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Red Steel 3 Teased in Official French Nintendo Magazine

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Updated: Ubisoft makes a statement

There's a curious little teaser in the back of France's official Nintendo magazine (appropriately titled Nintendo Magazine) that was brought to our attention by French website LiveGen.

And that is that Ubisoft Montreal is already hard at work on le tiers in the Red Steel series.

The Red Steel series has so far been Ubisoft's experimentation playground for Wii, with the first entry launching alongside the console; introducing rudimentary motion controls for first-person shooters, and the recently released sequel making heavy use of the MotionPlus peripheral for enhanced sword combat. The third entry, according to the teaser blurb, will make use of the Vitality Sensor, which would make the game the first named to use the peripheral.

We've reached out to Ubisoft for comment and will keep you posted.

Update: Ubisoft Community Developer Aymeric Evennou has told us "we have nothing to declare" about the game.

Update: An official statement by Ubisoft:

It seems that the source of Nintendo Magazine is an interview with Jason misinterpreted by half the web. In short, nothing very serious, and yet, unfortunately, nothing guarantees that there will be a Red Steel 3.


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well that was unexpected. If true, then the 2d game faired pretty well.



brandonbwii said:

Wow, a teased sequel before the actual sales number for the current title roles in. I guess Ubi really wants to make a franchise out of this (if you do, Ubi, please enhance the level design).



Radbot42 said:

They must have big plans for this series if they are already working on the third title this close to the release of red steel 2.

I like how they are playing around with the tools that are coming out for wii, but i still have no idea what the vitality sensor does



pixelman said:

Sweet. I can see the Vitality Sensor working really well with a Red Steel game.



Useless_Account said:

Maybe the vitality sensor they showed was a prototype... and then the release version will be easier to wear while doing everything else the game requires for play will be possible.



Terra said:

I'm not too surprised that there's a new game being made but it's certainly sooner than I expected. I'm also curious as to how the Vitality Sensor would be used if that's true but I honestly can't see it working well. We need more information on the device.



EdEN said:

Well, Red Steel 2 has sold 200,000 copies worlwide which, considering it HAS to be played with WM+, is a very good start. Should easily have 1 million copies sold by march 31st 2010.

I'm buying my copy of Red Steel 2 between october-december which is when my end of the year bonus should come around to be spent on the house and gaming, in that order.



Despair1087 said:

the vitality sensor doesnt even have a release date, does it? i guess this isnt going to come out in the near future. maybe 2012?



JakobG said:

Why is everyone so amazed about the Vitaly Sensor?
it's heart-reading, not mind-reading.
That's a lot less impressive.



brandonbwii said:

Maybe it's on-rails.

Seriously though, I'd prefer them to use the VS in a game like Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. I don't have a clue how it will work in a more arcadey title like Red Steel.



Caliko said:

I think it says Bowser will be a boss in the game, but then again I did get an F- in French class.

@JakobG of course it reads your mind!! It will connect to your emotions which come from the mind and body. It knows when you're scared....



Arcanum said:

Red Steel 3 must get very intense if they want to use the VS. Red Steel 2 didnt get my heart beating with fear or excitement or whatever. but it was EXTREMLY AWESOME either way.......... R S 3 is gonna be FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!!!!!!



JimLad said:

I really hope they carry on the story from the second one, they created such an awesome character in the Kusagari.
Either way I'll probably buy another Red Steel day one, so long as they don't mess with the controls too much. The sword fighting alone sells it for me.



KDR_11k said:

I don't care much about the characters but the combat system was good fun (the Tiger was just too damn overpowered, even removed the need for directional blocks).



brandonbwii said:

I have a feeling the next Red Steel will be multiplatform. VS will probably be the main thing that sets it apart from the other versions.



vherub said:

really enjoyed red steel 2, I would have liked more rpg elements, a better map, and a better reward system for sidequests. As well as sidequests that actually affect the game.
2 was a huge improvement over the 1st, completely different game, really



LordJumpMad said:

Theres a Red Steel 3
But is not coming to the Wii.

I saw it in a PS3 Magazine and The new Red Steel is for there new Wiimote look a like Controller on the PS3.

There were showing it on G4, and it looks like a Kick in the Ballz for Red Steel to dis Nintendo like that, so they can make a better Red Steel for the PS3.

What Nexts?, there going to Take Wii's Cooking Mama too

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