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Japan's Limited Edition Wii Points Cards are Enviably Cool

Posted by James Newton

Zelda and Mario branded cards in stores

Ever get bored of seeing the same old designs on the Nintendo Points cards you buy? Wouldn't it be nice to see a little more artistry on the packaging? As usual, Japan has you covered.

Japanese branches of 7-11 carry the Mario and Zelda branded cards for 1000 or 2000 Nintendo Points, each of which contains a booklet detailing the downloadable titles available on WiiWare, DSiWare and Virtual Console.

Bear in mind the codes on these cards can't be used on Western consoles, so only buy them if you're desperate to have more Mario and Zelda artwork.

Thanks to Metroid133 for the tip.


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James said:

We get 1,000 Points cards here in the UK - are they not globally available?



zezhyrule said:

Amazing, and we only have 2000 points cards in the USA, except for the special ones.



Raylax said:

@James: Do we still get those? A few shops near me stocked them for about a week, but they don't seem to any more. Hell, it's rare they have 2000 points in stock now, they always seem to have 'just sold the last one' (but have a large supply of the more expensive 3000 point cards).



jesao said:

Is it wrong that I feel compelled to buy these, along with Super Mario Collection, even though I don't even own a Japanese Wii? (and do 7-11 ship overseas?)



MeloMan said:

I would KILL someone for those...................... in a round of SSB Brawl



super-nintendo said:

I love those. I would buy them in a second and keep the cards forever after using the points. Heck, I might buy two of each and not open two. lol



killer6370 said:

thats something nintendo should do more often, changing designs are cool, like the companies did with phone card every few weeks a new design



cnm_nintendo said:

OMG you guys have 2000, 3000 and 5000 point cards!? Yeah that's right. Us Aussie's ONLY have 1000 points cards _ whats even sadder is our Club Nintendo sigh



AVahne said:

I still want my Monster Hunter Tri card that I never got with my damned pre-order.



Rasche said:

Wow these look amazing. Even though they wouldn't work on my system I would totally still buy these!



DavidRY said:

Who buys Wii Points cards? I thought most everyone just bought them online straight from Nintendo to avoid the tax penalties from retailers (and save the Earth by not creating more Trash of course!)



sillygostly said:

Currently they only sell 1000 point cards in Australia, and the 2000 point cards have been phased out (God only knows why), though one may still be able to find them available at bargain bin prices. I'm peeved as the 1000 point cards are atrocious value for money.



killer6370 said:

there are no taxes(nintendo pays them for you) you pay 10 €/$ and get 1000 points so no taxes but nintendo has to pay the txes+ the money for devloppers (wiiware/dsiware(



LoopyLuigi said:

yeah we pay good old 13% HST plus american exchange for wii points up here, so 2000 points usually costs me $25 of my fancy mutli coloured monies, but hey, it's worth it. Also, I would definitely but one of each of those for collecting purposes. I have a New SMB branded Wal-Mart gift card that came out when the DS lite launched, which is exactly when I bought New SMB and my brand new white DS lite.

PS @SUPERZELDAMAN You're avatar makes me feel like barfing.......



Machu said:

@SUPERZELDAMAN: Your avatar makes me feel like attaining a new level of enlightenment and advancing the species with the next step in our evolution.



Objection said:

So frickin' cool. Of course, I buy points with my card now, not in store. But I might if we had these.



cnm_nintendo said:

@37 No, before the DSi came out it was just "Wii Points", that was only available in 2000. Since the DSi came out it's been "Nintendo Points" to accomodate Wii & DSi. Those are only available in 1000. I even asked Jamie from Nintendo Aus (Product Marketing I think) on the matter. He said they had no plans to bring other Point values at this time. Of course this was last year. But as far as I can see there is nothing but the 1000 points card for us.



sillygostly said:

Our 2000 point "Wii point" cards should be compatible with the DSi though (as far as I know). I'm actually thinking of hoarding some for the 3DS (assuming that it too will take Nintendo points).



Sakura_Moonlight2421 said:

Hawaii had 1000 point cards for about 3 months after the Wii came out but after that 2000 point cards were only available. (I should have kept my 1000 points card if I knew I wasn't going to see another one ever again)



killer6370 said:

For the Australians that want 2000 and 3000 points cards you can order european card they work on the system because you are using the same server than europe a friend once gave me a card from austrlia and it worked on my wii



Capt_N said:

Cool designs. Ninty should make all denominations/designs available worldwide.



Nekogao said:

This is a reason not to use my phone to buy some new points! But then, do I merely admire them or use them? And bearing in mind the lack of decent games since around 2007, are there any titles worth buying?



Nekogao said:

It's a lie! There is no booklet! And I'd know, as I've just bought them...

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