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Twilight Princess with High Res Textures Looks Fantastic

Posted by James Newton

Fan project shines the game up

Zelda: Twilight Princess is knocking on four years old now: a venerable granddaddy in the Zelda line, it's only natural it's starting to show its age. Talented chap AaronLite has injected the game with some virtual Botox in the form of high resolution textures that turn the blurry bridges, grass and rocks of Hyrule into sharp detail.

Sadly as the project uses the GameCube emulator Dolphin there's no chance of these textures being made available legitimately, a real shame as they bring Twilight Princess bang up to date. The thread can be found over at EmuTalk, with more images inside.

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skywake said:

Texturing was by far the biggest weakness for TP graphically. Its amazing how much better textures can do..... On a related point, totally looking forward to the 3DS version of OoT for this very reason (and the 3D obviously).



moosa said:

I'm always a bit leery of things like this ruining the existing art style somehow, but from what little I see here it's not looking bad at all so far.



LordJumpMad said:

Sounds nice but we're not getting that for the Wii unless we have.......

GameCube emulator Dolphin



James said:

Who knew there'd be more than one Terranigma on the Internet? You really do learn something new every day.



Terra said:

Indeed James. Now, I'm off to hunt down this other "Terranigma" <_<



Machu said:

Graphics, yawn, I mean wow!

and while I'm here... 8? 8!?!?! wtf eeeeiiiight, nooooo! >:[



theblackdragon said:

@7: who, me? ::bats eyelashes innocently::
also, wtf, did we move to first-number basis or something?



Kid_A said:

That is seriously incredible. It's a shame there's no way they could make this enhanced version widely available--Twilight Princess is one of the all time greats as far as I'm concerned, and it deserves this sort of makeover.

This is also a little reminder that Wind Waker has always been, and will always be the best-looking Zelda game (and arguably the best period). That one has been out since, I believe, 2003 and it hasn't aged a pixel. Still a breathtaking visual experience. The art direction and lighting in Twilight Princess still impress me to no end, but its textures, even for its time, were a little fuzzy.



pixelman said:

Now if only they'd add some gameplay to justify that shine.

/me is with @4 all the way.



Axoloth said:

Textures with higher resolution isn't near enough to make me play that game again.
Yaaaaay, let's all gang up on Twilight Princess!



47drift said:

I'd love to see that cutscene with Zelda dropping the sword remastered to look this crisp.



Marioman64 said:

wow. this proves that miyamoto was going for a very specific art style. he's making it more obvious with skyward sword

anyway thats some beautiful grass



Marioman64 said:

that, or the computer's emulator can process these amazing textures better than the wii can...



Pegasus said:

Better graphics don't make a good game, but they sure do enhance an already good game's experience. I don't care what the naysayers have to say, I like the game.

I do hope that Skyward Sword will have a greater difficulty level though. Bar that... it still boggles my mind that Nintendo hasn't figured out how to implement several difficulty options in their games. Seriously, it can't be that hard. Everybody else is doing it. Silly Big N.



PSICOffee said:

I still haven't finished my original file from 2006 on the wii. I think I've got a couple more dungeons or so to go through. I should probably just get the gamecube version to see how it compares.



Hokori said:

Nintendo doesnt want the "HARDCORE GRAPHICS" they do whats best for the game there making, imagine Kirby in real life, or Pokémon



TKOWL said:

Those updates look pretty insignificant, but I think during gameplay they'll make a difference.



OldBoy said:

Hmm.nice...but its not the graphics I had a problem with.
Twilight Yawnfest morelike........zzzzzzzzzzzzz



blockhead said:

Quit hating on TP!!!!!!! In my opinion its better than Wind Waker.

(runs and hides from angry Nintendolife mob)



timp29 said:

windwaker was a shock to the system for me. I remember seeing cel shaded graphics and thinking ' they broke zelda' but in time I loved the graphical style. What I didn't like was the gameplay requiring hours of sailing around pulling up chests etc. It got very repetitive when you're just in a boat in the middle of the sea.

Twilight princess didn't have the repetitiveness, but OoT, crappy graphics and all, still wins overall. As someone already mentioned, I really hope 3Ds OoT gets new textures.... yes yes me wants



Megumi said:

And then there was those "fake screenshots" or whatever of the new Zelda...I forget, but I remember seeing Link in environments from the Half-Life games, lol.



motang said:

Nice, those screenshots are awesome. I kinda wanna to play the game now!

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