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Science Makes Another Huge Leap Through Super Mario Bros.

Posted by James Newton

Control the plumber with only your eyes

We've had NES consoles controlled by peculiar pads in the past, one notable example being the Castlevania fan who used a dance mat, but what if you could play a similarly legendary, groundbreaking game without any controllers at all? No, we're not talking about Kinect, we're talking about Super Mario Bros. and this incredible set-up from Waterloo Labs.

By measuring tiny electronic pulses around your eyes, the 8-bit boffins succeeded in getting Mario to run, jump and stop on command, requiring nothing more than a few ocular exercises. It also seems they managed to transform the Western Super Mario Bros. 2 into its Japanese counterpart.

Here's the smart guys and girls from Waterloo Labs to explain things in more detail. Warning: contains bearded scientists.

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JimLad said:

They had me until the blonde girl with glasses came on, then I was distracted.



Link79 said:

I really doubt anyone could beat the entire game this way. Your eyeballs would be so wore out they'd go all screwy and never line up right again.
These guys have way too much time on their hands.



fishman100 said:

How do you make mario jump with your eyes?Do you just look up? Anyways,, that's pretty neat.



mecoy said:

WHAT AND MY TEACHER SAID PLAYING MY DS IN SCIENCE CLASS DOSENT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH SCIENCE ima start bringing a nes to my science class and see what she dose i think i have her again this year



pikku said:

maybe this will be the "surprise" that the next Nintendo Home console will be. Controlling games with your eyes D:



Big_A2 said:

9.Klapaucius" No, you just look up. It wouls be stupid, since you have to blink sometime.



NintyMan said:

That's really awesome! Too bad you probably wouldn't be able to get through Bowser though, that would make you dizzy.



dizzy_boy said:

point of referance. the drum track that was used. is a sample from "amen brother" by the winstons. also known as the "amen break" in drum and bass, and rap circles.



citizenerased said:

An awesome team, reminds me of Brainiac and shows like that. But how practical is this? Not at all. Okay, maybe a bit for limbless people.



JohnWalrus said:

Sounds cool, but how could you play this expertly if you're always looking up or turning your head?



Link-Hero said:

This will defiantly never become the next controller of the masses because your eyes will eventually get sore, it would be hard to control (you can tell just by watching the video), annoying to play (constantly looking away from the screen just to do some kind of action), and some sort of eye problem like a lazy eye will prevent you from playing. Though, it is pretty cool I guess.

Anyway, I'd rather play video games with my mind thank you very much...



jer18 said:

@2:04 was great. Good work of science, but whats to prevent the eye and head aches :s



ExploderReviews said:

Id like to see a less accurate version of this that measured you face or something for dsiware. Id be happy with just super mario bros though.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

The title made me think of that one article Nintendo Power did on warp pipe traveling in the real world. Anyone else remember that?



heebeegeebee said:

Atari came up with something like this over 25 years ago called the "Mindlink", but it was never released because of the game market crash in 1983.



Marioman64 said:

pfft. i like laying upside down and trying to beat it upsidedown better. i can't get past the first bowser that way though... and my head starts to hurt from being upside down

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