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Sat 11th Jul 2009

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techno_shaman_ichauk commented on Updated Cave Story Remixed Soundtrack Released:

Haha, wow... I'm actually kind of amazed at how many people are complaining about this. Then again, haters are always gonna hate.

I say thumbs-up, especially to Tackle's version of "Grass Stains". I'll air-guitar to this all afternoon instead of doing my homework.



techno_shaman_ichauk commented on Gaijin Games Wants To RUN With Your Art:

Finally! I've been looking forward to this since they announced VOID months ago... now to see if I can summon the ambition and creativity to make something for it. Probably won't but I'll sure download it in a fast fashion once it goes live.

And yes, we so completely do need more BIT.TRIP. It's one of those that truly makes the Wii worth owning.



techno_shaman_ichauk commented on Review: Avatar: The Game (Wii):

Aww, and here I was hoping this whole time that we'd end up with some kind of RTS game to tide me over until Starcraft 2 comes out!

Just kidding

Was a fun action flick but when have we ever had a game come out alongside a movie that didn't turn out to be shovelware?



techno_shaman_ichauk commented on In-Flight Electronic Blues: TSA Bans Electroni...:

I haven't flown anywhere since a random trip to Texas back in '05. Don't plan on doing so again unless it's a small plane, like a single-engine Cessna or Cherokee and I'm flying it... well, either me or Gary Numan. Whichever chance is greater.

Anyways, the terrorists win again, the "free" world suffers a little more for NO REASON and it all reminds me once again of grade-school where one jackass ruins it for the rest of us. Only in grade-school, they banned anything fun under the pretense of it being a "distraction".



techno_shaman_ichauk commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Speaks with Fox News:

That's FOX for ya... "We distort, you comply." No doubt when I go to the cafe in my school town now I'll hear old people ranting about communism AND viddy games. Just need to remember to start bringing my DS everywhere now XD



techno_shaman_ichauk commented on Faceball 2000:

Aah, I remember playing the GB version at summer camp when they told us not to bring any electronics. Naturally, somebody brought a Discman and a GameBoy(this was the mid 90's after all). I had more fun with the GB version after having played the SNES one already as it actually seemed to run a little smoother without any real loss in level quality.

Two thumbs up from this techno-shaman!



techno_shaman_ichauk commented on Alien Syndrome:

This game was actually quite fun, but the lack of multiplayer kind of killed it for me. That and the annoying camera control were the only real flaws I thought.



techno_shaman_ichauk commented on Phalanx Remake Coming to WiiWare:

Any word on if this is going to be a remake if the SNES port or the version(I think it was the original but I'm not sure) that was the Easter Egg in the PSX fighter Zero Divide? I've played both in the past and either one would rule.