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The Nintendo DS in Breakfast Form

Posted by Trevor Chan

Now five years old, the DS is looking a bit crusty

In the world of cuisine, the first bite is supposedly via the presentation. Following that rule of thumb, the creator of this "DS toast" has obviously gone for a flavour that Nintendo fans will enjoy.

Presumably created by a fan rather than a famous chef, the crunchy console takes its form from the DSi, possibly even resembling the DSi XL in size: just look at that thickness!

Cheers for the heads up, Ryan.


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TwilightV said:

Somebody has way too much free time. Still, it's an amusing effort that manages to impress me. X3



JakobG said:

First one who comes up with a Cooking-game joke gets 2 Internets!



Tsuchinoko said:

I'm guessing its probably a japanese person, mainly because of the thickness of the bread.



Percentful said:

I was complaining yesterday that DSs don't make toast, but this satisfies my wants slightly.



jangonov said:

If it was frech toast, with powdered sugar for features, I would be more amazed. Maybe I am just a fat-kid at heart (its ok, I can say that since I am one in real life too) but that sounds more delicious



Noire said:

Oh awesome, I wish I had one of those Toast DSs. Then I wouldn't get random urges to eat my actual DS.



M00se said:

play awesome games and when you get hungry take a bite out of your ds and keep on playing!( make sure you dont bite the screen )



TrevorTheChan said:

@Chibi Link
I have the same problem. I already have a copy of Strawberry Jam for the normal DS Bread, which thankfully can be played because of the DS Toast's backwards compatibility. Waiting for the collector's edition of Peanut Butter that comes in a ice glass jar.



StarDust4Ever said:

Not buttery enough. I like my DS with fat globs of artery-clogging margarine spread about it, especially in the cartridge slot

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