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Last Flight Gameplay Footage Lands at Long Last

Posted by James Newton

Mythical WiiWare game appears

In development for years, Last Flight has been rather quiet of late, but Bloober Team has just been in touch to send over the latest gameplay footage and promotional artwork for the game with a short update on its status.

The team is seemingly well aware of its game's reputation, judging from this cheeky portion of the email accompanying the video:

I would like to dispel any doubts of players worldwide. The game exists, it works and gives a large dose of entertainment.

The game has just entered the last phase of testing, but there's no proposed release date yet, leading us to believe it won't launch on WiiWare until 2011. We're promised more information soon, so we'll keep you up to speed.

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Machu said:

Seriously, I hate this game, it looks awful. Oooh yay let's chop people up with machetes. >_> AWFUL!!!



edhe said:

The enemies are zombies, aren't they?

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the premise a bunch of survivors on a doomed plane journey filled with zombies have to fight of said zombies. And that's pretty much it?

If it has the variety and humour of the Dead Rising series (which I plan to introduce myself to through DR2 on the PC eventually), I might be interested in it...

[EDIT - the blurb on Nintendolife says the protagonists are vampires - same difference!]



FonistofCruxis said:

I'm dissapointed. I hope this was just a video to show what sort of game this is because the combat looked too slow and too easy. I was expecting fast-paced action similar to the NMH series. Also, I'm not sure how well the controls will work. I hope this turns out too be a good game when it is finally released because we've been waiting for ages for this to arrive.



Sneaker13 said:

I was excited for this game, but the new video isn't doing it for me. Like the humor, but I'm afraid that's not enough.



zane said:

It's 40 bloody megs I think it looks awesome. I'm hyped up.



Machu said:

40 very bloody megs, actually.

If others find fun here then good for them. To me, it looks extremely boring gameplay wise and has the most unlikeable main character I have ever seen. Ew.

ok trolltime over now



SwerdMurd said:

True Blood is softcore porn. It belongs with the other Cinemax trash, not considered among real television programming. If one more person tries to tell me "it's as good as The Wire" someone's getting murdered.

Game looks average--no thank you. I forsee 20-30 minutes of semi-entertainment, followed by never touching it again. Then again, it is Wiiware...



Pod said:

You're an overweight food critic with two cleavers, messing up people on a plane. Awesome in concept, and the screenshots look convincing! The trailer's a bit weird though. They might consider asking someone a little more skilled in editing to have a look at it.



ArmoredGoomba said:

Looks incredibly boring just standing in cramped hallways hitting buttons to slice people. Looks like a pass for me.



Objection said:

Man peopel are harsh on this one. Sure the combat looks mixed in this, but the graphics are fun and fluid and the premise is decent. I'm still hoping this will be decent and fill the void of never-coming-out Animales de Muertes.



FonistofCruxis said:

@OB Although I was dissapointed by this video, I'm still hoping that it will be a good game.
@machu Would you rather have yet another generic war veteran?



castlezelda said:

I thought this would be awesome a M-rated wiiware game. killing vampires, zombies and stuff but meat cleavers, that'll get repetitive. and the trailer seems weird.



Crystalking18 said:

Doesn't look that good. Way too slow and seems very boring. Plus, HOW BIG IS THIS AIRPLANE THEN!?!?!?!



WaveBoy said:

Fun concept, But this looks absolutely awful and totaly boring...The animations look slow, clunky, stiff, robotic and incredibly dated....Like PSOne dated. But whatever, I can't say I'm interested at all really considering I hate the Beat em' up and Hack and slash genre with a red hot passion.



odd69 said:

its a shame that this may not sell good, im buying it no matter the score, it doesnt look bad at all, you guys fell on your heads.



Ren said:

Geez whats with all the hate on this game? Looks pretty good for a wiiware title to me. Fun slashing and a cheeky cell shaded thing. For ten bucks or less I'd give it a go, no questions asked.

And come on, kiddo's. True Blood is the lowest of low brow entertainment; it's fun but that's all it is. NOT any great deep content by any stretch. No comparison here either, what does it have in common with this game besides blood and hints of sexuality?



jbrodack said:

I like the style of the game and graphics but like others think that the combat does look kinda clunky from the video. I'm sure its not final though and might just be demonstrating how combat works.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@23 I'm not sure that would be a wise idea. What if you accidentally shot out a window or through the plane's hull? Never mind...that would probably be hilarious.



Chris720 said:

Ohhh... this game looks awfully terrible... and Blooper Team, you are stealing themes from Twilight and True Blood? Can't you come up with your own advertisement pictures, or must you rip-off TV and movies adverts?



Leonzable said:

First thought: Oh this looks pretty cool.
Watches gameplay: wtf?
Second thought: Oh this looks pretty crap.



greenellow said:

after reading the nintendo power article on it a while back i though "hey, my expectations for this game couldn't go any lower" and yet it has.



WaveBoy said:

I predict a terrible terrible score, with the only redeeming quality being the actual plot. Gameplay wise, It looks like it plays like some half ed PSOne 3D beat em up. Some of the worst and most dated 3D animation I've ever seen .Should be a good cure for Insomnia!

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