, I find it difficult to continue discussing this matter. I find it useless now, as I'm sure even this comment will be ignored or skimmed and I might as well say whatever I please and no one would care or notice. I hope the game doesn't end up sucking, and it becomes a huge hit with the hardcore crowd.



Capt_N said:

Was/Am not an MJ fan. I feel this is a cash-in. However, I hope whoever buys it enjoys it.

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