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Tue 29th Jun 2010

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maxthekittykat commented on GoldenEye:

I remember playing this game when it was for the 64, and now it's for the Wii, I can't wait.



maxthekittykat commented on Iwata: 3DS Games May Cost as Much as Wii Titles:

If the strength of the 3DS is as what everyone says it is, then yes, they games will cost at least $50. (where I'm from) Since the strength is more than the original DS then that means the games will be much longer, the fact that The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3-D is being made, making home console games for a portable? Unheard of! points to the 3DS Another thing about the 3DS that I laugh at is that it can take 3-D pictures and may allow video chat, the Microsoft Kincect allows Video Chat, so when Microsoft fans say: "Can the Wii do Video Chat?" I can say: "Nope, but the 3DS can!"



maxthekittykat commented on Nintendo Doesn't See an Immediate Need for a N...:

I say good, because it would take a lot of time to make the next Wii console, and as far as we know... the could be making another one, doing the 3DS with it, 3-D effects, no glasses on you tv? Yes please, but I doubt we will see it for at least another two to three years. oh, and some food for thought, the Kinect, I don't know how much it costs alone, if you go to the store to buy a new home console, which will you buy? The Wii that has two games with it, a controller, the accesory that needs to play one of them for $199 or purchase the Kinect with the Xbox 360 and get only one game with it for 299? How much is the Playstation Move? more? I would go with the Wii because your getting more for less.