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Larry Adelman is a 38-year-old American travelling to Europe to write books about cuisines of the world (he is a culinary critic).

Short, chubby and bald man distinguishes himself by a sharp language and black sense of humour. At the same time, he has an optimistic attitude to life, which makes him able to stay calm and have hope in even the most difficult situation.

On the same plane, sitting next to Larry, is Anna; wearing a mourning, yet sexy dress. She is a 30-year-old beautiful Romanian girl, travelling to her country to bury her father (resting now in the coffin in the cargo hatch). In the opening we can see Larry chatting and joking with Anna, seemingly coming to like each other.

As a result of strong turbulences, Anna’s father body falls out of the coffin. It turns out he was not quite dead – he is a vampire. This sudden event makes Jan (that is his name) awake and hungry after being asleep – unnoticed, he starts attacking the passengers of the plane. The plague of vampirism spreads quickly. The only person knowing how to deal with it is Anna, as she turns out to be a specialist in tracking vampires. The situation forces her to make Larry a quick course in this field.

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Kingston said:

I heard news that this game is set to release in q1 2009 for 1500 Wii Points.



Chris_Davis said:

This game will have a 16-18 PEGI rating on it and thats definite. But the pluss side is anyone with Wii Points and Internet can download it (even a 3 year old if he/she knows how to)



Decus_Q said:

i bet you the game turns out to be a tragedy in the end story. I mean it's called Last Flight. either he never wants to fly again, or he dies in the end to save the world from vampire zombies. my guess anyway



pApEr_y0sh said:

i think 1500 is too high right now, but we'll have to see when they release more details



mr_niceguy said:

I personally was expecting this game to be an shooter(or aerial combat game) with a good story, and while I got the story right(if it's a tragedy), I am very disapointed by it's gameplay direction. For one thing, as I've stated in previos posts on this site, I'm very sqeemish and the exess amount of blood definately turns me off this game. Besides, if I wanted to play a survival-horror game, I'd rather play a Resident Evil game than this...except they stopped using zombies and instead are using angry villagers, which really isn't all that scary, and it is Vampire zombies, which is a little different. Than again, conserning the combat, I would much rather play No More Heroes, of course, that's a Disk game that really shouldn't be compared to a Wii Ware game, But than again, if I find a used one it probably won't be a huge step up price wise($15 is outrageous, considering the content).

Okay, I started out hating this game, yet now I'm conflicted. Oh well, until I see more of thi game, me answer is firmly NO.



marvman3 said:

Looks interesting,
But if it's just the repetitive killing of zombies, vampires, monsters, etc.
It will just be a waist of points.
Hopefully there is more features added.



over9000 said:

This is the wiiware game i have been wanting to play ever sense i saw it in a gameinformer.



WeeGee said:

He'll probably have to crash the plane at the end, then die, and later the infection will infect everyone and turn the world into zombies (or is it everyone) Then there will be a sequel.



Bulan said:

blobber team is from nibris. you know they make sadness for wii?

this should be prove that nibrisi truly is a real developer and hopefully they will show us a trailer at gc from sadness. cross your fingers!



Bensei said:

@Chris Davis: That's why the Wii has age limitations for VC, Wiiware and Wii Games.
Sadly, parents are more likely to force the company removing the mature content rather than reading the description of the Wii and turning Age limitations on, for example that you can't use the Wii Shop without a code at all :P
Expect this game soon to spill green sauce or flowers instead of blood... I hope I was just kidding :P



Ricardo91 said:

@Bensei. Or maybe they'll spill rainbows or sweat to death, like in the SNES version of Mortal Kombat. :P

So far I like what I see! 1500 points seems a bit steep, but it's about vampires and hot Romanian women, so It can't be all that bad. :)



Sassy_Cc said:

Not sure what to think of it yet but at least it has plenty of blood & guts about time for B & G on WiiWare damnit ;-) ~



themortalangel said:

I read about this in an issue of Nintendo Power a while back....still surprised it's not out actually. Any chance you guys can reach them and find out some Idea of a release....maybe a lil interview with Boober....I mean Bloober Team.



IAmNotWill said:

Interesting game. I like B and G and games like mortal kombat so I'll watch this. I don' t think I'll get it though. I'll just wait for MadWorld. :P

Kinda like with I am Legend. :P



Supermarioman said:

Still not out yet :(
Come on and this was one of the games I was most looking forward to. At least we got an Update on Eternity's Child today, but nothing about this in a while and I am to curious how they will monitor the M-Rating, but they just let you download Splatterhouse 2 with one warning, so the same will probably applyto this as well.



Chris720 said:

How long have we been waiting for this game now? I'll probably be dead and a walking zombie in their game before this reaches WiiWare virtual shelves...

C'mon Bloober Team, I've been waiting long enough.



wallyobass12 said:

Half the games on Nintendo Life's "Coming Soon" are games that are bound to be canceled. IE :Retro City Rampage, Night Sky, Super Meat Boy, etc...

Its called vaporware. Companies intentionally mislead consumers into thinking their product is near completion. When in fact, the game is still in early alpha/beta testing.

We shall see on this particular game



muffin said:

I think it will be a good game. I like idea with vampires on a plane. Van't wait for it! :D



SilentJ said:

Oh well. :( I was still looking forward to this game even after all this time. Seems like Bloober Team is focusing on Sony which is ok. It would be kind of cool if this eventually resurfaced for PS Vita.

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