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GoldenEye Online to Keep You Addicted with Killstreaks, Perks and More

Posted by James Newton

GoldenEye feels the hand of CoD

Ah, Activision: we should have known you'd come up with this. Whilst its Call of Duty series continues to devour gaming hours like nobody's business, the publisher has taken some of the series' winning elements and slotted them neatly into upcoming Bond 'em up GoldenEye.

Not only will the game feature an online experience system opening up new perks and killstreaks as you level up, there's also online-only game types including GoldenEye Control, an objective-based scenario that tasks you with nabbing several stations in order to fire the titular laser into your opponents' base. If that doesn't sound like your idea of a good time, perhaps this isn't the game for you.

Anyone wanting to play offline will still be able to have a good old knees-up, with Melee Only channelling the classic slap-happy game type, plus Golden Gun offering one-hit kills to anyone sharp enough to nab the eponymous firearm. Developer Eurocom is promising 17 different modifiers, including Invisibility, Tag Mode and Paintball as well as 50 characters to choose from, hopefully paving the way for plenty of split-screen gaming goodness.


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Oregano said:

I hope they don't go off the deep end with perks and killstreaks.... MW2 is a bit of a cluster**** at times.

Can the modifiers be used online then or the online and splitscreen totally different?:S



Objection said:

I really hope that this title turns out well. Excluding the Rogue Agent shamefest title of the five years ago, this is the first time the title's been seriously re-evaluated and I hope that it's transitioned well to modern FPS-ness while retaining what made the N64 title a classic. Hope it has polished splitscreen and online too.



grenworthshero said:

I wish they'd keep it simple. I'm really not a fan of today's online FPS craze. Or online in general, but it seems all FPSs are the same these days.



James said:

@Oregano - Not sure to be honest, my inclination is they'll be offline only though so you won't be able to make your own gametypes as you can in Halo, for example. We'll see, but I expect it to be offline only.



Oregano said:

@James Yes, it might be to keep the matchmaking simple too, if you're all voting then people will end up playing games they don't want to.... It'd be nice if private matches could use the modifiers though.

It seems to be a bit of a double edged sword with how they've developed the online and offline separately.



Weskerb said:

One interesting thing I read elsewhere is that you get blown up if you stay motionless for more than 3 seconds as a way to prevent camping. I'm not sure if this is one mode or throughout the game but it seems a bit harsh. Not that I'm a camper or anything.

Can you shed any light on this James?



theblackdragon said:

@billy-beauts: according to this, it says the three-seconds thing is a 'modifier', implying that that particular mode may be selected or deselected when building a match. three seconds is pretty harsh, i know sometimes it takes me longer than that just to scope out an area while i'm not moving, lol.



bro2dragons said:

this game never caught my fancy until this morning. after reading this and IGN's newest hands-on, my hopes are starting to build. this is looking like it'll shape up to be a really solid shooter. now i'm just waiting for the throwdown between this and Conduit 2 for "Ultimate Wii FPS."



Tasuki said:

The more I hear of this the more I get excited about it. At first I was kinda weary of this game but now is sounds like it will either be as good or better than GoldenEye N64.



Token_Girl said:


That's how I feel too. I don't mind a lot of additions (it's been over 10 years since the last one, after all), but I don't really want just a generic FPS on Wii. If it's just CoD: Reflex 2 with a new skin, I'm not interested.

I just hope they remember that the BEST thing about the original was anyone could enjoy picking up and playing it. We had tournaments with this game at parties and EVERYONE would want to play. I can't see that happening with CoD or Halo (though the first one was fun with friends), nowadays. Those games are designed for serious online play, which makes it intimidating for a noob who'd just want to jump in at a party. That's the true advantage to keeping it simple stupid.



StreetRat said:

Time to don the hat once again. (Oddjob's hat, to be precise)

Yes, I know he was a character for noobs, but I was like 7 when I first played it so I have good memories of playing as him.



Nintendoftw said:

Online play is essential for a decent fps game. No one likes crappy boring and lonely fps anymore, they almost all suck in today's standards, online makes everything more fun and challenging.



Acidfoxdyi831 said:

since this sounds alot similar to COD-B O i may as well choose between goldeneye and cod for now.

and then get conduit 2 next year



Marvelousmoo said:

I don't care. This game is geared toward multiplayer, so i WILL have fun with it. The laser thing sounds cool, by the way. When I pick this up from Gamestop on election day, my friends and I are going to hook up my Wii to my big TV, get some soda and popcorn, grab our gamecube controllers that we play ts3 with, and have a good time.



GammaGames said:

this now makes me wondering which one: Goldeneye, or COD: Black ops... A very difficult choice... If Black Ops has the Special Ops mode, then I'll get that. I loved that in MW2



Chris720 said:

Killstreaks and Perks... yep that just ruined it for me...

If its like MW2s killstreaks/perks... GoldenEye shall burn in hell alongside MW2.

Why they couldn't have kept it simple, I don't know. I bet it'll have camos and gun add-ons next...

November = Month of FPS it seems... Black Ops and Goldeneye! Which one to buy though...?



PSICOffee said:

Yeah it was already evident from the e3 trailer this was really Call of Duty: Goldeneye. My feelings are still the same on it though, and there is very little chance I will pick this version up. One of the few FPS games I've ever enjoyed is now raped by those modern FPS games I hate, thanks activision!

Besides, we all know eventually this game will be ported with HD graphics and upgraded online to the PS Move to satisfy a bigger market of people that actually play FPS games. Because the ps360 fanboys won't buy a wii and will complain for so long, it is bound to happen.



MeloMan said:

Just taking it all in stride until review time... Activision hasn't done anything yet w/ the Bond license that's got me excited, so I'll just patiently wait first.



brandonbwii said:

The online is totally different. It will run completely seperate from split-screen and will mostly be a cod like affair. If you want to use modifiers or any of the game mode customization, you have to play offline.

Source: Nintendo Power



Sean007s said:

Not being a fanboy here.
I believe from the videos that this is basically a COD Reskin.



The_Fox said:

Honestly though, perks and killstreaks are awesome. Hold the tears until you see how they use them.



BJWanlund said:

Ooh, liking this! 50 characters?! If six of them are the different official James Bonds over the years (Connery, Lazenby, Moore, Dalton, Brosnan, and Craig), sign me up for some good old fashioned Bond action!




HolyMackerel said:

I hope they don't change the cover art from the pre-release image shown at the top of this page. It looks amazing and stands out.

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