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Make Miyamoto Smile: Show StarFox Love

Posted by James Newton

Feels Fox fallen, fears future frustration

Some would argue - not necessarily us, but some - that StarFox is a franchise best left dead, having had its glory years nearly a decade ago and only reappearing in mediocre titles since Lylat Wars/StarFox 64 on N64. Shigeru Miyamoto wouldn't say that, though: he's a big fan and is upset the series has declined.

Speaking to Multiplayer, Miyamoto discussed his love of the series and his disappointment at its decreasing sales.

In Japan, the people that purchase the 'Star Fox' games has decreased over the years. But we still try to make them more fun and hopefully people will see the appeal in those games.

He didn't go into detail about quite what direction the series could take in future, but it sounds as though it's going to continue down its less traditional StarFox path and hope to pick up some new gamers along the way. The question is, would a brand new but decidedly old-school StarFox game sell any better these days, or has the series' name been devalued over the years? Let us know what you think.


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Junkface said:

Yeah a good multi-player dog fighter would hook me. Mebbe some larger online games? 4 on 4 would be crazy 5 on 5 in a perfect world and while we are wishing mebbe some wii speak compatability again in a perfect world please...



BlueBandanaJake said:

I miss my Star Fox (64) style gameplay, those games are easily the best in the series and while Command was a decent game and Assault had some fun in it (...somewhere) it'd be nice to have a back-to-basics entry now.

It's kinda starting to remind me of Sonic: that's enough experimentation, give us something traditional now. Though clearly (and thankfully) StarFox hasn't been as bad. Hopefully ol' Shiggy realizes this, and if he needs a hint, he should release Star Fox on VC to get an idea of how much people miss it (...and EarthBound too.... dammit).



Raylax said:

For me, cut out all the on-foot bits. I enjoyed the flying bits in Assault, but the on-foot sections just didn't work. Especially that horrible goddamn level on the dinosaur planet where you had to keep running back to your ship everytime Slippy told you he sucked. I'd say either return to full-out on-rails ship flying from start to end, or go down a completely new route and reinvent the series. Online strategy like some of the PC MMO's could be a good route to follow for it (although personally I'm not a fan of strategy or MMO). Some half-decent voice actors wouldn't hurt either.



odd69 said:

I loved the On foot sections of Assault, and i am the only one who does. Im sure i will never get to do that again but if i did i would like them to mix it up between the flying and ground combat. The series will never grow stale.



Yosher said:

I'm personally not such a big StarFox fan, as the old Lylat Wars and the more new Assault and such couldn't appeal to me much, but I'd still be sad to see this franchise getting dropped altogether. Maybe Nintendo should try letting an alternate studio develop their games, I can see that working in cooking up a great game that will boast the series' popularity back up with the others.



taffy said:

I wouldn't mind on foot levels as long as they did it right. The Wii controls would seem like a good fit for it.



JimLad said:

If they're that worried about sales (this makes me sad) then release it on WiiWare!
It doesn't have to be a visual master piece, look at the first two games!

As for the multiplayer, I've said it a hundred times but expand on the one from SF Assault! If Nintendo ever wanted to get serious about online gaming, this could be their Halo. Run with the stick, aim with the pointer, or support classic/gamecube controls.

It's so crushing to see this franchise get the cold shoulder, as it just supports the claims that Ninty have turned their back on the core fans.



Objection said:

I've been a fan of Starfox up till Command (ugh, so hard!) so I hope we see a new one soon.



pixelman said:

I loved Star Fox 64, Star Fox Assault was OK, and Star Fox Command was horrendous.

If they made a new game that went back to the series' roots (SF/SF64), then I'd buy it and play the hell out of it.



rhythmheavenfan said:

I also love the ground based levels! They're my favorite parts of the game! I get sick of how everybody wants Starfox to just be flying around in your Arwing shooting other ships. Ugh. Don't get me wrong, I still love flying but I don't know why people don't think variety is good. That's why I love Assault the best because it had flying, ground-based action, and Land Master action!



Shmavey said:

To me, SF Assault and SF Adventure just weren't that good.
If they made a SF game that was good I'd get it.



Ren said:

I loved any of the Starfox fight games. If they bring it back to it's roots thats great, since it was done so well, but if they must have ground missions, just do it well at least.
@ objection Blaster
aha! finally someone admits that the hate for Command is actually about difficulty! I've still never been able to beat some of the bosses, but generally it the only modern starfox that really returned to the roots and even had great online dogfighting. It's everything we'd all been asking for but everyone gripes about it. Theres no excuse for the hate on that game besides how hard it is.



Smileoscar said:

I think they should release the unreleased Starfox 2 on Wiiware just with some better graphics.



thewiirocks said:

I remember my reaction to Star Fox: Assault. I played the first level and said to myself, "This is awesome! And this is just the first level!" Then I got to the second level and my joy turned into, "WTF is this?" But what really soured me was fighting from the wing of the Arwings. At that point I just put the game away and forgot it existed.

Dear Nintendo: Spaceship games should have spaceships. Not 3rd person shooting. And it would be a hella' lot more effective taking down General Pepper with Star Wolf's Arwing than with a hand blaster. Just saying.

"Don't mess up that Arwing!"



Philip_J_Reed said:

Perhaps a good way to gauge interest in the series would be for Nintendo to re-release the original game.

No, no, hear me out. I know $50 would be a bit high for an SNES game, but maybe they could offer it at a discounted rate. Somewhere around $8 (just to choose a figure for the sake of discussion).

And I understand that game stores probably wouldn't want to give up their shelf space to some game released before most of their customers were even born, but perhaps they could sell it as a sort kind of thing. You pay for the right to download it directly to your Wii. And to play it right from there, virtually utilizing the technology of the original console. Virtually.

I know this is all silly nonsense talk, but if Nintendo had such a system for selling classic retro games in place, it would make for a perfect, easy way of determining just how profitable the series still is.

Oh well. A boy can dream.



djshep1973 said:

Hmmmm, let's see.. the original Super Mario games were platformers, and they managed to keep making subsequent ones in the same mould (ie. as platformers) and they continued to be successful...

I can't help but think that if they'd kept Star Fox in the shoot-em-up genre then it would still be successful too... I'd still be interested in playing any new games, if they were a lot closer to the original format anyways!



naut said:

Don't change it! I want a game that uses the same core gameplay as 64.



warioswoods said:

Only the first two games (SNES / N64) were handled in-house by Nintendo's own remarkable development teams, and they had the most quality by far. The later iterations were handled by 3rd parties. I believe he needs to look at those sales numbers and conclude that a real, 1st party sequel is the only way forward.



b_willers said:

Not even the first was by Nintendo, not EAD anyway. The only one Nintendo did was the N64 game but I would rather they gave the next one to Treasure.



Rhansley64 said:

Hmm odd i always thought Starfox was a highly financially game (some where near Zelda sales even) to me this a wake up call but if Nintendo felt that the Starfox game are not economical enough then why release Excitebots i mean that game was a disaster in sales i'm pretty sure if Nintendo can take that chance, i'm pretty it won't kill them to release a brand new Starfox for Wii (not DS cause there's already command) besides unlike Excitebots Starfox games actually sells more then a million.



AVahne said:

StarFox 64 was awesome, but I also liked Assault even if many others didn't and I also find Command really interesting except for the separate endings



Kid_A said:

As I said in a thread on this site, I'm not sure I agree that the next Starfox (and there needs to be another one!) has to be flight-based-only. I thought the on-foot sections of Assult were fun, if a bit repetitive. I'm sure with the Wii pointer and added mission variety Nintendo could improve the on-foot missions and make them a more enjoyable part of the game--although obviously the emphasis should be on air combat first and foremost. I also thought that the strategy elements of Command were great fun--if it weren't for the lackluster enemy design and bad writing it'd be my favorite Starfox game.

This series has a lot of potential, and I'm sure Nintendo can do something to bring all the interesting elements that each game has brought into one cohesive experience. And it sure had better have online!



Viper6391 said:

Star Fox 64 and Star Fox Assault were my favorites. I never played the original for the SNES since I don't own it and I don't have an SNES. Star Fox Adventure and Star Fox Command to me were just horrendous. I hated Star Fox Adventure because it was just basically a ripoff of Zelda and you hardly ever used your Arwing in that game. You just used it to travel from one part of Dinosaur Plant to another and fight Andross at the end of the game. The game also didn't even have really any good boss fights apart from Andross and this Dinosaur that you unfreeze near the beginning of the game. Star Fox Command I hated because it did not follow the typical Arwing levels of Star Fox 64 and Star Fox Assault. Command you had to select a ship, use the stylus to show where you want the ship to go, engage the enemy, etc.It was just boring and tedious and when you finally did engage the enemy, it was just battles in all range mode and there was a set amount of enemies. The boss battles in Command were worse than the ones in Star Fox Adventure and the levels weren't memorable at all. Although, the one good thing Command did was having multiple endings.

I would love to see a Wii Starfox game with motion controls like the flight tour game in Wii Sports Resort.



astarisborn94 said:

I've never played a Star Fox game before. Should I get StarFox 64?

Anyway, I would love to see an Wii litteration of the series. That would be amazing.



Viper6391 said:

@ Super Smash Bros Fan 1999
HELL YES! Starfox 64 was probably the best game in the series, although some would argue that the original is the best, but like I stated I have never played the original. You can get Starfox 64 on the virtual console except this version has no rumble like the original version.



XCWarrior said:

Star Fox 64 is the best game in the series. Just take that mold and replicate it. Heck, if you throw out the HORRID controls of Star Fox Command, there was a great game there since it was all flying.

Fox McCLoud should never be out of his arwing. Miyamoto needs to remember this.



Viper6391 said:

@ XCWarrior
Agreed, although I wouldn't mind if they had the Landmaster and they brought back the Submarine from Star Fox 64. You could only use the Submarine for one level in that game and kinda of enjoyed that level.



Trevor_Fox said:

I love Starfox. I am looking forward to the next one, whenever it comes out and however it may play. It would be really cool to have Assault-like online multiplayer, but regardless, I'm sure I'd enjoy the next iteration.



Cthuloops said:

Starfox 64 was one of the best games I've ever played. Starfox Assault wasn't that bad either. Adventures is another story, but I definitely think a sequel is necessary!! While I'm at it, why the hell isn't there a F-Zero sequel in the mix either!!?!? D:



mellowshipslinky said:

The Starfox franchise made its name as a shooter. Nintendo's mistake, in my opinion, was trying to turn it into a platformer. They already have a successful platforming franchise - it's called Super Mario. The Starfox series needs to return to its roots.



TheWiiMan said:

They should make star fox wii but please, no on foot missions all I want are arwing missions IMHO



Superman said:

Star Fox 64 was fun. Other than that, this series should be forgotten forevermore.



odd69 said:

DAaaMan64 , it's odd69 not odd64. I am very surprised that other people like the on foot sections of Assault. Atleast I'm not alone =)

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