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The Grinder Is High Voltage's Second New IP

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Online co-op FPS puts you up against vampires, werewolves and the undead.

Yesterday, IGN had the exclusive unveiling of High Voltage Software's new IP, the bloody arena-fighter Gladiator A.D. Today, IGN has the scoop yet again on the second of HVS' games slated for an E3 unveil, and it's another looker with high ambitions.

Yeah, E3 is next week, but I think we can forgive whoever oversees the HVS calendar.

Part Monster Hunter, part Left 4 Dead and part House of the Dead: Overkill, The Grinder is an online FPS with an emphasis on co-op. Taking place in a world where vampires, undead and other ghoulies are in fact real and everyone has learned to deal with it, sort of, you play a freelance hunter who takes on missions to exterminate whatever beastie is wreaking havoc and simultaneously discover the reason for the recent monster outbreak.

There are four characters to choose from, each possessing different skills and weapons. You can choose from a Japanese assassin, an underground doctor, a former professional hunter and a, uh, sorority girl. Some light RPG elements are promised, so weapon and character upgrades are definitely in but details beyond that are being held tight to the chest. Motion+ support is strongly hinted at, which would make sense for swordplay seeing as one of the characters is a freakin' Japanese assassin.


Oh, and did we mention that the entire campaign will be playable in online co-op with up to four people? Yeppers! In fact, High Voltage seem to be pulling out all the stops to make an online Wii FPS to compete with the HD folks, feature-wise:

IGN: You supporting WiiSpeak? Leaderboards? Achievements? If there are achievements, can you give us some examples?

Kerry Ganofsky, HVS CEO and founder: Those are three very good ideas. [Smiles] Our goal is to provide gamers with all the bells and whistles that they deserve. We are evaluating a number of options for the game and those three are among them.

High Voltage will be using the Quantum3 engine again, the same one powering The Conduit and Gladiator A.D. It's being pushed hard, even more so than Conduit is, and the amount of on-screen enemies is hinted at exceeding 65 at a time.

The Grinder is eyeing a holiday 2010 release. For more screens and for the full scoop, shoot your way over to IGN.


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Objection said:

Now this looks cool. Obviously The Conduit's release will either prove HVS can do it or not but I'm very interested in thsi premise. Hope it's longer than L4D though. Also, I sure have been good lately at getting firsts.



Hardy83 said:

That's very smart for a small company.

Develop a good, very flexible engine first, then make games.
It cuts development time so much when you can just use an engine (think Unreal engine).

Conduit in June, Gladiator in early 2010 and The Grinder in holiday 2010. That's REALLY fast for a small development house. lol



Corbs said:

If you have a reusable engine, it can easily cut a year or so of development time.

That can also make for "cookie cutter" games also. Neither of these two games interest me. I'll just keep waiting on Animales.



UVERoo said:

Looks much better that the conduit imo. Im not a fan of either conduit or AD right now but this has my attention.



Jonny said:

I gotta wonder why High Voltage are taking such a chance on the wii, a system which hasn't really rewarded hardcore games with great sales.



Wiiloveit said:

part Left 4 Dead and part House of the Dead: Overkill, The Grinder is an online FPS with an emphasis on co-op
I didn't read anything after that: I just know that this is gonna be awesome.



Shiryu said:

Excellent. It's about time the Wii stops being a missed opportunity for these kind of games, I will be quite looking forward this one in 2010.



Clint_Eastwood said:

Hmmm ... an online co-op FPS on the Wii is definitely something I will applaud. It looks a bit like the horrendously ugly Killing Floor, which is good fun in spite of everything that's wrong with it. I hope the same will apply for The Grinder.



valleyoftheunos said:

Thats three new IPs from these guys, biiiiiiiiiiiig risks involved with that. My own feeling is that Conduit will do moderately well and that both AD and this will totally tank in terms of sales no matter how well executed they are.

Its sad to say but more and more people buy IPs not games and AD and the Grinder do not strike me as interesting IPs.



Mik said:

@Corbie I thought Animales was officially cancelled?

Gladiator AD interests me plenty but The Grinder just isn't for me =|



King_Elemento said:

I'll consider it.
I might add it to my wishlist once more stuff comes out on this thing, since it does look interesting, however I think HVS are aiming too highly, even more so with setting themselves such tight deadlines.
I'm thinking these games aren't going to be as good as people think.



warioswoods said:

I hope that they license the game engine out for other companies to work with; I'm sure there are some clever devs out there who could take it and create something incredible with far less work than it would take to start from scratch.



J_K said:

Love the concept here it's kind of like Underworld or something in the movies a bit and others of the style with the war against the freaks.



Viral said:

Oh, I thought I'd mention, while I'm in the U.S. and all, I think you guys are getting screwed on the price of Wii games compared to European games. I mean, if I wait one month after a game's release date, that game tends to drop in price rather quickly in Europe. Mario Galaxy is still 50 dollars? In Europe, Mario Galaxy was like, 24 pounds, which is actually cheaper than 50 dollars with the current exchange rate.



sad-requiem said:

Wow, even though most comments are positive about this game, It's interesting how some people are just like "meh" about this and Gladiator A.D. while I'm flipping over with love for HVS for developing them. I know I have not played HVS games yet, and I'm waiting for The Conduit, but I gotta admit... I don't see any other third party developer (or even Nintendo in some ways) showing such dedication for the Wii fanbase and traditional gamers like me to develop what we really want



Viral said:

@24: Yes, requiem, I think HVS is throwing out all the stops for their support for the Wii and that's what the system needs. More developers showing more focused interest on the console. To be honest, I want this game more than The Conduit, although I will probably get both.



TourianTourist said:

Dunno, first a Half Life clone and now Left 4 Dead? Looks like High Voltage really was inspired by Valve.

If they do something in the style of Unreal Tournament I definitely would be interested, but those are just not my type of shooter.



The_Fox said:

@post 22:
Yep, Nintendo almost never cuts the prices of their games over here until sales really start to slump, which sucks.



vherub said:

cool, too bad other gaming companies don't take as much pleasure in pushing the wii



AVahne said:

so THIS is the game that will be pushing so many on screen enemies?we love you HVS!



motang said:

I am speech less...way to go HV, will looking forward to E3. Between this, the Conduit, and Gladiator A.D. I am a happy gamer going into 2009 and 2010...not to mention the others games.



Viral said:

You know what the best type of zombie game would be? It'd be giving you a limited number of weapons and ammo for them and giving you unlimited zombie-esque type enemies to fight. The object would be to survive as long as possible with an on screen timer on the top right of the screen. You'd have objectives on time limits to determine how much ammo and what kind of weapons you start with in the next level (provided you meet the requirement of survival for x amount of minutes). I think it'd be should be called...Survivor : Zombie Edition. (Joking)



Kid_A said:

Not my type of game, but it looks impressive from a technical standpoint. I appreciate what HVS is doing. And I'm for sure buying the Conduit. Not so interested in these new games, though.



edofthe209 said:

Wow, Way to go HVS! I sincerely hope that with 3 tentpole IPs they can make them all quality games. I want each and every one of these games, the two recent ones even more than Conduit, and I want them all to ROCK. HVS is promising big and I really want them to deliver. i want proof outthere taht the wii can really rock with the bigboys.



astarisborn94 said:

Three IP's by High Voltage. With online co-op in "The Grinder", I'm sold! When this game comes out in Holiday 2010, I'll be another happy gamer! But I only have to wait for one more month for my most anticapated title.



opeter said:

OMG, can't wait. Finally, some hardcore games are comming to Wii. I still enjoy MadWorld And OnSlaught. And Resident Evil 4.



Ricardo91 said:

Sounds awesome! I hope HVS concentrates on developing this and not that lame-looking Gladiator game.



burning_love said:

Man cant wait for this game!!!!!
I want it now!!!
I wish time would go faster!!!!!
HVS you guys rock!!!!

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