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Nintendo Doesn't See an Immediate Need for a New Wii

Posted by Trevor Chan

Cautious, naive, or wise?

Given the apparent leap the 3DS has taken over the current generation of DS systems, it's understandable that gamers are continuing to wonder if and when a Wii successor will be developed. Nintendo has consistently denied such a system will appear anytime soon and Satoru Iwata has recently confirmed this stance.

Speaking at an Analyst Q&A at last week's E3 event, the Nintendo of Japan President down-played any need for the next generation of home console at this moment in time, which might be a disappointment for some of you.

I do not think that there is an immediate need to replace the Wii console... but of course, at some point in the future, that need will arise. We currently do not have an answer as to what point in the future that need will come.

The thought of bringing out a 'revised' Wii that has HD output at this juncture has always presented itself as a bit of a silly notion. With the foothold that the Wii has in the market, why would Nintendo release what is essentially the same product? If HD graphics didn't make the cut, it didn't make the cut. Mr Iwata also recently stated the Wii's successor will likely feature 3D graphics, so whenever the new machine does hit it's likely to be a big improvement.


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TheSovietChairman said:

Wise, methinks. If people do in fact want HD gaming, there are many options available. If people need Kirby or Samus in HD, then they're probably not the target audience.

Bring on the 3DS, and long live the Wii!



Spoony_Tech said:

Just take your time and get it right. The next system needs to be great to once again beat out the compatition. Needs at least slightly better graphics then the ps3 or 360. Nintendos games will sell the system.



motang said:

I'm predicting that next year we will see it at E3 and launch in 2012 at least that is what I'm telling myself.



King_Boo said:

I'm fine with it, I'll be getting Wii games for at least a year, probably more, and be enjoying them, so when the next gen comes it better make me want to upgrade.



EdEN said:

If the Wii sells this year as well as it did last year, Nintendo won't show their next console until E3 2012 and could release either in 2012 or 2013. As long as people buy the console and it continues having million sellers, what's the rush? I already own a PS3 I got in November so I have HD gaming and other games that don't release on Wii so I get the best of both worlds right now..



MasterGraveheart said:

If the 3DS can produce games on the graphical quality comperable to the Nintendo Wii (not counting the 3D prowess, of course), then yeah, Ninendo MAY want to consider bringing out something stronger in the near future. However, as of now, I've got an itching suspicion that something better than HD and 3D with glasses is in the works for home television sets, so maybe it's wise to hold off.



warioswoods said:

They should wait off until they're ready to unveil something completely new. Any incremental upgrade (meaning, Wii HD or superpowered-Wii) would be a mistake, in my judgment.

Once Nintendo has figured out the next big game-changer for home consoles, they can go forward, but not before. It needs to have a wow factor on par with the 3DS, except not involving 3D in this case.



Shiryu said:

Cautious. The Wii still has a couple of years left on it's life cycle. Sure, I would love to have a better Wii, with bigger internal storage, DVD and multimedia capabilities, HDMI support... there are a lot of places where the hardware could improve, but aside from the whole impossibility to move digital content between machines, I am indeed one happy gamer/customer and hope they keep both GameCube and Wii backwards compatibility on the new home console, 3D or not.



DAaaMan64 said:

There won't be a 3DS in 2011 and a Wii in 2011 as well.

The 3DS and th Wii have the same market, they're not gonna split their pie too quickly.



Klapaucius said:

Even if they did release a new Wii tomorrow, I wouldn't buy it, not with 3DS so close. Its smart of Nintendo to keep the Wii going while its still strong, plus not many will want to or be able financially to get a new Wii so soon after 3DS.



Marvelousmoo said:

I would rather them focus on making really good game before the Wiis life ends. I would like to see them really show what the Wii can do before it hits the hay.



RoyalBlur said:

I don't actually see the need for a new Home Console from Nintendo as our family is quite happy with our Wii. Still, back in the Winter of 2009 Nintendo made no acknowledgement of the a new handheld device being in development and now here we are at the dawn of the new Nintendo 3DS.

So while Nintendo might not acknowledge a new Home Console, it would not surprise me if they unveil Wii 3D at E3 in 2011 or 2012. Still, I'm satisfied with the current Wii and I enjoy it a lot, on the otherhand, I don't use the Wii as much as I'd like to because our family is always on the go and now that I'm on my way to college and I prefer handhelds anyway I think I'll stay with the new Nintendo 3DS more than anything else.



Chris720 said:

I'm happy with my Wii. Nintendo is probably planning a new home console, however, Nintendo will have to add something that will blow the competition out of the water.

I can see Nintendo making the best home console and crushing PS3 and 360.... Oh wait... They already did that.



Egg_miester said:

there is no need for one the wii is the top selling console and every year they have more top selling games then ether 360 or ps3



Albion said:

As long as it keeps up sells they will not replace. Id even go on and gess they will make software for the wii up until 2016 give or take a year.



skywake said:

I would expect that this year for the Wii will be huge. Software sales are going to go through the roof with Zelda, DKC Returns, Kirby, Metriod, Goldeneye. If the DS is near the end of its cycle then the Wii has another two years in it at least.



Magicpegasus said:

Ok, if there's two more years of Wii left, does that mean we're seeing the best there is in the system's life-cycle right now? Could next year's E3 be all vitality sensors and Animal Crossing?



Peznaze said:

Yeah, the Wii will be huge this year, especially if they launch the 3DS by year's end. Because nobody will be able to get the short-supplied 3DS, but hey, the Wii is only $199 and there's plenty now!

I thought he said in that interview that they're waiting for 3D TVs to get better before they upgrade the Wii to 3D. Still, it's a smart move to wait, and given the splash the 3DS has made, it's positively genius to wait.
Here's hoping they still do great Wii games for the years it will take for the Wii to see its successor.



JimLad said:

It's going to be difficult tapping in to their new market again, but I hope they can. A fresh start with motion plus as standard and more horsepower would do wonders.



Nintendoftw said:

The Wii is horrible.. Seriously, it's a failure in the eyes of most Nintendo fans.. I mean it even turned A LOT of Nintendo fans to Sony or Microsoft.. Nintendo needs to realized this.



NotEnoughGolds said:

@Nintendoftw: We Nintendo fans here at Nintendolife really don't believe the Wii is horrible or a failure. What makes you say that?
I couldn't find more than a few games worth purchasing for the Gamecube, but I have almost 20 games for the Wii, and I've sunk another couple hundred into WiiWare and Virtual Console.

With so many huge releases coming so close together (SMG2, Kirby's Epic Yarn, Metroid: Other M, Skyward Sword), it's tough to imagine that Nintendo isn't just winding down here. I really don't think that once these are out that they'll be developing a new game in each franchise for the current console.
I'm guessing that a new console will be announced early 2011 and will be released by the holidays.



Pj1 said:

The Wii is a great console I can't get enough of it! it brings families and friends together. The E3 line up was great and I had heard a while back about DKC is back! games like that make the Wii popular with me! If we don't get Wii-2 within the next two or three years then I do expect another 2D and 3D Mario game before expiry date on wii comes up. Yesterday some one in a games shop said that they (Nintendo) are expecting the 3DS to sell 3 million units before March 2011 and the cost of it will be around £200.00! So I'm waiting for it to come out and I will buy one with my loyalty points from my local super market. Also providing Nintendo and others alike support VC then also that will help any future Wii sales, another trick Nintendo could do with doing is to bundle Wii consoles with another 'new' title. Maybe that will be Wii Sports resort with Mario Sports maybe? or even New Super Mario bros the list or ideas could go on forever...



maxthekittykat said:

I say good, because it would take a lot of time to make the next Wii console, and as far as we know... the could be making another one, doing the 3DS with it, 3-D effects, no glasses on you tv? Yes please, but I doubt we will see it for at least another two to three years. oh, and some food for thought, the Kinect, I don't know how much it costs alone, if you go to the store to buy a new home console, which will you buy? The Wii that has two games with it, a controller, the accesory that needs to play one of them for $199 or purchase the Kinect with the Xbox 360 and get only one game with it for 299? How much is the Playstation Move? more? I would go with the Wii because your getting more for less.

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